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  1. I was a big supporter of the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, so it is very disappointing to see these anti-consumer practices with Microsoft telling us to "Deal with it". I hope that the Playstation 4 will fill the void and go the opposite route of just about everything Microsoft is proposing. This upcoming generation I may only purchase a PS4 just in principle. While Nintendo is not doing any of this garbage, which is commendable, the Wii U does not interest me. I think I am finally tired of playing the same first party titles with the same premise.
  2. Underground Gamer being shut down was a huge loss. There were a number of magazines UG had that Retromags did not and with the database restructuring going on, UG was the go to site. Once everything is squared away here I expect a huge influx in traffic. I can't think of any other source with this amount of content.
  3. Wow I never thought a video game magazine could get up that high.
  4. I also had many fond memories of receiving my magazines in the mail. I did not have another way to get news, cheat codes or walkthroughs before the Internet and always looked forward to the reviews. I remember the SNES Street Fighter II days and the Mortal Kombat II Arcade days. I used to buy every magazine hoping for nuggets of information. Well print media based around news information is dead, but on the bright side we may be able to upload more current issues for this site as the publishers become defunct.
  5. A few years ago I had a website where I was attempting to do the same project as is, but work got in the way and I had to abandon the site. I will probably start it up again sometime in the future and maybe there can be some kind of collaboration. I litterally have shelves of hundreds of gaming magazines, though some of the more rare items such as that EGM #1 you placed on your page I do not have, so that was a real treat. I am curious though, have you ever been contacted by the publishers of EGM or GamePro about placing their content up online?