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  1. Not that I don't appreciate the efforts to produce colors as accurately as possible, but honestly, I think it's something of a no-win situation. Scanners will vary, software will vary, displays will vary, human eyesight will vary. I'm more concerned about the written content - the text and related context. There's also the matter of quantity vs. quality. Meaning, the 1000s of gaming magazines still left to scan versus RetroMags' standards. Without ADFs we're fighting a losing battle so I think it's a fair compromise. Point is, I can look past a case of pink vs. purple if it means more history can be preserved. As tech improves - and prices drop - we can always update the scans eventually. As long as we save the source material.
  2. Getting started depends on the file size. Is it over 400 meg? If not, you'll want to visit the Downloads section, navigate to the GamePro category, and click the Upload File button. For the "Click to Upload Screenshots" section you'll want to upload a thumb of the issue cover. If I recall, something sized to around 500 pixels in height should do. If you'd rather, you can make the file available somewhere online (Dropbox, Google Drive,, etc) and a RetroMags admin can upload the issue for you. We'll ensure you receive proper credit for the upload. Thanks for your help with the preservation effort!
  3. I've sent a USA issue list to Phillyman for import into the magazine database.