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Videogaming Illustrated Issue 12

ISSUE: 12Content


Coleco ADAM
Mattel Aquarius (news coverage)
Atari VCS - 2600 - Supercharger
Atari computers - 400 - 800 - 1200
Atari 5200
Apple computers - II - IIe - II+
Commodore VIC-20 (news coverage)
Commodore 64
Commodore PET
Radio Shack TRS-80 computers
Timex Sinclair 2000 (news coverage)


(The following is loosely based on this issue's table of contents with select article taglines and/or excerpts (noted in quotes) included. (Notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.)

(This issue's letters column (Input) prints the various "worst games" replies VCI solicited over the last couple issues.)

Nybbles ('Industry Whispers and Meditations' by Profundo; insider rumors and speculation)

Eye On
Fascinating new hardware is now available, including a hand-held word processor. (news section; column headlines:)

  • Poultry Offerings (upcoming games for 2600, 5200, ColecoVision)
  • Slice Of Life (ShowBiz Pizza fast food/entertainment outlets to produce/screen movies)
  • You Watch Your Screen - I'll Watch Mine (upcoming arcade games; Bega's Battle, Bouncer, Pro Soccer, Cluster Buster, Espial, Hunchback)
  • If You Can't Bury The Competition... (Atari sends 14 truckloads of games/hardware to landfill)
  • Unsellivision (Mattel, Atari, Activision losses & cutbacks; Aquarius computer cancelled for USA)
  • ...And A Player To Be Named Later (Games Network to offer Broderbund games)
  • Knight Moves (Milton Bradley's Grand-Master Chess Computer; Power Arcade 2600 add-ons)
  • Lap Dogs II (CBS Electronics' Stick Station)
  • Dues In Quarters Please! (game clubs; VIDION, The Niagara Regional B.U.G. (Bally Users Group))
  • Computer Chippendales (entertainment centers for gamers)
  • Hold That Gorilla (Add-a-Halt pause accessory for ColecoVision)
  • Elect Tron (Laura Ruskin admits writing faux Tron sequel script; Tron Fandom Forever, Friends of Tron fan clubs)
  • Short Takes (Hulk, 007, Lord of the Rings games cancelled; Taiwan keyboard; New York Times reports on failing gaming industry; game promotions)
  • The Serpent (Coleco woes; lawsuits, insider trading)
  • Shoot And Slide (Execuvision visual presentation software (PC))
  • Give Them A Hand (Microwriter hand-held word processor)
  • Stocking Stuffers (upcoming computer games for Atari line, Apple line, PC, TRS80, VIC20, C64, and Timex Sinclair 2000)
  • Summer Camps, Summer Not (computer camps for adults)
  • High (Tech) Finance (SuperCalc audio tutorial; Checkease! financial software)
  • Flower Power (Comrex computer accessories; printer, disks)
  • Apple A La Modem (free The Source database subscription with modem purchase)
  • Pretty As A Picture (Atari 800 upgrade; Mosaic Adapter)
  • All In Color (TRS80 software and hardware)

E.C. Meade and Jim Clark review the latest videogames. (console videogame reviews, most with box art and/or screenshot)

  • Frostbite (2600)
  • Sewer Sam (Int)
  • Blockade Runner (Int)
  • Stronghold (2600)
  • Wabbit (2600)
  • Rocky Super Action Boxing (Col)
  • Thunderground (2600)
  • Omega Race (Col)
  • Worm Whomper (Int)
  • Dig-Dug (5200)
  • Mountain King (2600)
  • Space Shuttle (2600)
  • Quick Step (2600)
  • Laser Gates (2600)
  • Micro Takes (capsule reviews):
  • Donkey Kong Jr. (Int)
  • Pole Position (5200)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (5200)
  • Time Pilot (2600)

Focus On: Adam Bomb?
Is it possible that a cleverly conceived product could spell disaster for Coleco? ('Adam Bomb? Could a brilliantly conceived product spell disaster for Coleco?;' mock interview between VCI and an Outraged Reader)

Close Up: Chuck E. Cheese
Newshound Craig Gardner discovers the naked truth of Chuck E. Cheese. ('The Electronic Pizza' by Craig Shaw Gardner)

Behind the Scenes: Tragic Imagic
The rise and fall of a videogame company has all the elements of a classical tragedy. (by Leonard Herman)

Conquering: Subroc (by Robert J. Sodaro; Col; game overview and strategy)

Championship Videogaming
Arcade player's tips are provided, and new ground is explored in Truckin'. (reader submitted game strategies and trivia; usually addendums to game guides published in prior issues; includes 'Popularity Poll' sidebar (Top 10 most popular games); game tips this issue:)

  • Mario Bros.
  • Joust
  • Swords & Serpents
  • Truckin'
  • TIme Pilot
  • Star Wars
  • Tuntankaham
  • Pengo
  • Gyruss

Arcadia: Video Valhalla
The very worst arcade games ever released are blasted, skewered, basted and devoured. (by Richard Meyers)

Conquering: Cosmic Chasm
The deep-space duel is delineated for the delight of derring-doers everywhere. (by Randy Palmer; game strategy)

Conquering: Miner 2049er (by Lloyd Davies; Col; game overview and strategy; this article is not listed in this issue's TOC)

Conquering: Rabbit Transit
The first "cute" Starpath game offers several unique challenges. (by Lloyd Davies; 2600 with Starpath Supercharger; game overview and strategy)

Chip Ahoy
New games from Sirius Software and Probe 2000 are displayed. (image Gallery with detailed captions)

Educational software for young children can be found in abundance. ('Educational Software: Problem Solving/Logic/Thinking Skills;' List compiled and reviewed by Susan Levitan; capsule reviews:)

  • Gertrude's Secrets (Apple II,IIe)
  • Gertrude's Puzzles (Apple II,IIe)
  • Rocky's Boots (Apple II,IIe)
  • Snooper Troops I (Apple,PC,Atari,C64)
  • Snooper Troops II (Apple,PC,Atari,C64)
  • In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (Apple,PC,Atari,C64)
  • Teasers By Tobbs: Puzzles and Problem Solving (Apple,Atari,TRS80)
  • Moptown (Apple)
  • Spotlight (Apple)
  • Odd One Out (Apple)
  • Interna-Maze (Apple)
  • The Jar Game (Apple II+,Atari)
  • Chaos (Apple II+,Atari)
  • The Pond: Explorations In Problem Solving (Atari)
  • Thinking Skills (TRS80 I, III)
  • Logic and Deduction (TRS80 I, III)
  • Amazing (TRS80)
  • Bagels Supreme (PET)
  • Ratrun (PET)

Print Out
Computer and videogame-related books are reviewed by E.C. Meade. (book recommendations and warnings)

  • The Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communcations by Alfred Glossbrenner
  • Genesis II by Dale Peterson
  • The New American Computer Dictionary by Kent Porter
  • ROM by Marvel Comics

Don't get mad... get even! Our readers are allowed a chance to gripe. (letters column)

Golden Pons
So you think dreaming up a videogame title is easy? You're right! (puzzles & trivia)

Games for the Atari computers are reviewed by Lenny Nelson. (computer game reviews)

  • Spitfire Ace (400,800,1200)
  • Floyd of the Jungle (400,800,1200)
  • Combat Leader (400,800,1200)
  • Starbowl Football (400,800,1200)

Supergaming: The Best and the Brightest
Our editors voice their opinions on the very best that the field has to offer. (By Robert J. Sodaro with the aid of Jim Clark and E.C. Meade)

Video Victor (comic strip)

You Read It Here First (tongue-in-cheek, faux news report regarding an unscrupulous game publisher releasing poor-quality software with recognizable titles (Frogger, Pole Position, Moon Patrol, etc))

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    Title: Videogaming Illustrated Issue 12
    Month: December
    Year: 1983
    Publisher: ION International Inc.
    Editor: Jeff Rovin
    Pages: 84
    Price: $2.95 USA, $3.25 Canada
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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