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  1. I am curious as to what happens when E-Day changes his name, and everything says E-day around here. Will the posts and downloads all change. Scanned by E-day, who is that?
  2. Now thinking my name should be Harry Plopkins!
  3. Fair point, I just had the Torrent announcement showing on the Forums home page, I made it show everywhere now. Not sure if I will keep it that way or find a better way. Its either 1 section or all sections and it looks weird in some areas.
  4. So on this, I wanted to point out a quick note. The feedburner link that I have set to show below each release, is done thru Google without my interaction. But it is really only meant for non members of Retromags. Members of Retromags - They should be using the notification system to stay notified of new releases. Our notification system is very powerful and they can choose whether to be notified off of the posts in the New Release Forum section, or they can be notified off of the Download Manager section, and if they choose the Download Manager section, they can further choose whether they want to be notified of all Nintendo Powers, or All USA magazines. They can also choose whether these notifications just show up when they log into Retromags, or if these notifications send Emails as they happen, or wait until the end of the week to send a summary of all releases that week. Non Members of Retromags - they can use the Feedburner email that fires out at 5PM Eastern USA if a release was put out the day prior.
  5. I too have thought about changing my name here at Retromags. Before I settled on Phillyman I was SmackedAzz and Southprker, I haven't used any of those since around 2002 with AIM.
  6. Only 4 more slots available, then I send the last $600 off to @CIVICMINDED and we draw a winner for the contest
  7. The Download Manager just redirects you guys to, do you get the same issues downloading from there? -Robert
  8. Only 6 more spots available until we draw for a winner. Each of the remaining spots is $50
  9. No, but this is why we have our own Wiki-like section for these types of entries to go into.....and we wont delete them
  10. and with that all 13 issues of Nintendo Power 2009 are preserved!
  11. I still use the ScanSnap, I loves it, I just traded in my dual Canon Lide 110s for a Epson v370
  12. I avoid CIS now too, especially with the neon colors on mags, they just dont come least on the cheaper models. Canon Lide 110 (CIS) EPSON V370 (CCD) Fujitsu IX500 (CIS)
  13. Even though I was never a true fan of the Sega Genesis or Sega in general, I preordered one. Back in the 90s I owned the NES, SNES and GameBoy and then got a Genesis. I never really built up a library for the Genesis because of "The Sega Channel" which was an adapter for the Genesis that hooked up to the coax cable in your house and allowed you to download games to the Genesis and play. Most of it was demos and trials, but what I remember is the following titles..... Altered Beast Comix Zone Sonic 1-3 and Sonic Spinball Vectorman Earthworm Jim Eternal Champions So my experience even to this day is very limited with the Genesis.
  14. I got the specs for the model he has from Amazon and copy pasta'ed it here
  15. no mine is bigger than 8 inches and weighs a tad bit more
  16. 11.9 x 7.99 x 8.4 in 11.02 lbs
  17. If the scanner works, and wont require a ton of money to replace out rollers or whatnot. Let me know what the shipping cost is to get it out to Areala and I will cover it.
  18. I have four now, two of which I need to Craigslist..... Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 (ADF) Epson V370 (Flatbed) Canon LiDE 110 (Flatbed) Canon LiDE 110 (Flatbed) The Canons I need to get rid of, they are just cheapo $50 scanners from back in the day.