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  1. I shall dub this new feature...... At a glance! What is Phillyman talking about? Well have you ever strolled into our Magazine database and wondered......How close is Retromags to completing this section? Well ask no longer! I give you AT A GLANCE!!!!! Now the status tags from a particular category will tally themselves up into the corner. Giving you insight into how complete that section is The best part is once a magazine is fully preserved, it just cleanly lets you know because only values that are greater than zero records will show. EDIT: Actually there are three clean situations I see. A category is completely missing any scans, it is completely preserved, or it is not allowed at all. Every other situation is a work in progress for that category.
  2. Interesting, let me check the bug fixes for this months version and see if it is addressed, if not I can start a ticket with the developers
  3. It is is the mail as of an hour ago. ETA is Thursday
  4. I have them with me, and am shipping them up to E-day for scanning. Looks like another person sent in the same issue, they just did not know you sent them to me. The others should credit you. -Phillyman
  5. The goal was.... 1 Large Torrent of Everything.... Then a yearly torrent every January 1st each year, with the previous years releases. Then every 5 years, we wrap it back up into 1 large Torrent and do it again. 2021 Torrent got missed and I have been meaning to get it done, but I got laid off of my job and my number 1 goal was getting a job. 2022 Torrent got missed because I had a second kid and started a new job and needed to put time towards both of those.
  6. I will try to get this done soon, its just been busy for me the last few months. But I want to make sure the torrents we serve here are correct and complete, so we dont have more questions and tickets
  7. I think you have to pay to see downloads over there. I could be wrong though.
  8. New Release - The Team Sega Newsletter Issue 4 (Fall 1988) https://t.co/tdF0Nq5hfR https://t.co/Bt9UObgJb4
  9. Yay! More sports from RetroMAGS!

    NHL PowerPlay Vol. 2 No. 1 (September-October 1996) https://t.co/JReZb9SZK3
    Score… https://t.co/u13GWVB2w1
  10. @TheRealZophar And you copied the image from their site and reposted to Twitter......
  11. Updated Release - GamePro Issue 37 (August 1992) https://t.co/0uZfJ1RV3N
  12. https://t.co/bQooCjzmzG
  13. Updated Release - GamePro Issue 36 (July 1992) https://t.co/ixn0fHIZvC
  14. Updated Release - GamePro Issue 35 (June 1992) https://t.co/aRoHNc1S8R
  15. Happy Mother's Day! https://t.co/un0G0niHgD
  16. Back in my day this was where the instructions were kept, now it's the receipt holder 😭 https://t.co/DctYHTEN0e
  17. Updated Release - GamePro Issue 30 (January 1992) https://t.co/hYrLOcrMAN
  18. Marconi plays the mamba
  19. @NES_Professor walking off the COVID 40lbs I gained. Might treat myself with a Virtual Boy as a reward!
  20. https://t.co/X38mfa5TPq
  21. Updated Release - GamePro Issue 29 (December 1991) https://t.co/EsdXl6sYk8
  22. @RetroGamer_Mag Well, I started off with Nintendo Power, GamePro and EGM back in the 80s/90s, and then by 2005 I st… https://t.co/vieQeXhntP
  23. @NES_Professor after the edges, you are going to do some lawn pixel art.....right?
  24. @BlueBloodsBlue @replicantpinky Or I could just go back in time and fix the mistake of not buying a ton of Google s… https://t.co/Wd660GyA6l
  25. @replicantpinky Red door will just lead to the IRS locking me on tax evasion.
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