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  1. Ethereal Dragonz

    2 Years of Time Magazine $10 (104 Issues)

    Find me two years of Famitsu for $10
  2. That would be awesome! Kitana is my bae. I just uploaded issue #4 here:
  3. Ethereal Dragonz

    Anyone with EGM issues from 2004- through to May 2005?

    The March and April issues have PSP preview statements, but I don't see anything close to what you are describing:
  4. Uploaded the Official Mortal Kombat II Magazine from 1994. I have issues #1 and #4. I am still trying to find 2-3 somewhere.
  5. Ethereal Dragonz

    Pretty much the story of my life.....

    You still have to scan everything you already have before you can get more :-).
  6. Added Flux Magazine #1 from September 1994. The cover has one of the most misleading statements I have seen on a game magazine. It says there is a Mortal Kombat II home edition preview, but the actual content is a single paragraph with a producer for the home edition and screenshots of the arcade version .
  7. Ethereal Dragonz

    Strategy Guide Company Prima Games Is Shutting Down

    Sad to see another mainstay fade away, but they lasted far longer than their relevancy. As soon as I had access to the Internet, I stopped purchasing most strategy guides. There were a few that I bought because the designs were incredible, like the large coffee table books with high quality images and layouts.
  8. There was lesser known magazine in the 90's (can't recall the name) that had Game Genie codes which claimed to allow you to play the bosses in Street Fighter II on SNES but I never found a working code online except one that caused a player 2 to glitch as a random boss. This magazine had images of the code working on SNES (could have been photoshopped).
  9. Ethereal Dragonz

    Auctions Won By Retromags

    Wow, good pull man!
  10. Ethereal Dragonz

    Playstation Classic

    Yeah during the Nintendo 64/PlayStation through GameCube/PS2 era I entirely switched to PC gaming because those early 3D console games were such a mess I would get a headache from playing them. I remember Turok Dinosaur hunter on N64 I wanted to vomit after playing the first couple of levels. I couldn't get into Golden Eye either. I guess I was spoiled playing Quake on those early OpenGL 3D cards.
  11. Ethereal Dragonz

    Playstation Classic

    The list is alright, but I was hoping for: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Suikoden 2 Worms Armageddon It might just be me that feels this way, but I think old 2D games age better than the first generation 3D games. I much prefer remasters for this era than straight ports.
  12. Ethereal Dragonz

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Yeah I never really paid attention to EGM's reviews or its affiliates even back then. The game reviews were just a column of boxes with surface details of the game which could probably be applied to a number of titles out there. EGM was really known for its news and preview articles. GamePro however, had some great review sections. Games that didn't have a lot of hype only had small paragraphs, but larger games like Final Fantasy had visually appealing layouts and went into much more detail (images from NeoGaf forum):
  13. Added Xbox Nation Nov 2003. No shipping label on this one .
  14. Added Xbox Nation July 2004. I have five more of these and then my last magazines are all interesting oddities.
  15. Added an oddity for everyone. I have a Super Mario Brothers coloring book from 1989. Yes that is my coloring work . I created a couple of black and white pages for users to print out and give to their kids, but I didn't go through the entire book. I leave that up to the user.