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Next Generation Issue 51

ISSUE: 51Content


  • Sega Dreamcast (import coverage)
  • Apple G3 (news coverage)
  • Nintendo Gamecube (development news coverage)
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Nintendo 64
  • PC
  • arcade


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents, with select issue excerpts included. Magazine accurate text formatting (lower case headers, etc) purposefully retained. (Notes) and bullet lists are added for clarity.)



(Original news articles along with regular, recurring news features; one page each unless noted. While original news stories regularly included related sidebars, unrelated sidebars would often be used to fill space as well - these are noted.)

Apple Tackles Game Market
"This time we're serious" declares Jobs, Apple. (three pages; includes 'An Audience With Steve Jobs' interview)

PlayStation, Meet The Mac...
The first commercial PlayStation emulator arrives.

Trivia Challenge (sidebar)

Nintendo Cool On New Platform
Slow-burn strategy for Nintendo 64 successor, says Nintendo's Peter Main. (1/2 page)

Mark Cerny Strikes Out
The man who oversaw the birth of Crash Bandicoot sets out on his own and forms a very different kind of game company.

Rumor Check: Sega (mini-sidebar)

(Recurring news features; approx. 1/2 page each unless noted:)

Hardcore (mini-sidebar; reader submitted anecdotes)

In the Studio (development news; Core, 989, GT, Take 2 Interactive, Sony Computer Entertainment)

Arcadia (3/4th page; misc. arcade news by Marcus Webb)

NG Japan

Big In Japan
All the news from the Land of the Rising Sun. (two pages; a collection of articles and sidebars:)

  • LA Machine Guns (approx. 2/3rd page)
  • Tenkomori Shooting (approx. 1/3rd page)
  • Selling Big In Japan This Month (mini-sidebar; top list)
  • Magical Truck Adventure (one page)
  • Tricky Sliders (sidebar)


Dreamcast news
The latest news, the review of Sonic Adventures (sic), and the skinny on the Virtua Fighter RPG. ('Dreamcast Countdown - Next Generation tracks the progress of Sega's dream machine;' eight pages; overseas & import coverage; includes the following sections:)

  • Shenmue revealed (one page)
  • Sonic Adventure (review; two pages)
  • All Talk (Yoshiki Okamoto, Yuji Naka, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Yoot Saito interview; four pages)
  • Power Stone (preview; one page)
  • Psychic Force 2012 (preview; sidebar)
  • Maken X (preview; sidebar)
  • Flight Shooting (preview; sidebar)
  • Sega Rally 2 Update (sidebar)

NG Software

Alphas (game previews, sometimes presented as part of a themed overview or interview; one page each unless noted:)

(Next Generation's game previews often varied in scope and size. Smaller previews were usually traditional in presentation, while larger previews often incorporated developer commentary. The largest previews were typically presented as a themed article (focusing on a development studio, accessory, etc) previewing one or more titles and were often accompanied by an interview (noted).

  • DMA Design (four pages; PC,Nintendo 64">N64; Tanktics, Wild Metal Country, Clan Wars)
  • Hydro Thunder (arcade,DC)
  • 3 Xtreme (PS)
  • Soulbringer (two pages; PC)
  • Dragon (two pages; PC)
  • Metal Fatigue (PC)
  • Nocturne (PC)
  • Sinstar Unleashed (three pages; PC)
  • Kingpin (two pages; PC)
  • Ace Combat 3 (PS)
  • Star Ixiom (PS)
  • Silver (two pages; PC)

Milestones (screenshot preview galleries with Gallery caption; approx. 1/2 page each unless noted)

  • Ultima Ascension (PC; one page)
  • Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (PC)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade (PC; 1/4th page)
  • Mario Golf (Nintendo 64">N64; 1/4th page)
  • Samurai Legend (PS; approx. 1/2 page)
  • Jeff Gordon XS Racing (PC)
  • Quake II (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Starseige (PC; approx. 1/2 page)

(sidebars (one or two screenshots each) with caption:)

  • NBA In The Zone '99 (PS)
  • Earth 2150 (PC)
  • Jack Nicklaus Golf (PC)
  • Fisherman's Bait (PS)

NG Special

Game Physics
Games simulate reality, right? Well, not just yet - but they're getting closer. Next Generation examines how different games in different genres handle real-world physics. ('Physics Matters;' six pages)


Inside The Racing Mind Of John Carmack
He all but invented the first-person shooter, and he might be the best computer game programmer on the face of the Earth. Currently working seven days a week on Quake III: Arena (and wishing there were more days in the week than just seven), Id's John Carmack doesn't have time to look over his shoulder at everyone running to keep up with him technologically. How does it feel to be at the top? Does he have any spare time at all? Next Generation talks shop wit the hardest-working man in the game business. (interview; seven pages)

NG Special

From Genesis to Dreamcast
The brief history of Sega hardware: from triumph, to tragedy, to a hopeful future. ('From Genesis... To Dreamcast;' four pages)



(With issue #43, Next Generation expanded its review section to include a number of featured reviews - each typically one or two pages long - along with its traditional reviews (usually 1/3rd page in length). Import reviews are noted with 'Japan' below.)

(One page each unless noted:)

  • South Park (PC; two pages)
  • Starsiege: Tribes (PC)
  • Ultima Online: The Second Age (PC)
  • Castlevania (Nintendo 64">N64)

(Approx. 1/3rd page each unless noted:)

  • O.D.T. - Escape Or Die Trying (PS)
  • Delta Force (PC)
  • No One Can Stop Mr. Domino (PS)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Game (PC)
  • Heretic II (PC)
  • John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles (PC)
  • King's Quest: Mask of Eternity (PC)
  • Dark Side of the Moon (PC)
  • Gangsters (PC)
  • Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy (PC)
  • Battletanx (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (Nintendo 64">N64)

NG Resources

Advanced strategies
The inside word from those who made the games. (strategies/interviews; one page each unless noted:)

  • Starsiege: Tribes (PC) - Interviewed: Scott Youngblood, Lead Designer (two pages)
  • Silent Hill (PS; three pages)

Next Generation brings you down easy with tid-bits from our readers and highlights from the past.

Taking a look back. (regular Retroview installment and related articles:)

  • System Shock (1/2 page; Commodore 64)
  • Retroview - The Boys From The Darkside - Part 1 (one page; by Steven Kent)
  • Wolfenstein 3D (1/2 page; game profile)
  • What Ever Happened To? (mini-sidebar; Conan for the Apple II)

We love our readers. (reader mail; 1.75 pages)


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    Title: Next Generation Issue 51
    Month: March
    Year: 1999
    Publisher: Imagine Media
    Editor: Chris Charla
    Pages: 116
    Price: $5.99 USA, $6.99 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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