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Game Players Issue 73

ISSUE: 73Content

Reader's Network (Letters)

Front Page (News): Ultra 64 Revealed and postponed, Sega Saturn launches early, Killer Instinct & Donkey Kong Country 2 for Super NES, Nintendo invests in Rare, X-Band Update, Virtua Fighter comic book, Trading cards for Water World movie, Mortal Kombat movie, Street Fighter animated movie


·         Earthworm Jim 2 (Super NES, Genesis)

·         T-Mek (32X)

·         Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV (Super NES)

·         Warhawk (PlayStation)

·         Comix Zone (Genesis)

·         Phantom 2040 (Super NES)

·         The Ooze (Genesis)

·         Krazy Ivan (PlayStation)

·         Twisted Metal (PlayStation)

·         Demolish'em Derby (PlayStation)

·         Real Monsters (Super NES)

·         Wipeout (PlayStation)

And Then there were Three... (Sony PlayStation feature)


·         Justice League Task Force (Super NES, Genesis)

·         Shadow Squadron (32X)

·         Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (32X)

·         Gex (3DO)

·         Surgical Strike (Sega CD)

·         Iron Angel of the Apocalypse (3DO)

·         WWF Raw (32X)

·         Air Cars (Jaguar)

·         Slam 'n' Jam '95 (3DO)

·         Jungle Strike (Super NES)

·         NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (32X)

·         Hagane (Super NES)

·         Earthbound (Super NES)

·         Prehistorik Man (Super NES)

·         Air Cavalry (Super NES)

·         Judge Dredd (Super NES)

·         Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy)

·         Kirby's Dreamland (Game Boy)

·         NHL All-Star Hockey (Game Gear)


·         R.B.I. Baseball '95 (32X)

·         Super R.B.I. Baseball (Super NES)

·         The Sporting News Power Baseball (Super NES)

·         Kyle Petty's No Fear Racing (Super NES)

·         Quarterback Club (32X)

Now Playing: At a glance view of 120+ games covered in the last 6 months

Coin-Op : Digital Dream Park, Cyber Commando, Air Combat 22

World View:

·         Kings Field (PlayStation)

·         Crime Crackers (PlayStation)

·         D No Shokutaku (3DO)

·         Cosmic Race (PlayStation)

·         Riglord Saga (Saturn)

·         Gotha (Saturn)

Cheat Sheets (Strategy):

·         Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge (Arcade)

·         Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)

·         Virtua Fighter 2 (Arcade)

·         Ogre Battle (Super NES)

Game Slayers (tactics):

·         Myst (3DO)

·         Snatcher (Sega CD)

·         Sonic Spinball (Genesis)

·         Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis)

·         WWF Raw (Genesis)

Code Breakers (codes):

·         Corpse Killer (32X)

·         FIFA '95 (Genesis)

·         Motocross Championship (32X)

·         Sonic Blastman 2 (Super NES)

·         The Tick (Super NES)

·         Slam City with Scottie Pippen (Sega CD 32X)

·         Clayfighter II (Super NES)

·         Madden '95 (Genesis)

·         Road Rash III (Genesis)

·         WWF Raw (Super NES)

·         NBA Live '95 (Genesis)

·         Bubsy II (Super NES, Genesis)

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    Title: Game Players Issue 73
    Month: July
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: Imagine Media
    Editor: Chris Slate
    Pages: 116
    Price: $4.95 U.S. / $5.95 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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