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  1. I've posted a few videos about retro gaming at my blog at http://squarepixelz.blogspot.com/ Suggestions, ideas for content, video comments - all great. Downloads are all on mediafire, it's totally free. Hope you like.
  2. Cbr To Cbz Conversion

    As meppi worked out, CBZ (zip compression) works better than CBR (rar compression). You get fast loading and quicker times for packing and unpacking. So far, I've worked out a quite easy way to convert CBR to CBZ without repeating your steps every time. You just have to configure WinRar... Go to Run (Windows key+R) and type winrar. Go to Options, Settings, Compression. Pick Create default. Click Zip and set Compression method to fastest. OK. Go to the Interigation tab. Make sure that Intergrate WinRar into shell is checked. Click Context menu items. Check 'Convert archive...' OK. OK. Done. Now, rename your .cbr files to .rar. I haven't found a quick way of doing this yet. Can anyone here write a script/action that would do this? Select all of your rars and pick 'Convert archive'. OK. When that's done, rename all of the .zips to .cbz. I think that should do it!
  3. Why .cbr?

    I'm gonna put up a guide for converting if that's OK? This is definately worth doing, I'm glad you found this out. Tell me about macro and resizing the images..
  4. Gamepro Downloads

    OK, thanks. I kinda get that but I've never heard of SWATPRO magazine (I'm in the UK). I accidentaly deleted the GamePros and others from my computer.. The Premium Membership is still holding out so I should be alright although I have no idea when it will expire (proberbly should keep my mouth shut)
  5. Recommended Cdisplay Settings

    So I accidently deleted a load of recently downloaded magazines - ones I had converted to PDF and spent some time doing so.. I thought about going back to CBR and trying to sort it out to my liking to save a load of hassle I've got CDisplay better setup now, however it's not perfect - the main reason I switched from CBR readers in the first place was the two-page layout. CBR readers put the front cover and page two together - screwing up the continuity when flicking forwards and backwards two pages at a time.. Do any CBR readers have an option to change this? So, in CDisplay there's a trick to getting the pages properly facing. If you skip to an even page number, say 2 or 4 (skipping the ads in some mags), the rest of the magazine will be fine. If you were to jump forwards two pages from the beginning, the order'll be messed up. I've replaced the middle mouse button to enable page jumping. Just type in 2 or 4 and hit enter. Here's my settings for a nice two-page setup: Image Sizing Options Only check 'Display Two Pages' Colour Balance and Yellow Reduction Nothing checked Program Settings Only check 'Zooming', 'Diasble Hints', 'Forward Two Pages', 'Backwards Two Pages', 'Background Colour'=Black, 'Small Cursor', 'Page Buffer'=8 Mouse Control Change Middle Button to 'Go To Page' Other Tips: View mags in full screen - press W and it'll always keep this setting. Press Esc to close when you're finished reading. EDIT: I've just found there's an app called CDisplayEx.. The .exe download is on the SourceForge page. I'll try it out later tonight.
  6. Why .cbr?

    Excellent find. How are you compresing into ZIP - through winrar? And what setting?
  7. Gamepro Downloads

    I'm not sure which they are now, as believe it or not I accidentaly deleted a GB or so worth of downloads! - some of which I'd spent ages editing (Nintendo Power and some others where occasional pages are stuck together + the posters which I'd put into a seperate file as it ruined the continuity) but I think the mags were either the #80s labeled as #90s or the other way around. EDIT: Sorry, I think this should've gone in the Magazines Section?
  8. Why .cbr?

    I don't want to bash your heads in about this, but I've done some tests.. I convert all of my downloaded CBRs to PDF. I extracted the jpegs from a couple of these and compared to the original jpegs from the CBRs. They were exactly the same size. The PDF weighed a few more MBs but that's OK, I'll trade that for the performance I get from opening that compared to CBR - it seems the RAR compression of CBR makes the pages slower to open? I also dislike the page blur/transition with the CBR readers I've used. Someone pointed out a reader that would display pages side-by-side. I tried it and used up a quater of my RAM! A hundred MB scan used up that ammount of memory and Acrobat was less that half of that..
  9. Why .cbr?

    I don't expect them to change I'm really not bothered.. Why do you think PDF is horrible? Do you dislike acrobat?
  10. Changes To The Download Manager!

    I would like to help in converting these to PDF and uploading them to somewhere like divshare.com (I'm gonna have to experiment) This would work better for users without rapidsahre or megaupload premium accounts (not all of us can or want to pay for a premium account). I like magazines in PDF format because you can have 2 pages side-by-side like a real magazine. The cover is displayed on the file and you can index parts and jump to them. More than enough benefits to be worthwhile? I actually won a premuim account for this site with the stumbleupon competition but didn't really get a chance to use it.. I asked for it to be possibly but on hold since I was going away for a month. I used the internet at cafes during last month but didn't have the time to download a load of magazines So, it's now expired and was wasted. Could I possibly have another month or something to help out converting and hosting please?
  11. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    Yep, it was having no avatar keeping my review off the main page. Sorted!
  12. Why .cbr?

    I was wondering why CBR format too, I thought PDF would be much better suited.. If anyone knows about PDF readers, what is the best one? I've read that Foxit Reader is faster and lighter than Adobe Reader or Acrobat Professional. It doesn't seem any faster with the things I'm viewing, but it's definately quicker to install. Adobe takes ages. I would switch from Adobe but something's keeping me from doing that. I've got them both set up to view pages facing. Adobe Acrobat puts the first page at the top-right and the following pages (2 and 3) on the left and the right. That setting looks best for magazine scans. Foxit doesn't do that (or doesn't seem to be able to as there's hardly any options) and puts the 1st page (the cover) on the left and page 2 to the right of it. This buggers up the look of the whole magazine. What can I do?
  13. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    Thanks for giving out the membership even though stumbleupon's working properly Could I ask a cheeky request? I'm not going to be online much this month and my membership would be wasted, really. So, could I have it for next month instead?
  14. Stumbleupon Retromags!

    I've left a reply with this username twice as it didn't show up! Hopefully it will, I would love a premium membership..