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Fifty Shades of Pissed Off




My PS3 suffered the Yellow Light of Death problem today about an hour into my playtime of the Silent Hill HD Collection which I had just purchased today. *sigh*

Skyrim FINALLY gets its DLC released on the PS3 this coming week, and for the first week it's available, Bethesda is offering it at 50% off to apologize for taking it so long to get here. Gonna miss out on that sale, because there's no way I'll have my PS3 fixed in time. *double sigh*

Sending my PS3 in to Sony to get it repaired will cost me $150. In return, I will get a refurbished unit (plus my SH HD disc), and will lose all of my saved game data and whatnot. My DLC, trophy information, and all that stuff will be fine, since it's tied in to my PSN account, but all the progress I've made in my games will be shot to zilch. *triple sigh*

My one saving grace? It's the $20 Silent Hill HD Collection stuck in my dead console as opposed to the $60 Dead Space 3 I was considering buying earlier today. Thankful for small favours...



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