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  1. Right, I only saw 87, 88, and 91 on there. I found this one on Perfect Dark.
  2. Newest upload [10/23/2019] I saw catalogs for some of the other years, but not for 1989. So here you go.
  3. Newest upload [10/18/2019]
  4. Newest upload [10/16/2019]
  5. I have The Super Famicom #1 in excellent condition. I still need to donate a box of old magazines to this site but I need to wait until I can get to my parents place to grab some other old items and ship everything together. My personal scans suck, so I want to make sure what I am sending in is done right :-).
  6. kitsunebi77 has. That site owner is only interested in exchanging unshared scans privately.
  7. Remember Boonga Boonga, the arcade machine with an ass? I have a few cards from the Dragon Ball Heroes game. I think the game itself looks kind of boring but the cards are pretty cool. Some of those cards are really expensive.
  8. Newest upload [10/11/2019] Okay let's try this again, I didn't see this one hidden behind anything on :-).
  9. Ah geez, I thought that page was just music, I didn't look at the file count. Do you see these on archive?
  10. That kind of reminds me of an ad for the SNES game Equinox:
  11. Thanks man, I never thought I would see some of these.
  12. So what do we want as the consensus here? Do we still want to consider this magazine as in-print from the special issues, which would move the allowed date from 10 years to 15 years?