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  1. I think Balthier from FF XII is pretty hot. Loved his accent in the game and his story. The game would have been a lot better if the developers had followed Fran and Balthier around instead of R2D2 and CP30 -- uh, I mean, Vaan and Penelo.
  2. @ Areala: Totally shocked not to see Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior on the list at all. I expected it to be in the 75-100 range, but to not put it on there at all -- come on! I'll have to play Super Metroid on emulator. I tried to play it once a long time ago, when it first came out, and I couldn't really figure out what to do or where to go. :( Seeing Metal Gear Solid was great -- brought back a lot of memories. My cousin would play it quite a bit, and I would watch him since I really sucked. I really enjoyed the story and the strategies you had to use for the bosses, particularly the one where you had to plug in the controller to the second port (was it Mantis? I forget his name.).
  3. Which game(s) does everyone think was/were ranked too high?
  4. Areala, I completely agree with FF4 and 6 not making the list. I LOVED those games. If I could (I guess I can't because I'm a n00b?), I would like your post. At the very least, FF6 SHOULD have been on the list. Without FF6's plot and side quests, I don't think FF7 would have been the game that it is.
  5. Thanks for posting the list, Spiro. My main gripe was about SMB being number 1 "because it was the best-selling NES game." Uh, yeah, because it was packaged with the console! To me, that is not very -- for lack of a better term -- fair. SMB 3 was the best-selling NES game not sold as a console.
  6. I think I originally found it via Google search. I was wanting to read old issues (NES mainly, and some SNES games) of Nintendo Power as well as the old Game Players magazines.
  7. Anyone planning to watch? I'm curious to see what is on the list but am prepared to be disappointed.
  8. The first one we had was an NES for Christmas. My dad thought it would help improve my eye-hand coordination, but I think he also wanted a reason to get one. The first one I ever bought was a Playstation 3, the 80 GB. My dad spoiled me and would buy me other consoles as I grew up (SNES, PSX, and PS2). Still have the Playstation 3, although the HDMI cord isn't working (still works with a standard cord), and we have a 160 GB because we thought the 80 GB wasn't working.
  9. Hi, everyone. I've been a member for awhile but never posted anything until now. I received an e-mail asking for a donation -- which I did -- and decided to become a little more active and download some Nintendo Power and Game Players magazines. When I was little, I had a Game Players subscription but wanted a Nintendo Power one. Now I can catch up on those and relive the memories of reading Game Players. I collect NES games and have about half of the licensed games, a few repros, and one or two PAL games. The rarest game in my collection is The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak, but my hands-down favorite NES is Dragon Warrior IV. The latest game I played was Final Fantasy XII-2. I have mixed feelings about the game but thought it was better than XIII. I don't have a lot of time to play games now because I have a young child and I work all the time, but I still like to pop in something every now and then.
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