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  1. This is awesome, thanks! At some point these things start to become 400+ page monsters with mostly ads.
  2. You're breathtaking!
  3. Check donation stores like Goodwill. They usually have a lot of old books or magazines, but they are not always in decent condition.
  4. Hahaha man LOL man, I laughed out loud at work when I saw that. As a gamer, I've only ever heard of vaginas through fairytales, legends and dusty ancient texts with poorly detailed renditions of what they might look like.
  5. ...I had to look this up. Is this the boss you are talking about?
  6. There is a real good pinball game that holds up well even by today's standards, called Devil's Crush. It should make the cut for inclusion for the mini console. Edit: It looks like the first game of the series, Alien Crush, is included so far.
  7. I wonder if I will ever get tired of anime chicks.
  8. Sega was the enemy when I was growing up... back when you were lucky if your parents would buy you one console. That made you heavily invested into the success of whatever you had. I did get to play most of these games later on when emulation became wide spread. That being said, this is a very good list and this product has twice as many games as the SNES mini. What baffles me is that the Japanese Mega Drive mini gets the six button controller and the USA gets the old-school three button version. Good luck with that copy of Street Fighter II.
  9. Fond memories of this issue. This is also one that I distinctly remember throwing away because I had the older Retromags scan of it. This one is superior.
  10. Thank you for the donation, it was a huge gesture at a big cost to yourself. There are probably a lot of individuals out there with huge collections who might be too intimidated to try something like this, so its important that we support someone when they do make the leap.
  11. So from a rough quick glance, it looks like there are around 200 issues listed that we do not have on the site, so there are some gaps that this fills. I am not sure how many more issues E-Day and Philly actually have in a box somewhere that have not been brought out. Unfortunately that large swath of Game Informers can't be added on the site :-(.
  12. Geez hardcorehubz, you've been relatively quiet for a few years and then BOOM you show up with some amazing stuff. Thank you!
  13. Good stuff man, just joined your Patreon.
  14. Wow! Those are real good years right there. I love seeing anything from 1990 - 1996.