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  1. I would like to see "Acquired" retired as well - active scanners can probably better use their "Work in Progress" threads to hash out acquisition details. I do like "Vote To Preserve" - I think it's a helpful gauge as to what visitors are looking for - but I'm not sure where to find the vote results page. Could swear one existed at some point. Loving the idea of an inventory/collection tracking system! I've been wanting this for a good while now - I may have discussed it elsewhere in the forums, actually. Beyond the utility of the idea, I wouldn't be surprised if the functionality attracts serious video game & computer magazine collectors who may eventually contribute to the site. I'd like to see collection tracking take both digital and physical into account. So something like the following: Have - Physical and/or digital Want - Physical and/or digital Selling - Physical Allowing a collector to flag both Have and Want for any given magazine should be a given. This would take into account wanted condition upgrades, digital copies to supplement physical, higher-res scans, etc. Mass Add/Remove options would be nice as well. Perhaps by entering a range of issue numbers for any particular magazine. Thinking about it, "Want - Digital" data could essentially replace "Vote to Preserve" if lists are public.
  2. Thanks for the scan, @Ethereal Dragonz!
  3. I'm definitely interested in those, @Terry93D. I have most of what you listed but had no idea Pat made Fantazine available digitally at some point. Btw, I remember Jess mentioning he had edited/censored some of his digital releases. Thought I'd mention it for anyone wondering why portions of Concept or P:I or Blitz appear missing.
  4. Thanks for the post, and a belated welcome to RetroMags! The last issue I'm aware of is issue 20 but I haven't confirmed if this is the final. And we've yet to track down the cover for issue 18 either. (I might spend some time digging a bit - haven't researched this zine for a couple years or so.) Sorry we can't be of much help at the moment - this magazine is surprisingly elusive for whatever reason. We have a running discussion about Pocket Games magazine if you'd like to help out or have any other questions.
  5. More details have been announced - kicks off August 28th.
  6. @marktrade, Edge (UK) #36 (September 1996) printed the article. And you'll be happy to hear they did so correctly, with the missing content. That said, the UK version of the article doesn't match the US version word-for-word - it was edited for UK readers - but it's probably 95% identical. If not more.
  7. CDi Magazine (USA) is believed to have lasted only five issues before cancellation. The publication shared its origin with CDi Magazine (UK) - as a result, layouts, covers and feature articles were often similar or identical to its overseas counterpart.
  8. RetroDefense

    GameFan (2010)

    A reboot of Dave Halverson's original Diehard GameFan magazine, GameFan (2010) began to struggle following its fifth issue, with extended delays between releases. Difficulties continued with issues eight and nine - both released digital-only - but the magazine returned to print with issue #10. GameFan (2010) apparently ended with issue #11 - a collaborative "flip-book" effort with website
  9. With "multimedia" a popular trend during the early 90s, CD-ROM Today focused on PC and Macintosh CD-ROM applications and entertainment. Starting with issue #5, the magazine began bundling a CD-ROM with purchase. CD-ROM Today would eventually be cancelled with issue #29 to make way for two new system-specific magazines - MacAddict (Macintosh) and boot (Windows).
  10. Dangerous Waters - InterAct's consumer newsletter - was mailed free-of-charge to registered customers. The newsletter concentrated heavily on Gameshark code listings but became more diversified - with game reviews, strategies, interviews, etc - as the page count increased. With issue #24, Dangerous Waters began its transition into GameShark Magazine. The magazine ended with issue #32. While a Holiday 2001 special - with bundled GameShark sampler disc - was produced in conjunction with IGN, there's some uncertainty as to how this issue was marketed and distributed. Sold directly by IGN and also offered as a bonus to IGNsider subscribers, the issue may have also been distributed by InterAct to their GameShark Magazine mailing list.
  11. A sister publication of the eventually long-running Computer Gaming World, Computer Game Forum was introduced as a seasonal publication in 1987. It was originally solicited in CGW as Computer Game Quarterly - and perhaps via subscription only - but according to the first issue's editorial was re-titled before release. Perhaps originally intended to fill the off-months in CGW's schedule, Computer Game Forum folded after only two issues. During or shortly after, CGW picked up its publishing pace with a new monthly schedule while incorporating many of CGF's columns into their content mix.
  12. RetroDefense

    Computer Play

    Computer Play is a defunct, short-lived magazine having covered PC and other computer games almost exclusively. The story goes, Computer Play was created specifically to go head-to-head with Computer Gaming World. Despite similarly dense content and a solid line-up of contributors - including Rusel DeMaria and Russ Ceccola - the magazine never found solid footing. (As issues are difficult to come by, poor distribution may have been the culprit.) The magazine is believed to have ended with issue #12.
  13. RetroDefense


    GameGO! was a "hardcore" gaming magazine created by former GameFan staffers, lasting only two issues. While the first installment was available via early subscription and in specialty stores (including EB Games), the second issue was never released in print. The July 2001 issue was eventually available digitally, however - and apparently free of charge - months after its intended cover date.
  14. RetroDefense


    Gameliner was the official subscriber magazine of Gameline, an online subscription service for the Atari VCS/2600 game system. Issues were provided free and exclusively to subscribers, despite the $2.00 cover price. (The first issue may have been bundled with the Gameline modem - a required hardware purchase necessary to download games from the online service to the console.) Along with typical video game magazine features - interviews, q&a, etc - Gameliner also provided a "master menu" list of games a Gameline subscriber could download to their home console. Additionally, a collection of game instruction pages were also included in each issue - essentially game manual summaries with some game strategies and tips thrown in. These instruction pages - along with the master menu - were intended to be removed from the magazine and added to a 3-ring binder originally packaged with the modem. The magazine lasted only two issues. A newsletter was published sometime during the holiday '83 time frame, billing itself as a stopgap measure, explaining issue #3 of the magazine had been delayed as a result of "printing complications." The third issue would never see the light of day.
  15. RetroDefense

    Little Player

    Little Player is an ongoing bi-monthly magazine intended for the 5-12 age demographic and their parents. Helmed by EGM veteran Martin Alessi, the magazine attempted a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2015 - complete with prototype issue 0 - but failed to reach their intended goal. Shortly after, Martin announced the project would continue. The premiere issue was released in April 2016. Select Barnes & Noble newsstand distribution was announced in July 2016 with issue two. Like many modern day 'zines, Little Player is offered in both digital PDF and print formats although issue #0 looks to be the exception and is currently available digital-only. Single issues, subscriptions, and bulk "wholesale" packs are available via their online storefront. The preview issue created for the Kickstarter campaign - Prototype Issue 0 (Summer 2015) - is currently available as a free download.
  16. Sunsoft's self-published consumer newsletter, issues of Sunsoft Game Time News were mailed directly to - presumably - registered Sunsoft customers.
  17. RetroDefense

    Manci Games

    Manci Games was a full-color retro-gaming magazine/price guide published in 2004. Only two issues were produced before the magazine was cancelled.
  18. Shout Factory is planning to marathon stream Starcade - an 80s game show - via Twitch sometime this August. Loved this show as a kid. Back then - living in a rural area - there were no arcades nearby. No news stand either, so no video game magazines. Starcade was essentially my window into the arcade gaming scene - I'd tune in and watch every episode I could.
  19. I'm glad it turned out so well. Yeah, this first season played out more like an OVA rather than something episodic. Didn't make it any less entertaining though - definitely recommended for Castlevania fans.
  20. Anyone here a fan of the UK's 80s-era Crash magazine? If so, you may be interested in the current Kickstarter. They're looking to get the band back together, as it were, to produce issue 99.