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  1. Scanned my cover of The Super Famicom #1


  2. Ethereal Dragonz

    EtherealDragonz upload thread - Update 9/18 Xbox Nation August 2004

    Update 9/18 - Added Xbox Nation August 2004 Nothing special this time, just needed to make some room on my shelf. I have a few Xbox Nation magazines to upload. I have a few interesting items coming in. Two Tech-Gian issues and The Super Famicom #1. I'll take my time scanning the Super Famicom issue.
  3. Newest upload [9/18/2018] - Xbox Nation August 2004 Previous Files Flux 5 - September 1995: Game Player's Nintendo Guide Vol 5. No. 5- May 1992: Mega Sega 16 - August 1994: PC Gamer Vol. 3 Issue 6 - June 1992: Tech Gian - August 2004: Tips & Tricks 1 - Spring 1994:
  4. Ethereal Dragonz

    Uploaded: Mega Sega 16 August 1994

    Uploaded as I have not seen this online yet. This is a Spanish magazine that is large and does not fit completely on the flatbed or document scanner, so I can see why it isn't available yet . I got this while travelling. I was obsessed with Mortal Kombat 2 at the time, so this was a random pick up. It has some behind the scenes images of the MK2 TV commercial ...and Shaq-Fu apparently. Download:
  5. Ethereal Dragonz

    Super NES Buyer's Guide Issue 3 - July 1992 ?

    We used to have it on this website, I am not sure why it was removed. I have uploaded here with proper credits:
  6. I haven't seen this magazine anywhere so I scanned my copy. There are a few pages missing in the middle, but they are not critical areas. The backstory behind this magazine, I was going on a trip with my parents. They bribed me with a copy of Street Fighter II on SNES if I was not a pain in the ass during the trip. The game would not be released until July, but there were a few magazines doing previews of the title and this is one of those I bought to take with me and read. Back then I could read a magazine and stare at the screenshots for hours daydreaming about how the game played. I was successful in not being a pain in the ass, so around July or August when I got back we went to K-Mart to get the game, but it was sold out! Luckily Toys R Us had a few copies left and I was able to go home that night very happy... I am pretty sure my life peaked in the early 90's. Download:
  7. Ethereal Dragonz


    I have the December 2005 issue that I can get scanned. Was there a particular issue you feel is important to be made available?
  8. Ethereal Dragonz

    Uploaded: PC Gamer June 1996

    Last spam for the week. This is the first PC gamer I purchased. I finally started to get into PC games after being introduced to Doom 2 and Commander Keen, but I couldn't get the modem connection to work for Doom 2 until Final Doom came out which contained a Windows launcher to handle the connection. This issue features X-Wing VS Tie Fighter, which I have fond memories of. I still remember the cheap flight stick controller I purchased and playing co-op with my friends. Download:
  9. Ethereal Dragonz

    Uploaded: Flux Magazine #5

    Oh geez, as if they couldn't confuse me enough! Yes, everything appears to be in order. I have one more file for the week and this one is for you...
  10. Ethereal Dragonz

    Uploaded: Flux Magazine #5

    Yeah I just cleared my cache, tried a different browser and then also took a look through my phone. The preview page will start on page 6 and not on the cover. I guess another user will need to chime in on what they see. Thanks for your help thus far!
  11. Ethereal Dragonz

    Uploaded: Flux Magazine #5

    Hmm okay. So now I have 100 files and I have named them 001 to 100. However in the preview section of the page, the picture is somehow starting at page 6 or file 006. If you have time, can you take a look if the page order is displaying correctly on your reader?
  12. Ethereal Dragonz

    Uploaded: Flux Magazine #5

    Several years ago I threw out most of my magazines because I was moving into an apartment and I had digital copies (thanks to Retromags), but I kept just about everything we didn't have scans of and this is one of them. This was a short-lived magazine that only lasted seven issues, but it had some strange humor and interesting exclusive interviews/content that you didn't see in the big two (EGM and GamePro). Providing these scans as-is for the community. The previewer is not setting the pages in the same order as in the .cbz file after trying a couple of different naming conventions, but the file works. Download:
  13. Ethereal Dragonz

    Uploaded: Tips & Tricks #1

    Arg, damn you previewer. The pages are correct in the file itself though, I'll see if I can get that fixed. Thank you.