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    Nintendo Power Prizes

    From the album: Retromags 2014 Prizes

    Five of the 52 Random Weekly Prizes for the Retromags 2014 Contest! Left to Right, Top to Bottom Nintendo Power Issue 53 Nintendo Power Issue 1 Nintendo Power Issue 49 Nintendo Power Issue 46 Nintendo Power Issue 51
  2. I am done with Cox Cable....moving to Verizon Fios and will have 10x faster internet, no data caps and save $40 a month!

  3. Support Magazines!!!! Even if they aren't vidya games 104 Issues (2 Years) of Time for $10!
  4. You know what the worst part of coming into DC is? All these homeless people shaking their cups of quarters at me as I walk by. Thanks asshole I know you have more money than me, no need to rub it in!!!

  5. Phillyman

    Pretty much the story of my life.....

    Oh I know, just hard to stop ordering new stacks of old mags

  7. So the baker put a 2 on Olivia's cake, the other baker dropped our mini cup cakes and had to replace them with full size cup cakes. Then the driver that was delivering the food for the party, called that he was going to be late due to a car accident. Other than that, we made it thru the 3rd Birthday Party! 😂❤️🎂🎉

  8. Prima Games, the publishing company that has printed video game strategy guides since it was founded in 1990, is shutting down, parent company DK said yesterday. The label will no longer publish new guides starting now, and it will officially shutter in the spring. Thanks to the rise of sites like GameFAQs—and major gaming publications like IGN commissioning their own online guides, which bring in monstrous amounts of traffic—print strategy guides have struggled for years now. In 2015, Prima purchased and swallowed its biggest competitor, BradyGames, and has been consistently churning out guides for both print and the web, but it wasn’t enough to survive what the company called “a significant decline” in the world of print video game guides. Anyone who grew up devouring old strategy guides will no doubt feel bummed out about this. But in a world where video games are changing constantly, through patches and updates, print guides can be out-of-date before they even hit the shelves. At least we’ll always have Final Fantasy IX. Sauce
  9. Sarah Huckabee Sanders releases new video of Jim Acosta's attack the other day!

  10. Poor Liv is scared of the skeletons , so we are going to the butterfly exhibit 🦋

  11. Blue wave checking in!

  12. Jasenka Drincic Reeves got a birthday shout out for Olivia this morning on the radio! ❤️🎉🎊🎂

  13. Tonight I told Olivia that tomorrow is her birthday. She points up at the wall and says "birthday letters".....and I am confused for a minute or two.....then I figured it out, she was pointing to where we normally hang the Happy Birthday sign. Such a smart girl, we haven't had them hung up since my b-day in July.

  14. Awww man, and I just got on....

  15. Phillyman

    Auctions Won By Retromags

    This thread will serve to keep members updated with what we have acquired, Any members that wish to go onto Ebay and bid on magazines to send to us to scan is also welcome to post any auctions they win Remember, that if you wish to get a Premium Membership to this website, you can do so by helping out scanning, editing, distributing or donating money or magazines. Depending on the age of the magazine you will be credited a Premium Membership as follows! Each video game magazine donated that is 1997-2001 counts as 2 weeks as a Premium member! Each video game magazine donated that is 1992-1996 counts as 1 month as a Premium member! Each video game magazine donated that is before 1992 counts as 2 months as a Premium member! Any help is appreciated in keeping this project alive!
  16. Phillyman

    Auctions Won By Retromags

    Won the first issue of PSX Magazine!
  17. Phillyman

    Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    In the past yes, I have discarded loose pages after scanning them. These days I do not, I instead put them back into a magazine bag loose, then put them into a plastic banker box, and once that plastic banker box is filled, I take it to my storage unit, and it goes on a shelf, that is covered with a boat tarp (just in case my storage unit has a leak). Each banker box is labeled and has a cheat sheet of all the loose magazines inside. Plus I have a spreadsheet online that tracks this as well.
  18. Phillyman

    Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Next Generation Issue 020 August 1996 COMPLETED! ETA = June 14/15 2007
  19. Phillyman

    Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    So yes Project Files would refer to the raw unedited scans fresh from a scanner. I want things to mesh up between the Magazine Database and the QNAP NAS. Right now you can see that we have different naming schemes, just want to bring things into one way. I am not saying that we are letting go of editing magazines. What I am saying is that my 10 year dream of having 20 users who can scan, edit and release 1 magazine per month will probably never happen. That would equate out to 240 new releases per year or a new release every 36 hours. Rather than try to find energetic users who own old magazines, willing to possibly destroy them, willing to scan them, have a decent photo editing software, willing to edit each image, willing to compile them into a release, willing to upload them here. Well I am saying.... I am energetic I have old magazines I am willing to destroy them I am willing to scan them When I have time or need a break from scanning, I am willing to edit them. The last parts of compiling and uploading are very light tasks, so if someone is willing to edit, they are probably fine creating a zip, renaming it, and uploading it. I am tight on space at the moment, so if I can mass create 5000+ USA folders for my raw scans, and chop apart magazines and just come home each night and feed a few thru the scanner and drop them in place. Well I am hoping that we can find a few users that own a Photoshop subscription and can assist with cleaning up the scans. Which it should be much easier to find users with photo editing software/skills, than someone with stacks of old gaming magazines and a willingness to scan them. Plus pipes break, fires start all the time, I would rather have the magazines scanned into a digital format, rather than waiting for a disaster to strike.
  20. Phillyman

    Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    I got thinking the other night on how I could use the Magazine Database to help structure the project files. It always slows me down a bit to create each folder one at a time, so I extracted the information from the database and wrote a script to mirror the file structure locally on my computer/NAS. I can technically take it one step further and have this script pull down a small thumbnail of each magazine from our Gallery for reference. But this helps when I am scanning tons of magazine covers, I will have a place to drop each of the files. Once I clean up this tiny script I will release it for other Team Members to use as well. I just need to have it clean up characters that can't exist in Windows folder names like slashes and periods.
  21. Matthew W. Groves and I needed one of these when we worked at Mount Vernon! Was never fun to be on your hands and knees laying down 50ft of tape on top of network and power cords in the meeting rooms before a presentation.

  22. Me: Olivia how old are you
    Liv: THREE!
    Me: How old is mommy?
    Liv: FOUR!
    Me: How old is Daddy?
    Liv: NINE!

  23. For over 10 years Retromags has contributed to the Folding@Home project. Each day our computers sit for hours powered on doing nothing but sitting idle. What if we could leverage those unused CPU cycles to put towards finding cures for Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson’s and Cancer? This video explains how your computer can assist in finding cures (much better than I ever could). Anyhow, for the past 10 years I have sat at the top of the leader board for our Team Stats page. No one has been able to dethrone me and thus I am issuing a challenge.... The first person to unseat me from the number 1 spot on the Retromags Team Stats (54458) page, will win a $250 Amazon Gift Card (Digital Delivery). I don't think any of you guys will even get close, but it will bring me great amusement to watch some try The stats are stack-able, so if you install the Folding@Home client onto all your home computers and enter our Team #54458 into each client, all of the work units will be counted towards your username. There are only two rules.... Your username must match the username you use here. You can not install the Folding@Home client onto workstations you do not own! It would be cheating if you were the IT staff for a huge company and just installed the client onto 250 workstations. You can see our stats page here.. Good Luck! Start Folding!