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  1. This can't happen soon enough. Along with catching up on scanning, I've been cleaning up the Game Developer dbase after making some corrections a good while ago. This involved deleting several issues which in turn involved renumbering several more issues, updating the Prev/Next nav buttons, and I'm currently working on updating the numbering in the gallery. It's a slow, tedious process and - as a coder myself - it's especially frustrating knowing how easily the process could be batch processed or even automated entirely. Or - if the rigid numbering system were dropped - not present a problem to begin with. So yeah, I'd love to see this made the priority as far as custom code is concerned. Even given some hiccups you'll encounter - incorrectly labeled issues, magazines switching their labeling format mid-run, etc - it'd make dbase maintenance all the faster and allow more time for scanning, cataloging, etc.
  2. Thanks for contributing, @sandplasma! As I understand it, lack of credit is a temporary issue caused by the recent site upgrade. Full credit should be restored and working soon.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, @TheRedEye once mentioned something about Nintendo stepping in and requesting some changes. The second cover features an affiliation disclaimer along with trademark info.
  4. Glad to see the newsletter love. I'll have to check my collection and see if I have any issues not already scanned.
  5. Thank you, and welcome to RetroMags!
  6. Whenever I purchase the home release of a movie anymore, I find myself ignoring deleted scene bonus features just for this very reason. I can't seem to watch the same movie again without thinking, "damn - that deleted scene should've been left in!" That said, I'm a sucker for Director's Cuts and DVDs/Blu-Rays that allow me to add deleted scenes to the film in real-time.