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  1. This is a really amazing piece. Thank you JhonnyD for sharing this item from your collection so it can be preserved. Thank you kitsunebi77 for editing as always.
  2. One of the Hobby Consolas (Spanish magazine) that I bought long ago came with a Dragon Ball Z VHS movie. That was pretty neat.
  3. Oh man I was way off on my year dating. I definitely was not expecting it all the way back to the Saturn days since I remember this ad well. Nice find!
  4. This is a frustrating picture to look at because I remember this ad. I don't remember the game it belonged to (I don't think it was Dead Space), but I am not finding it in the scans I have. It has to be around 2005 - 2009 timeframe. My brain also thinks it remembers that there is also a two page ad spread for this as well. At the time I subscribed to GamePro, EGM and the Official Xbox Magazine, so it is going to be in one of those three magazines. I did a Google and Bing image search and I was not able to see any references to this.
  5. I had to look this game up. Apparently this is an Atari 7800 homebrew game that had custom cartridges made for it and is now being released on Steam. This would have been an interesting game to have in the 80's because the mechanics are different than anything Atari was putting out on the console at the time. Most of those real 80's - 90's titles are more difficult than anything that has been released afterward. No health bars, one hit one kill with pixel precision. The input systems were not as comfortable and I don't think they were as responsive as today.
  6. They did a really impressive job building up the characters for the last 11 years and now that Disney owns all of the franchises, I look forward to seeing their next phase of films. I think an ending I would like is some kind of event that leads into "Secret War" which provides a movie-canon way of joining everyone together.
  7. A $500 console to play five games? So basically like my Xbox One? Teehee... Seriously though, never heard of this console, good find. My kneejerk answer to the question would have been Atari Jaguar or 3DO.
  8. I look forward to seeing how they can stand out from IGN, Polygon, Kotaku and all the other sites out there. EGM has gone through so many alterations I had to read the Wikipedia page to remember their site changes.
  9. It's good to hear from you! No one could ever keep up with the amount of content you were submitting on a daily basis, you definitely should take personal time At least you don't have a drinking problem
  10. I had this poster too, it should be in issue #50. Subscribers were given special inserts (usually posters) that were not on the newsstand versions.
  11. I have these: Gamest 57 1991 Famitsu Dec 23 2005 Monster Strike Magazine #1 2015 Monster Strike Magazine #3 2015 Monster Strike Magazine #23 2017 Game Labo #6 June 1995 Ragnarok Online #1 December 2005 Some of those are not in the age range where we can host, but I can at least get the raw scans together. The Game Labo book is interesting, its essentially a hacking book for console and game cart modifications. My life would have been much different if this was printed in the USA... imagine making changes to your favorite RPG or fighting game back in the day.
  12. I have not read up on the Virtual Boy in a long time. For many years there was a rumor that Gunpei Yokoi killed himself due to the failure of the Virtual Boy, then it kind of morphed into some kind of weird Yakuza story and now I read that it was just a freak traffic accident. I wonder why that got started .
  13. Oh my... I didn't think I was going to be able to see this anytime soon. You are doing awesome work man!
  14. It looks like they started the puzzles around 2001: They must have stopped doing these around 2005 because the scans I have of that year do not include them.
  15. They definitely look cool, I would not mind having the Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat stands. What would really sell it for me is if they had a real arcade board rather than a dedicated emulator. Outside of the artwork and sticks you can put all of these games on a Raspberry Pi board for $35. If there was a product out there that was an authorized replicated arcade board with a modification for CRT or HDMI monitor output I would buy that.