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  1. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hahaha those are great. I don't think I can adequately express the gratitude I have for the work that you and your team did back then. Those magazines had a huge influence on my life. If I could trouble you for one more story, do you have any around Mortal Kombat 2 or 3?
  2. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hey Mike! Any good stories you can share? I wish I could re-live 1990 - 1996.
  3. New Release: Tips & Tricks Issue 9 (November 1995)

    Haha that cover reminded me of the development promotion video for WrestleMania Arcade:
  4. What game do you think of when you think "Christmas?"

    Good topic! I have three distinct memories involving games at Christmas, but I don't remember as much context behind them as in your story (for my Birthday though, I have a couple stories). Anyway, the earliest one I can remember is opening Dig Dug and Desert Falcon for the Atari 7800. I didn't have a Nintendo back then. The second memory is playing Zelda: Link's Awakening at my aunt's place for Christmas. What an excellent Zelda game that was! For the "final" memory, I was given Final Fantasy VI (III in the USA). I ended up playing that game for an entire year without buying another one. I had only briefly played Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Legend III on GameBoy, so I was completely blown away by the intricate story and the accompanying music. It is still one of my top ten games ever.
  5. This Week in Famitsu

    Its a weekly magazine and they pump out nearly 300 pages a week? That's crazy. How many of these pages are ads and re-run articles?
  6. The Better ADF scanner

    This might be a stretch, but do you guys have a recommendation for a decent duplex scanner, which also contains a flatbed scanner AND is a printer? Max price range around $1,000 lets say.
  7. This Week in Famitsu

    I like looking through Japanese magazines. What exactly is that ad saying "Dishes in games are very interesting!"? Is that a new game-themed restaurant? Sorry to hear that one bad apple has ruined the possibility of future Famitsu scans from you :-(.
  8. Western games in Japan

    Side question I want to ask: Since you live in Japan, what is your opinion on the difficulty with western games penetrating the market? Is it xenophobia or specific design elements that are a turn-off?
  9. New Release: EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995

    Confirmed that it opens now for me.
  10. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Do you have Tech Gian issues 94 & 99?
  11. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Kitsunebi77 - Do you own most of these Dengeki Festival magazines? I am wondering if I have the opportunity to get any of these if I should buy and hold them until they are allowed on the site. I recently bought two Tech Gian issues that will be allowed next year that I will probably use as my inaugural uploads.
  12. New Release: EGM2 Issue 8 February 1995

    Geez I thought for sure we had this archived already, but we didn't. Classic issue, thank you.
  13. Luigi and my regard of him

    I'll just leave this here: -I didn't know about the diary thing from Super Paper Mario, that's pretty funny.
  14. ( 。)( 。) Table of Bewbs

    Ah Japan, please never change.
  15. Diehard Gamefan - Not allowed

    Hmm I wanted to replace my bad copy of GameFan #1 and noticed that the purchase link is gone. Oh if only it were digitally preserved somewhere that was accessible :-).