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  1. Holy moly! I totally forgot about this contest. Thank you to everyone who contributed to help @CIVICMINDED out and for his personal sacrifice of the magazine collection. Thank you @Phillyman and @E-Day for keeping the site alive for so many years. Of course, thank you to every single individual who ever dedicated their time to scanning these retro magazines, not only to preserve history, but also for the brief flashes of nostalgia.
  2. Just in time for the Capcom Fighting Collection coming out in two weeks
  3. Very nice, thank you for all of these!
  4. Time to write a 500-page tribute of everything that is wrong with this book
  5. Just thinking about those old adventure games on my 486 pc puts me in a happy place.
  6. Famitsu has some great covers. Thank you for the upload!
  7. Side question. Was there any Link to the Past guide back in the day that mentioned the "Chris Houlihan" room?
  8. Holy crap, this brings back some memories. My friend and I were into making Doom levels with the tool "Waded". We always passed by this book at a local store and one day my friend actually bought it. We were pretty excited and when we got home and opened it, there was no disc! So we returned it.
  9. Looks like there is an issue with the seedbox at the moment. Can't download this one. Edit: Working 44 minutes later
  10. I saw it, I thought it was fine. A little odd to make a big budget movie for a relatively minor Avenger's character though. Looks like I am a minority here, but I still like all of the Marvel movies. I think its still very impressive they were able to stay consistent across so many years without completely screwing it up and keeping many of the "hooks" from the comics intact. I still have a lot of my old comics and buy the collected Trade Paperback versions to read through them occassionally.
  11. Yeah it is pretty crazy how much that stuff is going for, especially graded sealed games. While its cool to have boxed games sitting around on a shelf for coolness factor, most of this stuff can be emulated on a Raspberry PI 4 very well (up to the Dreamcast era for consoles and DS for handhelds) if anyone actually wants to play these.
  12. For my company, they are expecting us back on Sept 6th. They are going to allow a hybrid work environment where we can be on site three times a week and home twice a week. I don't have a personal office where I am at. We have those "open space" workplaces where we have an assigned room and sit at an available desk with no cubicle walls. That setup has been the industry rage for a few years, so we'll see if their design layout changes.
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