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  1. Like I said, I took one look at the scan and said "nope, waste of time." Just not a good scan at all for "making pretty." I'm willing to put in lots of time fixing a mag in editing when the problems are due to the mag itself being damaged. But when the problems are just because it wasn't scanned well, I'm inclined to just leave it alone and wait for a better scan. But you worked some magic with this one. It would be almost impossible to make it perfect, but it looks pretty damn good, especially considering what it looked like before being edited.
  2. Checked it out, and although there is still warping here and there, a lot of it got straightened out. What a pain in the ass that must have been! Good work, MigJmz!
  3. I fixed the database link. Also, fixed the DB entry so that the download link is displayed. Everything should be kosher now.
  4. I haven't downloaded this yet, but is this from the same scan that's on the Internet Archive? How in the world did you compensate for the wavy lines on all the pages? I don't know if the entire mag had water damage or just wasn't laid flat when it was scanned, but the pages on the version looked almost unfixable to me, they were warped in so many places. can the scanner also be the donator?