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Computer Gaming World Issue 18

ISSUE: 18Content


  • Floppy Immortality: Staying Alive in Wizardry (Steve Estvanik shows how you can restore dead characters with an extra blank floppy and some disk swapping jiggery-pokery)
  • GameSIG Adventure Game Conference (Scorpia lurked in CompuServe's Games Special Interest Group to gab with the likes of Lord British, Scott Adams, and Michael Berlyn)
  • Cosmic Balance Contest (Just like the last one, design an unbeatable starship and submit it)
  • CGW Baseball League (With enough reader support, there might be a computer baseball league going 'round)
  • The Computer As Opponent (Veteran designer Charlie Merrow explains what most players are looking for in a competent AI challenger)
  • SunDog: A Review (12 star systems, 18 planets, 50 cities...Ken Ryall thinks you'll be playing this one for a while...)
  • The CGW Computer Game Conference (Dan Bunten, Mike Cullum, Sid Meier, Chris Crawford, Roe Adams, Robert Woodhead, and Richard Garriot answered a number of round table discussion questions at this year's CGC. Here's a transcript of who said what.)
  • Strategy Game Tips (A new column featuring user-submitted tips for the following games):
    • War in Russia
    • Eastern Front - Blitzkrieg
    • Carrier Force - Midway
    • Operation Whirlwind
    • Paris In Danger
    • Knights of the Desert
    • Objective: Kursk

    [*]Road to Moscow: A Review (Bill Wise tackles the single most difficult German campaign of WWII: Hitler's ill-timed and ill-advised invasion of Russia)


  • Inside the Industry (Dana Lombardy publishes the results of the June '84 survey)
  • Taking a Peek
    • The Activision Decathlon (C64)
    • Computer Diplomacy (IBM PC)
    • Dreadnoughts (Apple II)
    • Gulf Strike (Atari)
    • Quest of the Space Beagle (Atari)
    • Championship Lode Runner (Apple/Atari/C64)
    • Black Stallion Western Adventure (Unlisted)
    • Kickman (C64)
    • Satan's Hollow (C64)
    • Mr. Robot (Apple)
    • Factactics Trivia Game (Apple/Atari/C64/IBM PC)
    • Archon II - Adept (Atari/C64)
    • Realm of Impossibility (Atari)
    • Skyfox (Apple II)
    • El-ixer (Apple/IBM PC)
    • Brain Ticklers (Apple II)
    • The Institute (Apple/Atari/C64)
    • Sieg In Afrika (Apple II/C64)
    • The New York Times Crossword Puzzles (Apple II/AppleIII/IBM PC)
    • Computer Crosswords (Apple II/Apple III/IBM PC)
    • Star Maze (C64/Atari)
    • Around the World (Atari)

    [*]Scorpion's Tale (Infocom's murder mystery Deadline is the subject of Scorpia's column this month)

    [*]Dispatches (Dan Bunten replies to a number of design questions raised in a recent CGW review of his Seven Cities of Gold)

    [*]Tele-Gaming (It's Diplomacy by electronic mail in this month's column by Patricia Fitzgibbons)

    [*]Atari Playfield (Nonsense games. What are they? Why are they made? Can I get some for my Atari? David Stone provides answers):

    • Spare Change Arcade
    • Gumball
    • Drol
    • Quest For Tires

    [*]The Learning Game (Bob Proctor examines the historical business/economics sim Rails West from SSI)

    [*]Commodore Key (You want war games? Roy Wagner's got your C64 war games right here, buddy!)


    • Seastalker (Many)
    • Lordlings of Yore (Apple II)

    [*]Reader Input Device

    [*]Game Ratings

Notable Stuff:

  • The reference to Psalm 9:1-2 appears on the masthead.
  • "Strategy Game Tips", a new column devoted to reader-submitted hints, tips and strategy, debuts this issue.
  • Tim Finkas misspells Michael Berlyn's name as "Micheal" in his artwork for the GameSIG article.
  • Sid Meier's name is misspelled as 'Sid Meir' in the round table discussion from CGC too.
  • Lord British named a number of the NPCs in Ultima IV after suggestions provided by SIG members who tuned in to hear his talk.
  • Michael Berlyn in his interview states that Infocom will never incorporate graphics into its text adventure titles. Four short years later, Zork Zero arrives on store shelves.
  • The Infocom game which is "...breaking every rule ever written about adventuring" according to Michael Berlyn is almost certainly 1985's A Mind Forever Voyaging.
  • It's awesome to see where different developers and designers were focusing their energies and where they thought things were going in the CGC discussion. Great historical reading here.
  • Page 39 has a humourous info box listing "Articles We Will Never Print in CGW". Included are such gems as, "The TI-99A Success Story", "Interfacing the Original PCjr Keyboard to Your IBM PC", and "A Cray Emulator for Your C-64".

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    Title: Computer Gaming World Issue 18
    Month: October/November
    Year: 1984
    Publisher: Ziff Davis Media
    Editor: Russell Sipe
    Pages: 48
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