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  1. Archive collections are a mess, I just curate my own upload but even then in my profile random collections like "user xyz favorites" tends to appear And with the lockdown end expect the uploads to get back to a crawl
  2. Thanks guys, I'll probably stick with something second hand. I acquired some italian magazine that are just a little bigger than the maximum size accepted by the ix500. Anyway no hurry, I've still many boxes of gamest and arcadia to go through
  3. What's the A3 equivalent of the scansnap ix500? About the editing process, sorry but all the time that I would dedicate to it would be less time dedicated to the scans. In an ideal world I would have infinite time and scan everything at 1200 dpi with a professional flatbed scanner and accurately edit every single page. But I think that the current "quick and dirty" approach with an ADF scanner is ok enough. Having something not ideal is better than having nothing at all, and that doesn't prevent the possibility to have better edited scans in the future. I like it to compare this to the emulation scene, where people started to develop the first scrappy emulators and ripping games in the 90s, but it took several years before the preservation and accuracy mentality caught on. The early projects while far from ideal where the foundation on which the later contributors provided the better experience. I'm doing what I can, if tomorrow someone will edit/provide a better scan, kudos them, everyone will benefit. I'm just an individual with limited resources at the end of the day and compromises must be made; currently I decided to spend these resources on the scanning process alone since I'm the only one with access to these magazines and willing to scan them.
  4. Things are proceeding slowly, I'm mostly at home but since the kids are around I can't go on with the scans
  5. Hello, not posted here for a long time, scans are slowly proceeding, the new url is https://archive.org/details/@japanesemagazinesscans?sort=titleSorter 50th upload on sight! Meanwhile I acquired some italian magazine only to notice that they're slightly bigger than a4, so I'll need to get an a3 scanner but that's will be really far away in the future
  6. We ahould have a topic for "Local Scanners Accepting Donations"
  7. I'll keep scanning and uploading, at the moment I'm creating another account on archive where I'll reupload everything, mainly for a privacy issue I had with the former account. I'm a little swamped with the scans right now as I'm having long work days and the time to devote to this is simply non existent. I've been an avid gamer since forever and I also don't have time to game AT ALL. I'll try to squeeze at least a few minutes a day dedicated to the scans in order to have a somewhat decent release schedule (hope to be around 2 issues per month)
  8. I'll be very happy to upload directly to retromags, only problem is that my scans are not edited and that is against the policy. Maybe we can create a new category for unedited mags that is accesible only to donors/members willing to help some way Mega/cloud storage is not a really an option, like ethereal said it will be visible only here and to my followers basically
  9. I'm tired of having limited amount of control on my uploads on archive.org and their bullshit support, was thinking to switch onto mega. Anyone willing to talk me out of this idea? The scans will be still freely shareable, I'll leave to someone else the task of curating an archive collection
  10. Cover added, hope that I did everything correctly
  11. Ok, will do later (this mean tomorrow or next month )
  12. ahaha, right but it's unedited, THE HORROR It's ok to upload it as it is? I don't know anything about color correction and stuff like that...
  13. This, after PS2 era and with the shift to digital distribution (both of games and information) monthly published printed media lost pretty much any relevance. Sure I would like to see everything scanned and preserved but that's not very realistic giving the amount of stuff out there and how few people are doing this. You wouldn't believe how much stuff they printed in Japan, you can find guides and mooks even for the most obscure games. I'm planning to scan my whole collection but with 2 kids and a job it won't be done anytime soon. BTW Gimp served me well, I'm just using it to piece the pages together, as always I publish my scans raw and unedited in order to maintain my sanity. Here you can find that monstrosity known as Famitsu 571 https://archive.org/details/Famitsu057119991126/ (I think the cover is missing in the gallery)
  14. Thanks to the kitsunebi insights and some gimp trial and error (too cheap for photoshop and their creative cloud subscription nonsense) I managed to get a readable and nice looking of the 2 pages spread I had to cut I probably could have scanned a couple of Gamest issues instead of this whole editing madness luckily the Famitsu issue I scanned has only few of these fold out