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Electronic Games Issue 33

ISSUE: 33Content


  • Atari VCS - 2600
  • Atari 5200
  • Intellivision
  • Atari computers
  • Commodore 64
  • ColecoVision
  • Apple - II - II+ - IIe - IIc
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Nintendo Advanced Video System (news coverage; NES prototype/predecessor)
  • MSX (news coverage)
  • PC - IBM PCjr
  • Coleco Adam
  • arcade


(TOC excerpts follow, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity)

(With the eventual transition to 'Computer Entertainment' underway, this issue of 'Electronic Games' introduces a new aesthetic look throughout the magazine. Doug Garr replaces Arnie Katz as editor, with a renamed editorial section. Note the early Nintendo home console coverage in the news section.)

On Line - Starting A New Adventure (editorial by Doug Garr)

Hotline (news section; 'What's Hot - Or Not - in Computer Entertainment;' Edited by Steve Bloom)

  • Author, Author (Spinnaker, Epyx, Word Inc sci-fi and fantasy games)
  • Signings Of The Times (Spinnaker and Interactive Picture Systems games, Epyx and Lucasfilm games)
  • Nintendo's Final Solution (Nintendo to release Nintendo Advanced Video Entertainment System (AVS) in the US)
  • MacVision: A View From The Bridge (digitize images using camera-computer interface)
  • Masterline Phones In Software (Control Video Corp - former Gameline service provider - to offer Masterline online service; deliver computer programs by phone)
  • Grand Prizes (Activision, Sierra On-line contests)
  • Harper & Row Bows Out (Harper & Row exits software business)
  • Show Business (Amusement Showcase International; Softcon)
  • Great MSX-pectations (MSX computers planned for US market)
  • Novel Ideas (interactive fiction games from Activision, Infocom, CBS, Sierra On-line, Datasoft)
  • Mr. Rogers Loves You (CBS Software releasing Mr. Rogers themed software)
  • Esquire Honors The High-Tech Five (Bill Gates, Bill Budge, Mitch Kapor, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak)
  • The Hi-Tech Top 20 (top arcade scores list requirements, availability)
  • Putting on The Hints (phone hotline for Mindscape's Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom)
  • Adamite Form User Group (Adams Users' Group)
  • Bound For Glory (PlayWriter creative writing software, story disks)
  • "Surge"-ical Protection (KIWI single outlet surge protector)
  • Coin-Oping In Cairo
  • C-64 Gets Keyboard (Music Port musical keyboard add-on)
  • Sirius Trouble (Campbell Communications to market Sirius Software inventory)
  • The Parents' Choice, Too (M-ss-ng L-nks, other programs cited in Parents' Choice magazine)
  • Raging Bulls (Millionaire competition; Computerland, Blue Chip Software, Apple donate to Vision Services)
  • Henson, Koala Key Computers To Kids (Muppet Learning Keys keyboard)
  • Trivia Fever (Trivia Fever Volume 2, Trivia Fever Super Sports)

Reader Replay (letters column)

Mac Magic Apple's Toy For Grown-Ups ('Mac Magic: Apple's Toy For Adults - Notes from the 16-Bit Underground' by Marc Berman)

The Menace Of The Software Pirates

A look at the new modus operandi in electronic theft. (by Bill Kunkel; includes 'Is This The Ultimate Software Protection?,' 'EG's 4 Points,' and 'Busting The West Coast Connection' sidebars, and the following sections:)

  • Who's Who In The Software Underground
  • Voices From The Shadows: The Muggers Speak

Entertaining Software For Your Apple ('Great Action and Adventure Games for the First Mass-Appeal Micro' by Arnie Katz)

How To Become A Game Designer

PEEKs and POKEs for fun and profit. (by Robert Alonso)



Action Arena (computer game reviews)

  • Skyfox (Apple disk)
  • Tapper (C64 cart)
  • Pastfinder (Atari cart)
  • Raid Over Moscow (C64 disk)
  • Park Patrol (C64 disk)
  • Gyruss (Atari computers cart)
  • Xyphus (Apple II disk)
  • Perplexian Challenger (C64 disk)
  • Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (Atari cart)
  • Zone Ranger (Atari cart)
  • Fred (C64 disk)
  • Killer Watt (C64 disk)
  • The Scrolls Of Abadon (Atari,C64 disk)
  • Chiller (C64 disk)

Entertainments (entertainment software reviews)

  • Fishies (Apple disk)
  • Plantin' Pal (Apple disk)
  • Microzine, Vol. 1, #6 (Apple disk)
  • Peanuts Maze Marathon (Apple disk)
  • Coco-Notes (Atari cart)

Translations (port reviews)

  • Zenji (Atari cart)
  • Qix (C64 disk)
  • Best Of Broderbund (Adam)
  • Murder By The Dozen (Mac disk)
  • Space Shuttle (Atari cart)
  • One-On-One (PCjr disk)

Electronic Pressbox (computer sports games reviews)

  • Touchdown (PCjr)
  • Lead Pack Marathon (Apple II disk)

Playing It Smart (edutainment reviews)

  • Number Builder (C64 disk)
  • Roll Call USA (C64 disk)
  • Time Zone And The Word Bird (C64 disk)
  • Cell Defense (C64 disk)
  • Monkey Academy (Adam,Col cart)
  • Romper Room's I Love My Alphabet (Atari disk)

Multigaming (multiplayer computer game reviews)

  • Trivia Fever (C64 disk)
  • P.Q: Party Quiz (Atari,C64 disk)

Think Tank (computer game reviews)

  • Flight Simulator II (Atari computers disk)
  • Computer Diplomacy (PC,PCjr disk)
  • Breakdance (C64 disk)
  • Quo Vadis (C64 disk)
  • Gnosis VII (Apple II+,IIe disk)

Articles Of War (Dreadnoughts (Apple II disk) overview/strategy/review)


Insert Coin Here

Taking a shot at Turkey Shoot. ('Here Come the Young Turkeys!' by Bill Kunkel; Turkey Shoot arcade game review)

Game Of The Month

Stand back! We're Ghostbusters. ('Chasing Spooks for Fun and Profit;' includes the following sections:)

  • Ghostbusters (C64 disk review)
  • Catching Ghosts With The Boss Buster ('The Supernatural Side of David Crane;' developer profile)
  • How To Make Ghostbusting Big-Time! ('A Little Help from David Crane to get your Ghostbusting franchise off to a hot start.')

Games Library ('Electronic Life' (by Michael Crichton) book review; this section is not listed in this issue's TOC)

Strategy Session ('The Temple of Apshai: Gateway to Adventure' by Frank Tetro Jr.; game strategies:)

  • Gateway To Apshai (C64 cart)
  • Lode Runner (disk,cart)
  • Pengo (Atari computers,5200 cart)

Go For The Funnybone

Humorous games: it only hurts when you laugh. ('Games That Come Complete With A Grin' by Brian Scott & Bill Kunkel)

Programmable Parade ('Videogames for Every Taste and Age: From Dr. Seuss to Major League Baseball and the Return of Frogger;' console videogame reviews)

  • Congo Bongo (Col,Adam)
  • World Series Major League Baseball (Int)
  • Beamrider (5200)
  • Dr. Seuss' Fix-Up The Mix-Up (Col)
  • Frogger II: Threedeep (2600)

Robots Add Fun To Home Entertainment (by Joyce Worley; includes 'The Tomy Trio' sidebar)

New Products

  • Wire Tree Surge Protectors
  • Super Box 64 (C64 IEEE-488 add-on/game multi-switch)
  • Cardco MT/1 Monitor Tuner (TV-to-monitor)
  • The Incredible Musical Keyboard

Test Lab

Up close and personal with Apple's IIc. ('Apple IIc: The e's Successor' by Tom Benford)

Q&A ('The Doc in Atari-Land' by The Game Doctor)

Coin-Op Preview

A look at things to come. ('EG's Spring Coin-Op Preview - A Look At The New Coin-Ops' by Bill Kunkel)

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    Title: Electronic Games Issue 33
    Month: March
    Year: 1985
    Publisher: Reese Publications
    Editor: Doug Garr
    Pages: 84
    Price: $2.95
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 2

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