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PSM Issue 10

ISSUE: 10Content


Monitor: Resident Evil: The Movie, Peripheral Reviews, EA Sports to show new lineup at E3, Makes your own games with RPG Maker & Fighter Maker, PlayStation hits Landmark Numbers, Tenchu coming to North America, The Insensor gaming Chair, Dragon Quest VII to come to North America, 3rd Party developers asking Sony to NOT make the PlayStation 2 backward compatible, PlayStation 2 to be Ultimate Online gaming Machine?, Q & A with Naughty Dog president & co-founder Jason Rubin, Nihon Game Otaku (News & notes from Japan)


·         Tekken 3

·         Blasto

·         San Francisco Rush

·         Einhander

·         SaGa Frontier

·         Cardinal Syn

·         Forsaken

·         MLB '99

·         Mega Man Legends

·         Deathtrap Dungeon


·         Crash Bandicoot 3

·         Pocket Fighter

·         Colony Wars: Vengeance

·         Mortal Kombat 4

·         StarCon (never released)

·         N2O

·         Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

·         Rival Schools: United By Fate

·         Spyro The Dragon

·         Azure Dreams

·         Metal Gear Solid

·         The Wild 9

PlayStation 101: The Mysteries of the PlayStation finally explained

Gran Turismo Strategy

Need for Speed 3 Strategy

Tekken 3 bonus characters, strategies & moves

VR Sports Powerboat Racing Strategy

Code Junkies:

·         Red Asphalt

·         Speed Racer

·         Gex: Enter the Gecko

·         Spawn

·         Resident Evil 2

·         One

·         Triple Play '99

·         Armored Core

·         Beast Wars

·         Klonoa

·         Street Fighter vs. X-Men

·         Pitfall 3-D



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    Title: PSM Issue 10
    Month: June
    Year: 1998
    Publisher: Imagine Publishing
    Editor: Chris Slate
    Pages: 108
    Price: $4.99US $5.99CAN
    Country: United States
    Language: English
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