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  1. Yeah, I actually edited the thread once I noticed it and deleted it. I uploaded this Famimaga instead. I was surpised to see Oh! MZ and Oh! X already on there.
  2. Newest upload [09/15/2019] - Famimaga October 1987 Also other stuff
  3. Newest upload [09/14/2019] - Famimaga June 1987 ProTip: There might also be other items uploaded as well.
  4. Is IV the Final Phantasie? Imagine if this series was the one that took off and survived, not Final Fantasy of Phantasy Star.
  5. Newest upload [09/13/2019] - Pasocom Paradise December 2003 Cover supplied by the man of 20,000+ images, kitsunebi77!
  6. Probably the 5 guys who bought Xbox Ones in Japan.
  7. Newest upload [09/12/2019] - Famimaga March 1989 Here is a list of everything I was able to obtain thus far: Basic Magazine January 1992 BugBug March 2011 BugBug July 2012 Famimaga June 1987 Famimaga October 1987 Famimaga February 1988 Famimaga April 1988 Famimaga October 1988 Famimaga February 1989 Famimaga March 1989 Famimaga June 1989 Famimaga March 1990 Famimaga April 1990 Famimaga May 1990 Pasocom Paradise December 2003 There are some additional files I am downloading that I hope are actually magazines, but I can't read Japanese. Google translate makes me hopeful though.
  8. Fixed this one and I have two findings: 1.) Even though the file was renamed on my own computer to .cbz (confirmed in command line as well), somehow is now adding a to the end of the file name when you access the file on the uploader. I didn't notice it the first time, but I caught it on the prompt and removed the .zip. This is pretty weird since it never used to do that. 2.) At some point I renamed my .cbz file to a different name than the meta.xml file, which probably caused some problems as well.
  9. Let me be clear since you only quoted part of what I said and then assumed I was doing it incorrectly. I am using the process listed on this site: I am more interested if you have a better method of generating the files. I am trying to experiment on the April one right now to see if I get different results.
  10. In all of my previous uploads to the service, I used the same procedure. I take all of the images, put them into a zip file and then rename the zip file to .cbz I can read the .cbz on my machine as normal (With CDisplayEX) and until these last two uploads, they displayed the preview image and created a _scandata.xml
  11. Newest upload [09/10/2019] - Famimaga April 1990
  12. Okay, this is the first of the #notmyscans series. This is issue #9 of Famimaga from May 1990. This was retrieved from the Perfect Dark file-sharing service. ...not a great place to go looking for magazines, but I have a few items I was able to retrieve.
  13. Wow, the Frag Dolls. That brings back a lot of memories.
  14. Okay, I found some interesting ones: Famimaga, Hobby Japan and Micom Basic. I'll upload whatever is not already on once they are completed. ...but mostly Perfect Dark sucks, a lot of it is bad garbage.