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  1. Hi everyone! My name is devil (only in the Forum), i´m 25. My first Game-Console was the NES, a Christmas-gift back in 1989. Since then gaming became my hobby #1. I own a lot of consoles, from the NES to the Xbox360 (nope i´m not a Fanboy, i will buy a PS3 later this year - maybe Christmas). A few weekes ago i have bought a Dreamcast - nice console too. A couple of weeks ago, i find this site and i thougt: "Wow, looks great and has a very good content". My proplem is: I played a lot of Games since 1989, but i only read a few Mags until today... i wish i hadn´t. I´m looking foward to the forum and the discussions here... Greetings devil P.s. Sorry, my english is not so well...