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  1. Help Me Build A New Computer.....

    Dell have great prices for reliable workstations, but you can't build it the way you want because they don't offer enough options for most components
  2. Legacy Dos Gaming Box

    It's easy enough to get hold of an old P2 or P3 nowadays for nothing anyway, and you'd be surprised at how well some of the stuff found on the side of the road works. I acquired a 933 MHz P3 which i now use as my server on a verge collection, and it works perfectly.
  3. What Is Your Computer Specs?

    Desktop: CPU: Intel Core 2 Due e6400 @ 3.21 GHz ( Motherboard: Asus Commando P965 RAM: 2x 1.0GB DDR2 800 HD: 2x 320GB WD SATA 7200rpm 1x 500GB WD SATA 7200rpm Graphics: ATI X1950 Pro 256 MB OS: XP Pro SP2 Lappy: CPU: Pentium M 740 @ 1.73GHz Motherboard: Some Intel 915GM board RAM: 2x 512 MB HD: 1x 60GB 5400rpm SATA Graphics: ATI Mobility X600SE OS: XP Pro SP2/Ubuntu 7.10 Dual boot
  4. Best Graphic Card For Retrogaming?

    For emulation, the most important thing is probably the processor, especially if you're emulating the saturn you'll want to look into getting a quad-core. Graphics really don't matter as long as your card has enough memory to run Direct X apps at native resolution on your monitor.
  5. Only a DS flash card for me. I havn't gotten around to modding my wii or gamecube, my dreamcast and mega-cd don't need modchips , and my saturn is a model 1 so i can't mod it anyway,