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  1. 2019 Scan 102 Gonna sneak this guy in there really quick, yeah he is jumping the line, but I really wanted to get this one scanned
  2. The work you have done adding value to Retromags is greatly appreciated, but this project should never take over ones life. Go play some games, go for a hike, enjoy life......magazines can wait
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Reimport, somehow got deleted back on July 2018 Looks a bit low quality, willing to rescan if anyone has a copy or can buy one.
  4. Wasn't gonna say anything, but yeah.....was thinking of you when pulling those
  5. Welcome Phillyman's 100 March 2019 Scans! These will be scans 102 thru 201 I tried to keep them to packs of 10, but threw in some fillers where I couldn't find a tenth magazine.
  6. More Mags bought tonight, saw some Japanese Mags for cheap and a missing Q64
  7. As I am plowing thru magazines, it really sucks when I come across a poster or a wide format magazine like early Official Playstation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine. So I went to eBay to see if I could find a wide format ADF scanner on the cheap and I came across this Fujitsu Fi5650C that says it only has 31,000 pages scanned on the counter. They only want $134 plus $58 shipping, but I am hesitant to pull the trigger on it. It would make scanning some magazines much faster because when I come across a magazine with a trifold or bifold page, I could just send the entire page thru without further cutting it down and that would probably save E-Day on the stitching back together in the editing.!22309!US!-1:rk:2:pf:0
  8. SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter $77.70 via Amazon (Prime Eligible). This still amazes me that we can now fit 400GB on the tip of our finger. This can hold the entire Retromags collection and not take up shelves of space
  9. Strategy Guides are allowed here following the same rules as the magazines. For Prima, they are defunct and we can preserve up to 2009 for defunct guides, if its a company that still produces strategy guides, then we would only preserve up to 2004. If the guide doesn't list what year it was published, then go by the date that game was released in that country. So for a game like Legend of Zelda WindWaker for the GameCube, if the guide is Japanese 2002, if its USA then 2003.
  10. Could be a pet project, somehow converting them to a printable format that works and putting them into the Gallery for people to print out and mess with
  11. A taste of the next 100 magazines to be scanned (50 out of 100)...more details this weekend
  12. EGM Issue 100 is sitting no more than 3 feet from me as I post this. I will see about prepping it out this weekend and putting it thru the scanner I know I have a stack of about 30-50 PSM magazines around here somewhere, as for OPM, I feel like I dont have that many of those.
  13. Oh man, you must have been visiting us way back in the day So yes, way back in the day, I want to say between 2005 and 2007/08 we had a member named 420. He took up the mantle of scanning all the old Nintendo Power Players Guides and he had shared some of those here at Retromags. Back then we also had an Arcade/Casino section on this site where you could play arcade games for virtual points and then take those virtual points and bet them in the Casino for more points. One of the games in the Casino or Arcade paid out huge, and I adjusted it so that a member would not just run the number up and get such an amount of points that would cause issues with the forum trying to display or compute that number. Well when I nerfed that game, 420 got in a pissy mood and got smart with me and he got banned and when he got banned he asked me to remove the Nintendo Guides I had up of his, he took them all over to a private tracker that has since been shut down years ago. So that is what happened, so I am sure some of them are floating around the web, but I would not know where. Now if any one out there has some of these old Nintendo Power Players Guides laying around, or they want to buy a stack of them and send them to me......I will scan them up I just got done scanning 101 magazines this month, so bring on the NPP Guides and I will do those as well PM me if you have any to donate or want to help us gather some. You can also send me eBay gift cards to and let me know that you would like it to go to getting a complete Nintendo Power Guide Collection.... Search for Nintendo Power Players Guides here
  14. 101 Magazines Scanned In February 2019 Scans 96-101
  15. Man GamePros are a time suck with all the inserts, fold outs, posters, comics, trading cards and whatever else they could throw in that mag. One of the GamePros I picked out to scan was too damaged, so I had to throw an EGM2 in the mix to hit my numbers Anywho, I am now up to 95 magazines for February 2019 Scans 84-95
  16. 10 PC Gamers and 10 Computer Games
  17. Picked this weekends workload, this will finish out my 100 for February and then I can start prepping out the next 100 for March!
  18. I do plan on redoing the Nintendo Powers that were done back in 2005-2010, because they are such a horrible quality, a 100 page magazines coming in at 65MB is unforgivable. But hey, back then we were on 80GB hard drives
  19. Just wait until 18 months from now when I ask for you to remaster them
  20. In the home stretch now, up to 83 magazines.....will start poking around piles of magazines for 17 candidates for next weekend to close out my February goal of 100 magazines scanned 2019 Scans 69-83 Also lets check out the counter on my Fujitsu
  21. Scans #54 thru #68 were done today, and tomorrow I will aim to end the day at over 80 magazines scanned for February. I noticed that I am actually running out of preprepped magazines from that initial 100 post in this thread. So in order to hit my goal of 100 magazines scanned this month, I will need to grab some other magazines and prep them out for tomorrow and next week. 2019 Scans 54-68
  22. Correct, time gets away from me quickly and with a toddler and I have to keep things like this hidden away. Which is why they are stored in bins like this...... and as an extra guard, I have nylon straps (think like a book bag) that go around these to keep the lids on. These guys just got buried under toddler toys and other crap, but I am seriously tired of having magazines in every corner of my home, so that is why 2019 is the year that I burn out this Fujitsu Scansnap. Once that bin with the Computes is completely scanned (about 50% done now) that plastic bin of loose pages will head off to my storage unit and I will drop by Staples to buy another one to fill
  23. And today we pass the 50% mark of my 100 scan goal for February 2019 Scans 33-53