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  1. and with that all 13 issues of Nintendo Power 2009 are preserved!
  2. I still use the ScanSnap, I loves it, I just traded in my dual Canon Lide 110s for a Epson v370
  3. I avoid CIS now too, especially with the neon colors on mags, they just dont come least on the cheaper models. Canon Lide 110 (CIS) EPSON V370 (CCD) Fujitsu IX500 (CIS)
  4. Even though I was never a true fan of the Sega Genesis or Sega in general, I preordered one. Back in the 90s I owned the NES, SNES and GameBoy and then got a Genesis. I never really built up a library for the Genesis because of "The Sega Channel" which was an adapter for the Genesis that hooked up to the coax cable in your house and allowed you to download games to the Genesis and play. Most of it was demos and trials, but what I remember is the following titles..... Altered Beast Comix Zone Sonic 1-3 and Sonic Spinball Vectorman Earthworm Jim Eternal Champions So my experience even to this day is very limited with the Genesis.
  5. I got the specs for the model he has from Amazon and copy pasta'ed it here
  6. no mine is bigger than 8 inches and weighs a tad bit more
  7. 11.9 x 7.99 x 8.4 in 11.02 lbs
  8. If the scanner works, and wont require a ton of money to replace out rollers or whatnot. Let me know what the shipping cost is to get it out to Areala and I will cover it.
  9. I have four now, two of which I need to Craigslist..... Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 (ADF) Epson V370 (Flatbed) Canon LiDE 110 (Flatbed) Canon LiDE 110 (Flatbed) The Canons I need to get rid of, they are just cheapo $50 scanners from back in the day.
  10. Lets send it to @Areala along with a few boxes of magazines
  11. I am just behind on moving the dates forward, we still follow the same 10/15 year cutoffs .For defunct magazines like Nintendo Power and GamePro we are up to 2009 (10 years back) for ongoing magazines like OXM we would only preserve up to 2005. Also I will be making a post about this later, but one of the members of Retromags just donated the first 52 issues of OXM to me. So they will be going thru the scanner very soon.
  12. Funny thing is I am still planning on driving to meet E-day this summer and bring him a few boxes of my collection as well It will be about a 9-10 hour drive from DC to Canada, and I was planning on bringing around 300-500 magazines with me.
  13. CivicMinded Donation Drive Contest Slots. Slot #0 ($0 - $50) - Phillyman (Not Participating) Slot #0 ($51 - $100) - Phillyman (Not Participating) Slot #0 ($101 - $150) E-day (Not Participating) Slot #1 ($151 - $200) Hardcorehubz Slot #2 ($201 -$250) Kremdog Slot #3 ($251 - $300) Kremdog Slot #4 ($301 - $350) Ethereal Dragonz Slot #5 ($351 -$400) badinsults Slot #6 ($401 -$450) badinsults Slot #7 ($451 - $500) JhonnyD Slot #8 ($501 - $550) famiconsumer Slot #9 ($551 - $600) famiconsumer Slot #10 ($601 - $650) Rajen17 Slot #11 ($651 - $700) Rajen17 Slot #12 ($701 - $750) Rajen17 Slot #13 ($751 - $800) Rajen17 Slot #14 ($801 - $850) Rajen17 Slot #15 ($851 - $900) Rajen17 Slot #16 ($901 - $950) jonphilmitch Slot #17 ($951 - $1000) perfinpuz Slot #18 ($1001 - $1050) Slot #19 ($1051 - $1100) Slot #20 ($1101 - $1150) Slot #21 ($1151 - $1200) Once Slot #21 is full, I will print off all names, put them in a hat and draw a name. Will post the video on Youtube and here!
  14. I got the donation, very curious about any error messages you guys get. If you remember it let me know, or if anyone else gets an error screen shot it and PM me the image.
  15. So I am going to sweeten the deal, for every $50 donated towards the CivicMinded Donation Goal, you will be entered to win EITHER a brand new Super NT OR a Mega SG! Obviously E-day and Myself are excluded from this contest, so that leaves 21 "Tickets" at $50 each to win one of these new consoles. If you pledge $100 you will have a 2 out of 21 chance of winning your choice of one of these consoles.
  16. Just an incredible mind boggling donation of magazines! This has to be the largest and most diverse magazine lot donation to date. This is also probably the largest migration of USA magazines to Canada in history Any help is appreciated in helping to offset this massive shipment of magazines. I have already pledged $100, and hopefully we can find 11 more members that can also do so. Anyone who pledges $100 or more will be moved to our Eternal Patron group. I am also thankful that E-day could receive these, as my wife would divorce me if this showed up at our doorstep
  17. Official Xbox Magazine, Official Playstation and Official Dreamcast if I remember correctly. Oh and Game Informer!
  18. Yes today is April Fools, but the magazines above are real. No they won't Rick Roll you if you click on them So those are really Retromags releases! They are not going anywhere. The April Fools part was to act as though we got bored with scanning old gaming magazines. The truthful part is that we won't deny someone from posting a non gaming magazine from here on out. I can't say that I will ever scan another skateboarding or doll magazine in the future. I probably won't purchase any either, but if someone is out there and they want to scan the missing 4 issues of Sheep!.......well they have a home here! No we probably won't expand the magazine database or gallery sections, but the Misc section in the Download section will stay for anyone who wishes to use it. It will be fun to see what comes of this, if anything. Anyhow, thanks for the fun today!
  19. Well there is that one member that joined up recently with all the knitting magazines, but I think that collection is only 168 magazines.
  20. Members are encouraged to find the creepiest doll in this magazine and post it in this thread
  21. I bet people think that if they download them, that the covers are those magazines but the insides are more COMPUTE'S I assure you guys, the mags are real!