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  1. RT @stormcoinc: Why not #ImpeachDonaldTrump https://t.co/3w7upthQj1

  2. RT @monetxchange: I fuckin hate sooo much that they make you play that stupid blitzball game in FFX! Like haaaaaaaate.

  3. RT @PixelButts: "man, i kinda want a soda"
    Oh. That's a fuckin of sugar for 591ml https://t.co/qawkc6CEgp

  4. RT @blockwonkel: You cheated not only the loan but yourself.

    You didn't grow.
    You didn't improve.
    You took a shortcut and gained nothing.…

  5. RT @jeremy_tanner: @lachlan @liamstack @open_the_books Sonic’s rear leg appears to be Mission Street, and I’d say that’s 100 percent accura…

  6. RT @open_the_books: WATCH: We've mapped out all 132,562 human waste incidents in the San Francisco area. For more information: https://t.co…

  7. RT @VancityReynolds: A little shot of wonderful for a weary world. #DetectivePikachu https://t.co/xUAeGkTbZC

  8. RT @GillianA: The globe isn’t the only thing warming up. Happy Earth Day!
    #PenisoftheDay #EarthDay https://t.co/sNr5jUP54G

  9. @nadiaoxford "Do you see the light" from SNAP!

    It strangely sounds like a track from Mega Man 8, to me.

  10. RT @mrmans0n: Internet never disappoints https://t.co/JqEJztZmTQ

  11. RT @Scibren: Pat fucking lost it during Yakuza 6's live chat minigame https://t.co/W5M1T3knJy

  12. @PixelButts That line is off the charts!

  13. RT @Arc_Hound: @gleeok It's probably a different Hideo Kojima. Likely the cameraman who filmed the Resident Evil Damnation featurette.


  14. RT @gleeok: ??? https://t.co/aF21AnY82Y

  15. RT @gleeok: The Japanese Twin Peaks visual soundtrack laser disc starts with a rad computer animated fly through of the town. https://t.co/…

  16. RT @Werethrope: The gif of the day I saw on one of the computers I walked passed by today

    It was super out of context hahahaha https://t.c…

  17. RT @CharlesKhanTV: @gamespite Also, let's shoutout @jackiekashian 's wonderful breakdown of the first SaGa game.


  18. RT @HG_101: A sad end to the life of Star Fox Zero https://t.co/EdCc68EvGl

  19. RT @DonkeyKongApe: wow i have been transported to a flash sprite animation series from 2006 and i found this cool rock. maybe this blue guy…

  20. RT @oldmanweldon: Curing cancer would be a slap in the face to all those who have died of cancer https://t.co/0G5D3QPqUu

  21. RT @GameHistoryOrg: Video game preservation is more than just saving code, it's saving gameplay and artistic intent, argues VGHF founder @f…

  22. RT @AffordableLeath: @_RaeJohnson_ @SceneAlot It's clear you don't give a fuck about the children who will suffer & maybe die because of yo…

  23. RT @knotchoes: @_RaeJohnson_ @tsddrake @cnni "digging deeper" "if you dig deep enough"
    you honestly come off like someone with low discer…

  24. RT @airbagged: Take all the people serving minor drug offenses out of jail and replace them with anti-vaxxers https://t.co/aecGr5XVrK

  25. RT @Miexriir: In Sonic Adventure 2, you can hear Shadow say “I’m the coolest” after you land an attack on him

    I found this relatable becau…