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  1. Both Raguy and Fighter´s History Dynamite WERE sealed, the others are in MINT condition
  2. I dont´t know if it still current or it is already retro but anyway, enjoy: And the best: All bought sealed
  3. Bought this little baby factory sealed:
  4. Just pay attention over the 64 ones
  5. i didn´t mean THAT serious but thanks for the tips
  6. Just got mine this month and i´m really really enjoing the game, just finished the girl drem last weekend and reached the boy´s one today! But i watched some gameplay footage on youtube of the wii one and i really have to say that it looks like it lost the magic, and the walking stages then? ow gosh!
  7. Here it is: all my recent aquisitions plus some PS2 games And now, in detail: Nights into Dreams+Sega Saturn 3D pad = The bundle of dreams! Some REALLY good retro games pack Virtua Fighter Remix not for resale The one wich originated advance wars, just brilliant!
  8. Hey guys, is there a Castlevania Prima guide? Recently got the castlevania double pack for GBA and want to know about every soul and equips
  9. Keep up with the good work fella. Does the #150 already takes place on the Sega Saturn era? Thanks