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  1. Western games in Japan

    Side question I want to ask: Since you live in Japan, what is your opinion on the difficulty with western games penetrating the market? Is it xenophobia or specific design elements that are a turn-off?
  2. New Release: EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995

    Confirmed that it opens now for me.
  3. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Do you have Tech Gian issues 94 & 99?
  4. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Kitsunebi77 - Do you own most of these Dengeki Festival magazines? I am wondering if I have the opportunity to get any of these if I should buy and hold them until they are allowed on the site. I recently bought two Tech Gian issues that will be allowed next year that I will probably use as my inaugural uploads.
  5. New Release: EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995

    Geez I thought for sure we had this archived already, but we didn't. Classic issue, thank you.
  6. Luigi and my regard of him

    I'll just leave this here: -I didn't know about the diary thing from Super Paper Mario, that's pretty funny.
  7. ( 。)( 。) Table of Bewbs

    Ah Japan, please never change.
  8. Diehard Gamefan - Not allowed

    Hmm I wanted to replace my bad copy of GameFan #1 and noticed that the purchase link is gone. Oh if only it were digitally preserved somewhere that was accessible :-).
  9. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Thanks guys, I am going to buy the same scanner/chopper and contribute soon. I just saw a video on YouTube showing how the process works, so I am ready to get started:
  10. 2017 Retromags Collection Available Via Torrents!

    There are no real words to express the gratitude I have for the work that you and the others have put into this site. I remember when Retromags was on life support and it looked this important preservation project would be over. Now it has become bigger than I thought it would be and there is still so much left to do. So thank you for that, I have not got around to saying that before.
  11. I remember the prototype N64 Final Fantasy VII being shown in EGM and then I felt really cheated when they ended up cancelling it and releasing a different game on PlayStation the next year. I was not able to play the game until much later, but I thought it was pretty great. Although I still liked FFVI more because every character seemed to matter and the focus was not generally around a single person.
  12. Super Nintendo Classic Edition

    I am surprised how popular these things are and the price gouging involved. You can buy a Raspberry Pi 3 for $36 and install RetroPie to get the exact same effect.
  13. Inquest Gamer scans?

    I would be interested in seeing Inquest and The Duelist magazines archived on this site. While they were primarily involving trading card games and only sparingly covering PC and console games, they were just as dear to me as EGM or GamePro.
  14. Xbox One Announcement

    I was a big supporter of the original Xbox and the Xbox 360, so it is very disappointing to see these anti-consumer practices with Microsoft telling us to "Deal with it". I hope that the Playstation 4 will fill the void and go the opposite route of just about everything Microsoft is proposing. This upcoming generation I may only purchase a PS4 just in principle. While Nintendo is not doing any of this garbage, which is commendable, the Wii U does not interest me. I think I am finally tired of playing the same first party titles with the same premise.
  15. UnderGround Gamer Torrent Site Is Down

    Underground Gamer being shut down was a huge loss. There were a number of magazines UG had that Retromags did not and with the database restructuring going on, UG was the go to site. Once everything is squared away here I expect a huge influx in traffic. I can't think of any other source with this amount of content.