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  1. ShadowRun (1993 SNES) comes to mind. An RPG mixture of fantasy and cyberpunk. It set the stage for games such as Borderlands, Fortnite, and such.
  2. @JimJam78 Yeah, I can see how it would be frustrating. I spent a small fortune monthly collecting every magazine, so I never missed one, but over the years I had to get rid of them. I kept the ones with my art in them, but again after years of moving around they were lost.
  3. @BlitzFitness Thanks, Blitz. I hope others reply as well, I'm very curious if anyone else has a similar reason for coming. As to the importance of cover art, I was still wet behind the ears as far as actually trying to get my work on their covers, but I was inspired by seeing artists such as Jim Lee and Andy Park grace their covers and pages. I eventually went to college, honed my craft, and became a freelance illustrator/Graphic Designer, but that was years after PSM became defunct. I remember a particularly humorous event though - which occurred in the forums of either PSM or EGM - where a reader complained about all the scantily clad female game character art stating that she would be happy to see just a pic of Cloud Strife (FF7) in his underwear. So I drew a pic of Cloud in his skivvies and sent it in. They printed it under the headline "One Reader Comes Through For Another" lol. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for that issue, but I'd love to see how much my art has improved since that piece.
  4. Being an artist, I actually came to Retromags searching for specific old issues of PSM, PlayStation Official, and EGM. Back in the day I submitted art to various contests and forums these mags featured. I only won a few controllers, but at the time I was young and just stoked about seeing my art within the pages.
  5. Being a retro gamer, it is rare for me to invest in the newer systems or console versions. Last system that I bought was a PS5, but it wasn't for myself. I still have a PS2, Wii, and an XBOX 360 S.
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