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PSM Issue 83

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PSM Monitor: Shadow of Rome, Hits & Misses, Astro Boy, 2 new Samurai games (Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku & Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo), Burnout 3, Custom painy jobs for your PS2, Checkpoint, Cool Stuff,

PSM Reviews:

·         MVP Baseball 2004

·         MX Unleashed

·         Cy Girls

·         James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

·         Lifeline

·         Nightshade

·         Mafia

·         Onimusha: Blade Warriors

·         Worms 3D

·         Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX

·         Seven Samurai 20XX

·         Naval Ops: Commander

·         Firefighter F.D. 18

·         Gamester FPS Master (controller)

·         Nuby Collector’s Edition Dragonball Z Arcade Stick (controller)

PSM All Time Best PlayStation Series

Mortal Kombat: Deception feature


·         Hitman: Contracts

·         The Getaway 2 (released as The Getaway: Black Monday)

·         The Suffering

·         Destruction Derby Arenas

·         Showdown: Legends of Wrestling

·         Serious Sam: Next Encounter

·         ShellShock: Nam '67

·         Juiced

·         Bujingai: The Forsaken City

·         Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

·         Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers

·         Crimson Sea 2

·         The Movies (never released)

·         World Tour Soccer 2005

·         Samurai Warriors

PSM How To Strategy:

·         Lifeline

·         Seven Samurai 20XX

·         NFL Street

·         Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

PSM How To Codes:

·         NFL Street

·         Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

·         R-Type Final

·         Max Payne 2

·         Wrath Unleashed

·         Mission Impossible: Operation Surma

·         The Sims: Bustin’ Out

PSM Letters

PSM Reset (preview for next month)

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    Title: PSM Issue 83
    Month: April
    Year: 2004
    Publisher: Future
    Editor: Chris Slate
    Pages: 100
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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