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Flux Issue 5

ISSUE: 5Content


  • The E3 Report (Editorial review of what Flux saw at E3)
  • Backlash (Letters, artwork, pleadings, etc...)
  • Don't Do This (Mischief, mayhem, and assorted ways to get in trouble)
  • Babewatch (Nikki Cox from Unhappily Ever After)
  • Hell & DOOMnation (Interview with Jay Wilbur on the future of the Doom franchise and iD Software)
  • Daughters of Doom (Mini-feature on all the 'me too' clones inspired by Doom)
  • 15 Essential CD-ROMS (Making sure you get a great interactive PC experience instead of a $50 frisbee)
  • Future Shock (An insider's look at the fate of the 16-bit platform and future of the 32-bit mega-systems)
  • Highway to Hell (Interview with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola)
  • Hot Shots (Interview with Ash creators Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti)
  • Hotter Than Hell (KISS unleashes a career-spanning CD anthology, a new anthology of comics, a boxed set, traveling convention, hemorrhoid ointment, etc... and only one of those things is a lie)
  • Born Again (Mike Mignola and Harris Comics resurrect 70's-era time-tripping robocowboy The Rook)
  • Death Becomes Him (Simon Bisley on his work with Glenn Danzig on Death Dealer)
  • Byrning Up (Writer/Artist John Byrne discusses leaving the X-Men to focus on Wonder Woman for DC)
  • Magic Kingdom (A guide to understanding, playing, and kicking ass at Magic: The Gathering)
  • Alien Nation (Kal-El takes on the xenomorphs in Superman vs. Aliens from DC/Dark Horse)

Static (Stuff that doesn't suck):

  • Kerri Hoskins (Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 3 (ARC) pictoral/interview
  • Virtual Reality (Virtual Pilot Pro wheel and Pro Pedals gaming accessories)
  • Mask Appeal (Behind the Mask (PC) software review)
  • Bogus Pog of the Month (SPOG #9 from the Spawn line includes one mega-obvious spelling error)
  • Mac Classic (A new Midway collection for Mac gamers)
  • Kickin' ASCII (ASCII's new controller and joystick for Playstation)
  • Toys 'R' Jim (Earthworm Jim toys ahoy!)

Strategy Guides:

  • Star Wars: Dark Forces (PC)
  • Gex (3DO)
  • Myst (3DO)
  • Virtua Fighter 2 (ARC)

Video Game Reviews:

  • Judge Dredd (GEN)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (GEN)
  • Triple Play Baseball '95 (GEN)
  • World Series Baseball '95 (GEN)
  • Toughman Contest (32X)
  • RBI Baseball '95 (32X)
  • Fatal Fury Special (SNES)
  • Phantom 2040 (SNES)
  • Bass Masters Classic (SNES)
  • Superkarts (PC)
  • Road Rash (SCD)
  • Slam 'N Jam '95 (3DO)
  • Return Fire (3DO)
  • Immercenary (3DO)
  • Virtual Pool (PC)
  • Marathon (MAC)
  • Wolfenstein 3-D (MAC)
  • Flashback (MAC)

Comic Book Reviews:

  • Aliens vs. Predator: War (Dark Horse)
  • The Big Book of Conspiracies (DC/Paradox)
  • Egypt #1 (DC/Vertigo)
  • Elementals: Ghost of a Chance (Comico)
  • Eliminator #1 (Malibu/Ultraverse)
  • Godzilla #1 (Dark Horse)
  • Hunter's Heart #1 (DC/Paradox)
  • Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice #1 (TeknoComix)
  • Mickey Spillane's Mike Danger #1 (TeknoComix)
  • John Jakes' Mulkon Empire #1 (TeknoComix)
  • Necromantra #2 (Malibu/Ultraverse)
  • Oblivion #1-3 (Comico)
  • Prime #24 (Malibu/Ultraverse)
  • Ruins #1 (Marvel)
  • M.D. Geist #1 (CPM Comics)
  • The Shadow & Doc Savage #1 (Marvel)
  • Skrull Kill Krew #1 (Marvel)
  • Sovereign Seven #1 (DC)

Music Reviews:

  • King Diamond: The Spider's Lullabye
  • Misery Loves Co.: Misery Loves Co.
  • Primus: Tales From the Punch Bowl
  • Ugly Kid Joe: Menace to Sobriety
  • Deicide: Once Upon The Cross
  • Morbid Angel: Domination
  • Xanax 25: Denial Fest

Notable Stuff:

  • Despite the big #2 on the cover and spine, this is actually issue #5.
  • There were two covers for this issue. The Hellboy/Ash cover was available through local comic shops. Newsstand buyers got Doom cover art.
  • Lots of hate towards GamePro and EGM from the letter column in these issues.
  • Deicide: Once Upon The Cross is given a rating, but no review. Strange...
  • Flux has an awful lot going for it, covering a huge swath of pop culture between two covers and focusing on things the big boys (Wizard, Hero, EGM, Rolling Stone, etc...) aren't really looking at in-depth. It's a pity they last only two more issues.
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    Title: Flux Issue 5
    Month: July
    Year: 1995
    Publisher: Harris Publications
    Editor: Brad Tolinski
    Pages: 100
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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