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  1. New Image: XBOX The Official Magazine Issue 154 September 2017

  2. New Image: G. Darius (Japan)

  3. Magazine Donation?

    I am pretty positive I have both of those issues. The entire run of Nintendo Power is on my list to be redone. Most of them were scanned over 10 years ago and we can do a much better job now. Back in 2012/13 I bought a stack of 100+ Nintendo Power magazines, just need to find which one of the boxes they got off to
  4. What are some deleted scenes from movies, that you believe should have been left in the movie. Maybe it was a kick ass scene, or it helped clear up the story. Number 1 on my list..... Black Speech of Mordor. This scene just kicks ass, it shows more to the sway the ring had over Boramir and just how awesome Gandalf is......scene just rocks!
  5. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    On the inventory side, I expect to get my asset tags by this weekend. I had the guy make a change to the asset tags so I could cover both magazines and guides. By appending a 3 character code to the front of the barcode I can differentiate between magazines and strategy guides. I chose a 6 digit code so that I never have to repeat a number. At the moment I have ordered 3000 magazine barcodes and 1000 strategy guide barcodes. Still in the process of writing a small graphical interface to give me a quick and easy way to fill out a form and hit submit as I go magazine by magazine. I haven't decided if I want to have one giant .CSV file with everything inside, or have it write out individual CSV files for each publication. EDIT: Not my worst script but it works Which outputs a CSV file....
  6. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Next Generation Issue 020 August 1996 COMPLETED! ETA = June 14/15 2007
  7. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Good call, I will PM @KiwiArcader a list of what I have and let him know they are next on my list.
  8. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Man I am not even sure I should show you the next pile after these mags get scanned......ah what the hell....lets see if you can figure out what they are
  9. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Fixed Prepped some more magazines for my massive scan
  10. Tech Gian Issue 81

  11. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    The following magazines were prepped over the weekend for scanning. It will probably take me 4-5 weeks to scan thru all of these. You may see issues beyond our cutoff date, these will be released in the future.
  12. Q64?

    6 of these are slated for preservation later in the week Not sure how many exist.
  13. If my scanner could accept the extra wide magazines I would take them. I always send my larger format magazines off to Marktrade.
  14. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Tips and Tricks No Issue number on the front, just a month and year, then the next month..... So in that regard if we count backwards from the #46 Zelda cover above, and we find exactly 45 previous issues....I say they are technically issues 1-45. But I am one voice, and there is a reason for an odd number of Admins
  15. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Nope I am not opposed to change, just tonight while I was in the shower I was thinking of you kitsunebi77. I was deep in thought thinking "I should dump the database to categorized CSV files that could easily be manipulated to fix the faux issue numbers where we want". Anyhow, yes many entries will go to v#, i#.......some will go to pure M/Y. The thought I have is, if a magazine starts off not listing issue numbers, and then puts issue numbers, and the number equals the previous issues, shouldnt we consider that them considering those issues as numbered?
  16. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    @Melki - GamePro March 2002 is the first one thru the scanner. May take an hour or so to upload to OneDrive from the NAS. Others will follow tomorrow.