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Ultra Game Players Issue 109

ISSUE: 109Content


Sega Saturn
Nintendo 64 - 64DD
Sony Playstation


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents. (Notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)


Welcome to issue 109 (editorial and staff bios)

ON THE DISC (description of disc contents; screen savers, mac and pc demos, videogame videos)

TOPICS (news and misc.)

  • Katana Unveiling (Sega's next console)
  • VM Labs Shows Project X
  • News Feed (running footer bar; collection of short news stories)
  • Exclusive! Gex 64 is Coming!
  • Options (accessory and peripheral reviews:)
    • SideWinder Force Feedback Pro (PC; joystick)
    • Monster Sound M80 (PC; sound card)
    • Thriller 3D (PC; video card)

    [*]WireTap (rumors and speculation:)

    • GT2 in Development
    • Minscape (sic) Entertainment Woes (Mindscape)
    • GT is Vengeful
    • VM Labs Pulls Major Developers
    • Bits & Bytes (footer bar; collection of rumormill stories)


  • 64DD - the future of gaming? (five pages)
  • Nintendo Gamer's Summit - A New Wave (two pages; capsule previews:)
  • 1080 Degree Snowboarding
  • Zelda 64: The Ocarina of Time
  • Cruis'n World
  • Banjo Kazooie
  • NBA Courtside Basketball
  • Ken Griffey Baseball

PREVIEWS (game previews; 1/2 - 1 page each)

  • Turok 2 (Nintendo 64">N64,PC)
  • Forsaken (PS,Nintendo 64">N64,PC)
  • Reckin' Balls (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Blasto (PS)
  • Bio Freaks (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Dead or Alive (PS,Sat)
  • California Speed (arcade)
  • Redline (PS,PC)
  • Tekken 3 (PS)
  • WWF Warzone (PS,Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Rascal (PS)
  • Batman & Robin (PS)
  • M1 Tank Platoon II (PC)
  • Wargames (PS)
  • Road Rash 3D (PS)
  • Unreal (PC)
  • 1080 Degree Snowboarding (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Tomba! (PS)
  • Outwars (PC)
  • Return Fire II (PS)
  • Saga Frontier (PS)

REVIEWS (game reviews; one page each unless noted)

  • Gex: Enter the Gecko (PS; two pages)
  • Quake 64 (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Rampage World Tour (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Beast Wars Transformers (PS)
  • Nagano Winter Olympics '98 (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Newman/Haas Racing (PS)
  • Aerogauge (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Winter Heat (Sat)
  • Grand Theft Auto (PC)
  • Atari Collection 2 (PS)
  • Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time (PC)
  • X-Men: Children of the Atom (PS)

    (approx. 1/3rd page each:)
  • Micro Machines V3 (PC)
  • Jeopardy (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Carmageddon Splat Pack (PC)

SPORTSLINE (sports game reviews, previews)

  • (previews:)
    • MLB '99 (PS)
    • Triple Play '99 (PS,PC)
    • All Star Baseball '99 (Nintendo 64">N64)
    • VR Baseball '99 (PS,PC)
    • Hardball 6 (PC,PS)
    • Mike Piazza's Strike Zone (Nintendo 64">N64)
    • NBA Shoutout '98 (PS)


    • NBA In The Zone 64 (Nintendo 64">N64)
    • Hot Shots Golf (PS)
    • NCAA March Madness (Nintendo 64">N64)

ALL ACCESS (codes, tips, cheats; six pages (not counting Tomb Raider II guide))

  • NHL '98 (PS)
  • Sega Touring Car Championship (Sat)
  • Maximum Force (PS)
  • Mass Destruction (PS)
  • Robotron 64 (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Madden 64 (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Quarterback Club '98 (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Tomb Raider II (PS,PC)
  • Pandemonium 2 (PS)
  • Duke Nukem 3D (Sat)
  • Duke Nukem 64 (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Fighters Destiny (Nintendo 64">N64; Complete Gained Skills List; three pages)
  • Quake 2 (PC)
  • Jet Moto 2 (PS)
  • Top Gear Rally (Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Red Asphalt (PS)
  • WCW Nitro (PS)
  • Steep Slope Sliders (Sat)
  • Micromachines V3 (PS)
  • Game Shark Codes (PS,Sat,Nintendo 64">N64)
  • Tomb Raider II Strategy Guide (PS; 30 pages)


Network Connection (reader mail and artwork; six pages; includes 'The Jaded Gamer,'The Fan Site of the Month,' 'Help Me, Fran' and 'Game Ideas!' sidebars)

ON THE WAY (release calendar)

RATED (collective review score summation from prior issues; two pages)


(UGP subscribers received an exclusive, b&w two-page newsletter with this issue, featuring the following:)

  • Even the UGP Staff has its foolish moments!
  • Mike's Top Ten! - UGP's Top Ten April Fools
  • The Rinsing Episodes Four, Five, and Six - Apologia! (comic strip)

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    Title: Ultra Game Players Issue 109
    Month: April
    Year: 1998
    Publisher: Imagine Publishing
    Editor: Frank O'Connor
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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