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Electronic Games LC2 Issue 32

ISSUE: 32Content


  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega CD
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • 3DO
  • 32X
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Pentium PC CD-ROM
  • Multimedia PC - Multimedia PC CD-ROM
  • Windows - Windows CD-ROM
  • Macintosh - Macintosh CD-ROM


(TOC transcription follows, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

The Producers

EG gets inside the creative minds behind some of the most cutting-edge software of our times, five top producers are in the spotlight. ('The Producers - A Look Inside Cutting-edge Minds of Five Top Game Producers;' by Bill Kunkel; discussion commentary; David Perry, Don Daglow, Joe Ibera, Rich Robinson, Rusty Buchert)


Hotline (compiled by Joyce Worley & Ross Chamberlain)

  • Gaming Prepares For E3 - The Interactive Entertainment Industry Gets Ready For This Year's Biggest Show
  • Pinball Champs At 5th Papa Tilt
  • ESPN/Starwave Plans
  • Whispers from Cyberspace (rumors & speculation by JJ Barrel)
  • Graphic Cyberspace
  • Did You Know...?
  • Bargaining Block (sections:)
    • Biz-Deals
    • Distri-Deals
  • Analog, Aware Chip Puts Cable On Highway
  • Net Jury Test
  • Cyberstock Watch
  • Brits Regulate Ads In Games
  • Star Power
  • Paul Allen's Storyopolis
  • Virtual World Starts Contest
  • Microsoft Lines Up Network Entertainment
  • Top Coin-Ops - February 1995
  • Top CD-ROMs - February 1995
  • Sidelight on Gaming: Interview with the Vampire's Wolf's Owner
  • Net News
  • Sega Makes Deal With Tiger
  • Digital Champ Stars Actors Guild
  • Darkstalkers Take On TV
  • Computing Art
  • AT&T Buys Interchange
  • Berkeley Opens Family Contest
  • Top Video Games - February 1995
  • Top Mac Games - February 1995


Power On!

With E3 approaching fast, super-system hype and speculation rises to a fever pitch. ('The Bits and the Bitten;' editorial by Arnie Katz)


Computers vs. consoles. SF2 syndrome. (reader mail; 'Computers versus Consoles')


Microsoft's Bob vs. the mighty Macintosh. ('Bob vs. Apple: MicroHard;' compiled by Ed Dille and Bill Kunkel)

Game Doctor

What's behind the screen in Killer Instinct? ('What's Behind the Curtain?;' Q&A by The Game Doctor)

The Net

Prodigy and its plans and products for '95.

  • The Net News (sections:)
    • AOL Still Having Problems
    • Prodigy Over 200,000 Web Users
    • Expect More Delays From Microsoft...
    • GEnie May Break Up
    • Carnegie Mellon, Visa Form Net Partnership
    • And Playboy On The Net
  • P2: Prodigy's New Face (by John P. Withers)

Test Lab

A plethora of peripherals for your computer. ('A Plethora by Peripherals;' by Ed Dille; includes sections:)

  • Advanced Gravis: Phoenix Flight and Weapons Control System
  • CH Products: Pro Pedals
  • Nakitek: Wireless Controllers for 3DO
  • Nakitek: Game Saver+
  • ADS: TV Game Zapper
  • The Road Ahead

Flight Leader

From Flight Sim to Air Warrior, and more. ('Virtual Worlds Abound;' by Tom "KC" Basham)

In Progress

EG profiles some of the hot up-and-comers. ('Advance Looks At Summer's Games;' by Joyce Worley)

The Heimlich Maneuver

Keep your full-motion video! Game play!!! ('I've Got It! Video Tic-Tac-Toe!' by Rich Heimlich)


The future of on-line commercial marketing. ('Atoms and Bits and Being Digital' by Barry Friedman)

The Kunkel Report

Slogans and promises flow in game world. ('"Do the Math!"' by Bill Kunkel)


Readers' Choice Awards

Votes are in for the winning games of '94.

Donkey Kong Generations

The father of Donkey Kong and the inventor of DKC discuss their joint creation. ('The Top Bananas - Face to Face With the Creators of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Country;' by Steve Kent; discussion commentary)

Hoops '95

Hot basketball games for '95 put to the test. ('State of the Court - Hoops 95;' by John W. Hardin)

Two Schools of Edutainment

The heavy role of computers in education. ('Reading, Writing & ROM - EG Examines the two schools of philosophy when it comes to choosing which educational software is right for your child;' by Laurie Yates; includes 'Edutainment By Any Other Name...' section)


Console (console video game reviews; includes 'The Final Grade' sidebar featuring review scores for games not (usually) listed here)

  • Phantasy Star IV (Gen; includes 'Incarnations' sidebar)
  • Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (Gen; includes 'Mascot Games' sidebar)
  • Brandish (SNES)
  • Ristar (Gen)
  • Immercenary (3DO; includes 'Popular Trends' sidebar)
(capsule console reviews:)
  • Bust-A-Move (SNES)
  • Tempo (32X)
  • Wheel of Fortune (SCD)
  • Midnight Raiders (SCD)
  • Warlock (Gen)
  • Night Trap (SCD)
  • WCW Final (SNES)
  • Mortal Kombat II (32X)
  • Crusader of Centy (Gen)

Computer (computer game reviews; includes 'The Final Grade' sidebar featuring review scores for games not (usually) listed here)

  • Slam City (Pentium PCCD)
  • Air Havoc Controller (PCCD,MacCD)
  • Descent (PCCD; includes 'Which Way Is Up?')
  • Commander Blood (PCCD)
  • Cyberia (PCCD)
(capsule computer game reviews:)
  • Radio Active: The Music Trivia Game Show (WinCD)
  • Crosswords & More (PCCD)
  • Vortex: Quantum Gate II (MPCCD)
  • L-Zone (Mac,Win)
  • Take Your Best Shot (WinCD)
  • Kings Quest VII: The Princeless Bride (CD)
  • Terrace (WinCD)
  • U.S. Navy Fighters (MSDOS CD)
  • Virtuoso (PCCD)
  • Drug Wars (PCCD)
  • Knights of Xentar (PCCD)
  • Mortal Kombat II (PCCD)
  • Diggers (PCCD)

Portable (portable video game reviews)

  • Stargate (GG)
    (capsule portable game reviews:)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble (GG)
  • NFL Quarterback Club II (GG)
  • The Berenstain Bears: Camping Adventure (GG)
  • True Lies (GB)


(includes 'The Edu Rebirth' sidebar)

  • Jump*Start Kindergarten (MPCCD)
(Edutainment capsule reviews:)
  • Crash Course in Statistics (PCCD)
  • The Random House Kid's Encyclopedia (PCCD)
  • SimTown (MacCD)
  • Multimedia Typing Instructor (PCCD)
  • Astronomica (PCCD)

Print (book reviews)

  • Internet Insider (authored by Ruffin Prevost)
  • The Virtual Community: Homsteading on the Electronic Frontier (authored by Howard Rheingold)
  • Donkey Kong Country: The Unauthorized Edition (authored by Joe Hutsko)

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    Title: Electronic Games LC2 Issue 32
    Month: May
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: Decker Publications
    Editor: Arnie Katz
    Pages: 116
    Price: $4.99 USA, $6.50 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 5

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