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  1. What about having Retromags host the curated files? You could upload a completed scan to Mega and a team member can add it to the site. Mega is fine for storing files, but part of the goal is to make these items easily discoverable, which Mega is not meant for.
  2. This is a nice one! What else are you holding out on us? I am curious about the backstory on this Chinese message board. Was it actually hosted on a Chinese ISP or just predominantly Chinese users? How did they get into gaming? Just kind of curious considering the state censorship and control in their culture.
  3. Right, I only saw 87, 88, and 91 on there. I found this one on Perfect Dark.
  4. Newest upload [10/23/2019] I saw catalogs for some of the other years, but not for 1989. So here you go.
  5. Newest upload [10/18/2019]
  6. Newest upload [10/16/2019]
  7. I have The Super Famicom #1 in excellent condition. I still need to donate a box of old magazines to this site but I need to wait until I can get to my parents place to grab some other old items and ship everything together. My personal scans suck, so I want to make sure what I am sending in is done right :-).
  8. kitsunebi77 has. That site owner is only interested in exchanging unshared scans privately.
  9. Remember Boonga Boonga, the arcade machine with an ass? I have a few cards from the Dragon Ball Heroes game. I think the game itself looks kind of boring but the cards are pretty cool. Some of those cards are really expensive.
  10. Newest upload [10/11/2019] Okay let's try this again, I didn't see this one hidden behind anything on :-).
  11. Ah geez, I thought that page was just music, I didn't look at the file count. Do you see these on archive?