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  1. How about the 1987 Sears lingerie catalog?
  2. Got something interesting today. One of the PC gamer magazines I put up on Archive a couple of years ago was taken down. I was wondering if Retromags has received any notices recently?
  3. This is one of my most memorable issues and this is a beautiful scan. I was obsessed with Mortal Kombat II and while waiting for it to come out on home consoles, I would stare at these preview magazines for hours.
  4. I would "like" this, but apparently there is a limit on how many reactions you can do it one day. I have never seen that before :-). Its because of the million GameFans that were uploaded. I almost missed this amazing Famitsu. Thanks again!
  5. One of the many amazing and hilarious Famitsu covers.
  6. I guess I have one. The January 1994 issue of EGM reminds me of the first time I visited my best friends' house. I was very into Mortal Kombat 2 at the time and I remember he had this issue on his bookshelf. I was surprised because I had not seen the cover before, I missed grabbing that issue at the grocery store somehow.
  7. Newest upload [11/17/2020] - Famimaga April 20 1990
  8. This is amazing and I almost missed it because I only get notifications when E-Day posts the file.
  9. I used to have this activity book as a kid. They sold small packs of randomized stickers and cards to collect and stick in the book. The good days when you could eat Nintendo gummy snacks, drink Super Mario Punch, eat Nintendo cereal, watch the Super Mario Bros show, read Nintendo Power and assorted books like this one.
  10. Newest upload [07/22/2020] - Famimaga Jan 26 1990
  11. The first time I subscribed to GamePro, this was the first issue that I received.
  12. Newest upload [06/18/2020] - Famimaga Feb 23 1990
  13. I did a search for GameCenter and ゲームセンタ. I was not able to find any books or magazines, but there were a number of game review videos. No hits for Continue magazine.
  14. Newest upload [06/13/2020] - Famimaga May 15 1987