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Ultra Game Players Issue 89

ISSUE: 89Content

New for October '96: Nintendo 64 news, Tom Kalinske leaves Sega of America, Bernie Stoler leaves Sony Computer Entertainment of America, GXTV from Samsung, Shareware version of Quake released, Nights/3D Saturn Control pad combo, Crystal Dynamics no longer publishing games

The Japanese Report: Virtua Fighter 3 & Last Bronx released to arcades, Nintendo 64 launch, Tokyo Toy Show

Wiretap: N64 finally arrives, Sony rejects 2D games on PlayStation, New Titles coming to Saturn

The New Fighting Games: Street Fighter Alpha 2, War Gods, Soul Edge, Fighting Vipers, Tobal No. 1, Last Bronx, Bushido Blade, Virtua Fighter 3, Star Gladiator


·         Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Saturn, PlayStation)

·         Burning Road (PlayStation)

·         Area 51 (Saturn, PlayStation)

·         Powerslave (Saturn, PlayStation)

·         Last Bronx (Arcade, Saturn)

·         Destruction Derby 2 (PlayStation, PC)

·         Star Gladiator (PlayStation, Arcade)

·         Die Hard Arcade (Arcade)

·         StarCraft (PC)

·         Fighting Vipers (Saturn)

·         Privateer: The Darkening (PC)

·         Andretti Racing (Saturn, PlayStation)

·         Rocket Journey (PC)

·         Soviet Strike (Saturn, PlayStation)

·         MDK (PC)

·         Perfect Weapon (Saturn, PlayStation)

·         Tobal (PlayStation)

·         Turok (Nintendo 64)

·         VMX Racing (Saturn, PlayStation)

·         Breath of Fire III (PlayStation)

·         Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

New World Gaming: Feature on online gaming for consoles.


·         Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

·         Die Hard Trilogy (PlayStation)

·         Pilot Wings 64 (Nintendo 64)

·         Beyond the Beyond (PlayStation)

·         Quake (PC)

·         Nights (Saturn)

·         Witchaven II (PC)

·         Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)

·         Ridge Racer Evolution (PlayStation)

·         Fire Fight (PC)

·         Project Horned Owl (PlayStation)

·         Decathlete (Saturn)


·         Madden '97 (PlayStation Preview)

·         World Series Baseball II (Saturn Preview)

·         NCAA Gamebreaker (PlayStation Preview)

·         Quarterback Club '97 (Saturn Preview)

·         NHL Powerplay (PC Review)

·         Virtual Open Tennis (Saturn Review)

·         College Football USA '97 (Genesis Review)

·         Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf (PC Review)

 All Access (codes, strategies, tactics):

·         William's Arcade's Greatest Hits (PlayStation)

·         Baku Baku (Saturn)

·         Gun Griffon (Saturn)

·         Tekken 2 (PlayStation)

·         NBA Action (Saturn)

·         Golden Axe: The Duel (Saturn)

·         Warcraft II (PC)

·         Solar Eclipse (Saturn)

·         Nights (Saturn)

·         Ridge Racer Revolution (PlayStation)

·         Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

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    Title: Ultra Game Players Issue 89
    Month: October
    Year: 1996
    Publisher: Imagine Publishing
    Editor: Chris Slate
    Pages: 156
    Price: US - $4.99; Canada - $5.99
    Country: United States
    Language: English
    Votes: 0

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