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  1. PM me if you found a place to host them. I would love to have a "backup" of these :-).
  2. Just watch, don't play

    I will often watch Twitch streams to see pros play First Person Shooters or Fighting Games. Sometimes doing this will actually make my own gameplay improve. PS: I never liked Sonic either. I didn't think the world designs were on par with Super Mario.
  3. The RPG Grind - Are you having fun yet?

    I did not play PC games until much later, so "the grind" for me was acceptable because I did not know any better. What did piss me off though was random encounters, so even if I was strong enough to progress through the game, I was still stuck having to go through meaningless combat events which popped up as I was trying to walk casually. When Chrono Trigger came out and gave you the ability to maneuver around enemies to avoid combat, that was a godsend. Every modern JRPG I can think of now employs this system. A few years later I finally started to get into PC RPG's and one of my first was Baldur's Gate, which is still one of my favorites of all time. Here too you could avoid enemy encounters by running away, or more interestingly there were cases where you could talk your way out of a fight (and still gain experience points). Also to note that in this game if you were strong enough you could just select your entire party, hit attack and sit back and watch them melee enemies which is almost the equivalent of pressing attack over and over without thought in a JRPG. Now days I actually do not see as much grinding in JRPG's (at least not to obtain arbitrary levels to get strong enough). Final Fantasy 15 for example, by just playing through the main plotline and having a little bit of physical skill with maneuvering on your gamepad, you could complete the game without resorting to killing random enemies which pop up on the screen for hours. However the series has kind of moved to a more "on rails" experience and is less open. As a side note, one of the more interesting RPG's I have played recently is Torment: Tides of Numenara. Every encounter (that I can recall) in the game can be solved through non-combat options. However since I enjoy combat and it was less of a focus in the game (you almost have to try hurt something), I didn't give it high marks.
  4. Has anyone else noticed this explosion of content!?

    Thanks, I grabbed them all Then I repented to the magazine gods who hath delivered these at some point...
  5. New Release: Super NES Buyers Guide - Issue 2 (May 1992)

    Certain parts of life never got as good as the magical time of gaming magazines and playing on my Super Nintendo in the 90's.
  6. Well you've killed my idealism that everything the Japanese do is very reasoned and logical (minus the panty vending machines and poop stuff)
  7. For me in that situation, just to make it easy, I would pay attention to the title of the magazine above any numbering system. I would look at each variant G,F,R,Z,S as separate magazines in the Dengeki PlayStation line. If that causes gaps in the numbering, so be it. Year/Month means more to me than the volume number. If they skip a month and print a Dengeki PlayStation S instead of the main line, we can just leave a blank icon for the month and just call that out as a note. Really surprising to hear that Japanese magazines do not offer subscriptions. It makes accomplishments such as the complete run of Famitsu even more impressive. Would you say gaming magazines are still successful in Japan?
  8. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hahaha those are great. I don't think I can adequately express the gratitude I have for the work that you and your team did back then. Those magazines had a huge influence on my life. If I could trouble you for one more story, do you have any around Mortal Kombat 2 or 3?
  9. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hey Mike! Any good stories you can share? I wish I could re-live 1990 - 1996.
  10. New Release: Tips & Tricks Issue 9 (November 1995)

    Haha that cover reminded me of the development promotion video for WrestleMania Arcade:
  11. What game do you think of when you think "Christmas?"

    Good topic! I have three distinct memories involving games at Christmas, but I don't remember as much context behind them as in your story (for my Birthday though, I have a couple stories). Anyway, the earliest one I can remember is opening Dig Dug and Desert Falcon for the Atari 7800. I didn't have a Nintendo back then. The second memory is playing Zelda: Link's Awakening at my aunt's place for Christmas. What an excellent Zelda game that was! For the "final" memory, I was given Final Fantasy VI (III in the USA). I ended up playing that game for an entire year without buying another one. I had only briefly played Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Legend III on GameBoy, so I was completely blown away by the intricate story and the accompanying music. It is still one of my top ten games ever.
  12. This Week in Famitsu

    Its a weekly magazine and they pump out nearly 300 pages a week? That's crazy. How many of these pages are ads and re-run articles?
  13. The Better ADF scanner

    This might be a stretch, but do you guys have a recommendation for a decent duplex scanner, which also contains a flatbed scanner AND is a printer? Max price range around $1,000 lets say.
  14. This Week in Famitsu

    I like looking through Japanese magazines. What exactly is that ad saying "Dishes in games are very interesting!"? Is that a new game-themed restaurant? Sorry to hear that one bad apple has ruined the possibility of future Famitsu scans from you :-(.
  15. Western games in Japan

    Side question I want to ask: Since you live in Japan, what is your opinion on the difficulty with western games penetrating the market? Is it xenophobia or specific design elements that are a turn-off?