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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I just found a box of my old Nintendo Power magazines, and it turns out that I have all of the issues that are "missing" in your collection ranging from 2000 through September 2002. My question is, if I make my own PDFs of the missing magazines, is there a way that I can add it to here so it becomes available? Here's my proof: Here are the issues that are "missing" here that I own and are planning on digitizing: Issue 128 (Jan 2000) Issue 129 (Feb 2000) Issue 130 (Mar 2000) Issue 136 (Sep 2000) Issue 137 (Oct 2000) Issue 138 (Nov 2000) Issue 139 (Dec 2000) Issue 140 (Jan 2001) Issue 142 (Mar 2001) Issue 143 (Apr 2001) Issue 144 (May 2001) Issue 145 (Jun 2001) Issue 146 (Jul 2001) Issue 147 (Aug 2001) Issue 148 (Sep 2001) Issue 151 (Dec 2001) Issue 152 (Jan 2002) Issue 153 (Feb 2002) Issue 154 (Mar 2002) Issue 155 (Apr 2002) Issue 156 (May 2002) Issue 157 (Jun 2002) Issue 158 (Jul 2002) Issue 159 (Aug 2002) Issue 160 (Sep 2002) Thanks again!
  2. Hi everybody, when the SNES Classic was released, I decided to compile all of the content that was covered in Nintendo Power for each game (including the comics). Before I knew it, I was spending quite a few hours looking through every issue, referencing various indexes, cropping pages to fit better with one another, etc. I've already spent way more time on this project than I wanted. If anybody wants to do whatever would be needed to make these suitable for distribution on Retromags itself, feel free to edit and redistribute: Also, I'd appreciate a quick thanks if anybody likes my efforts since part of me wonders if I wasted my time. For example, I also included a 100 page document focused on Super Mario 64 in anticipation of Super Mario Odyssey. I think it's really neat to be able to see all of the beta images of a game, the maps, strategies, codes, arena scores, ads, etc. all in one place without having to seek multiple magazines to see it all. Some of these compilations even act as the closest thing to an official Nintendo Player's Guide for the games that never had one (such as Super Punch-Out!!). Another highlight of course are the comics, some of which I couldn't find a full CBZ version anywhere else. Enjoy!
  3. What's up you guys, I saw that Emuparadise already has a scan of Paper Mario Thousand Year Door but they didn't do a very good job, the guide was still together so information that goes into the spine is dark, some are crooked, so I just got the last Nintendo Power guide for under 20. Then I noticed that for some reason there's a Players choice and was wondering what the difference was? Also if anyone has any recommendations as far as which heat gun they use, that'd be great! I'll be getting a heat gun when I come back from vacation.
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to pop over and say thank you for all the fine work you've done to make Nintendo Power scans available to everyone to download! I run a podcast called Playing With Power along with my friend Mike where we talk through an issue of Nintendo Power on each episode, starting with the first ones back in 1988. It's been a lot of fun and having access to has made it much easier to be able to view the magazines digitally and share them with guests on the show. Every week we provide a preview to the upcoming episode along with a link to the scan on If you have any inkling in checking out the show, you can find Playing With Power on iTunes, Stitcher, or Podbean. Other ways to connect with us: Facebook Twitter @getthepower88 Thanks again guys and keep up the good work! -Ben.