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Video Games Issue 18

ISSUE: 18Content


  • Atari VCS - Atari 2600
  • VCS - 2600 Starpath Supercharger
  • Atari 5200
  • Atari computers
  • ColecoVision
  • Mattel Intellivision
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • Commodore 64
  • Apple
  • Texas Instruments 99/4A
  • Timex/Sinclair computers
  • arcade
  • pinball

(TOC transcription follows, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)



Video Games' First Annual Players' Choice Awards
The ballots are counted and here are the winners. (by 'The Editors')

A Double Play Combination
Will Xonox video games be K-Tel's "greatest hits"? (by Jim Gorzelany; interview with Mickey Elfenbein (K-Tel Executive Vice President) and Donald M. Thompson (Director, Product Development, Consumer Electronics Division); includes two-page 'Xonox Video Games: Twice the Bang and Then Some' "sidebar," with previews of the following 2600 games:)

  • Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor
  • Chuck Norris, Superkicks/Artillery Duel
  • Thundarr the Barbarian

VideoGames Interview
Epyx's Michael Katz: Making it through marketing (by Mary Claire Blakeman; 'Michael Katz: Epyx - Making It Through Marketing')

Another look at Astrocade
Is it "extended play" for this company? (by Mark Brownstein; 'Astrocade's Extended Play')

Rock Music's Journey
Ros Valory talks about their video game hit (by Charley Crespo; 'Take A Sentimental Journey: Rock's Video Wiz Ros Valory Talks About The Game;' Ros Valory (Journey bassist) interview)


Athletic Feats
Going for The Gold with Centuri/Konami's Track & Field (by Roger C. Sharpe; 'Athletic Feats: Going For The Gold With Track & Field')

Follow The Leader
Spin-offs jump to the Q*bert challenge. (commentary and game reviews by Mark Brownstein;)

  • Q*bert (VCS)
  • Boing (VCS)
  • Frostbite (VCS)
  • Rabbit Transit (VCS Starpath Supercharger)
  • Q*bert (Int)
  • Q*bert (CV)
  • Q*bert (5200)
  • Juice (C64 disk)
  • Mr. Cool (C64 cart)
  • Pharoah's Pyramid (C64)

Beating The Coin-Ops
Tips and strategies for the latest arcade games. (by Steve Harris and Edward M. Petti; 'Arcade Games: Playing Tips and Strategies;' in-depth strategy guide for Dragon's Lair)


HYPERSPACE (editorial)
Insights into the issue at hand.

BLIPS (news section)
Automan, amazin' case, camping out, lessons in learning, star struck.

  • Automan: Solving Crimes From Another Dimension (Automan TV show)
  • Camping Out (computer camps)
  • Amazin' Case (video/computer system traveling case)
  • Buying Spree (Bally to acquire Williams)
  • All Aboard (RAM upgrade for Atari 800)
  • Lessons in Learning (Flip-Trak Learning Systems; audio-cassette computer tutorials)
  • Star Struck (The Last Starfighter movie)
  • Honorable Mention (award-winning Zaxxon)
  • The Sente Solution: Snakepits and "SAC's" (Sente Arcade Computer)

DOUBLE SPEAK (letters column; not mentioned in this issue's TOC)

Contenders and Pretenders for '84: Track & Field, Professor Pac-Man, Astron Belt, Bega's Battle, Dinosaurs. (arcade game reviews and commentary by Jim Gorzelany and Steve Harris; 'Contenders and Pretenders of '84;' two reviews are included for Track & Field)

Coleco's Super Action Baseball and Super Action Boxing. (by Mark Brownstein and Mike Sittnick; 'Coleco's Super Action Controllers For Super Action Games;' includes two reviews for each game)

  • Super Action Baseball
  • Rocky Super Action Boxing

Setting sights on sensational software: Squeeze, Gruds in Space, Gateway to Apshai, A.E. and more.

  • Setting Sights on Sensational Software (commentary and game reviews by Mark Brownstein, Dan Persons, and Donald Richardson)
    • Squeeze (VIC20 tape)
    • Gruds in Space (Apple disk)
    • Gateway to Apshai (Atari cart)
    • Moonbeam Express (994A)
    • Final Orbit/Bumper Bash (VIC20 cart)
    • Learning With Leeper (Atart cart)
    • Bandits (VIC20 cart)
    • Candy Bandit (C64 disk)
    • Cavern Quest (994A tape or disk)
    • Garbage Belly (994A)
  • VisiOn's Windows On The World (VisiCorp's VisiOn, a windows based applications environment for computers) [*]Extended Play (Microcomputer Games software overview)

Reading up on the Timex/Sinclair computer. (by Richard Goodwin; book reviews:)

  • Time Lost
  • 30 Games for the Timex/Sinclair Computer
  • Timex/Sinclair Interfacing

Home carts spring into action: Dreadnaught Factor, Treasure of Tarmin, Congo Bongo, Time Pilot, Frogger and more. (commentary and home game reviews by Dan Persons, Mike Sittnick, Ted Salamone and Mark Brownstein; 'Home Carts Spring Into Action;' includes 'Commentary on a Dead Issue' sidebar discussing violence in Speed Racer (C64))

  • Dreadnaught Factor (Int)
  • Treasure of Tarmin (Int)
  • Congo Bongo (5200)
  • Time Pilot (2600)
  • Frogger (2600 Starpath Supercharger; two reviews)
  • Video Pinball (Int; two reviews)
  • Fathom (2600)

STATS (high scores and Top lists)

Cover Illustration Courtesy of Centuri/Konami

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    Title: Video Games Issue 18
    Month: March
    Year: 1984
    Publisher: Pumpkin Press Inc
    Editor: Roger C. Sharpe
    Pages: 84
    Price: $2.95 USA, $3.25 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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