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Anime UK

Anime UK was a British magazine founded in 1991 dedicated to Japanese animation and published for six years before ceasing publication in 1996. Peter Goll, Steve Kyte, Helen McCarthy, and Wil Overton founded the magazine in London. Published for six years, it was sold worldwide and was widely admired for its innovative design, high production standards and varied, entertaining content. Its stated aims were to make the then arcane and unknown world of Japanese animation accessible to non-Japanese speakers, and to promote a positive and open image for a medium that received some negative press during its early years in the U.K. 

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  1. Anime UK 01 (Winter 1991/1992)

    Oops.  Well, despite this typo (the very first word printed in the mag - the correct word is hajimemashite), we welcome you nonetheless to another gem from the early days of anime fandom in the West.
    This issue went through two rounds of edits - one from PirateDragon and one from yours truly (kitsunebi), with an invaluable assist from Areala getting this uploaded while I'm waiting for help getting some login issues straightened out.




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