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  1. More Gamest coming, I think will stick to 1 Gamest each week since I don't have much time
  2. Scanning issues 3 to 5 right now
  3. 2 more gamest uploaded, meanwhile debound 3 neo geo freak issues. That glue is the bane of my existence
  4. Sure, I'll have some free time next week and will upload more scans
  5. great stuff as usual kitsunebi
  6. Uploaded Neo Geo Freak 1, 2 is uploading right now. These early issues are quite rare
  7. Tweetted this thread, will donate in the next days
  8. Don't tell me that, was a Neo Geo AES collector back in the day (started around 2002-03 I think). After not being even able to find two of my favorite games (Slug 1 and Ultimate 11) I just decided to quit it and sell everything.
  9. Gamest numbering is a mess, at a certain point they started to thorw in all kind of extras and special using the regular monthly magazine numbering, sometimes even stuff unrelated to the arcade games or the Gamest brand
  10. Hi Hubz, nice to see you here and glad you're scanning the famitsu issues you have
  11. Prepped the first Neo Geo Freak issues, these costed me an arm and a leg back then, and they weren't even in top conditions. They also contains a few articles on unreleased Neo Geo games
  12. I had them back in the day but sold them, if you want to donate them you can ship to some member near you in order to get them scanned. About the whole jpegmini debacle, I'm just dumping my raw scans on archive servers, from there the users can do as they please: 1) Get the raw and edit, resize, manipulate, whatever you want or 2) Get the pdf or look at the online preview if you just want a quick look at the content Nowadays 5GB are not that much, I can manage them easily with a 8 year old laptop and a standard retail internet connection
  13. more scans in the pipeline, will drip feed them in the next days