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  1. New Image: Amiga CD32 Gamer Issue 04 September 1994

  2. Today while at work I decided rather than listening to IHeartRadio in the background.....that I would fire up Youtube and watch someone longplay F-Zero for the SNES. Well that got me thinking, when the heck was the last time a F-Zero game dropped out? So I went to WikiPedia and confirmed that the GBA games were the last ones. How has Nintendo just sat on the F-Zero franchise for 12+ years? Even a redo of the older F-Zero titles (think Super Mario All-Stars) would be something! So what are some franchises that you are waiting for a new title to finally come out?
  3. If I had the money.....and space!
  4. Next Generation Issue 020 August 1996 COMPLETED! ETA = June 14/15 2007
  5. Anyone will be able to upload files to the QNAP. Even if I manage to kick ass this year and scan 1000 magazines on my own. My average scan is coming out to about 1-2GB per magazine, so I will only chew up about 2TB of space. Users are more then welcome to upload their own unedited content to the QNAP. Or they can just send me a DVD/FlashDrive with the files and I will dump them onto the unit that way.
  6. This is where the QNAP comes into play. Any of the 3 administrators can create a special link to any folder on this device. So if a user comes forward and says they want to edit Nintendo Power Issue 150, we can give that user a link to grab those unedited files. After they edited a magazine they would be promoted to Team Member and could retrieve any additional issues themselves.
  7. I will be marking everything I scanned as "Scanning" and putting a status note on those issues that I have already scanned said magazine. Pictured below is just two of the main locations I have my utility room and on the side of my desk. I also have two stacks next to my couch, one banker box in my bedroom, one behind the couch and 5 banker boxes in the back of my car. So yeah, I need to convert them to digital images
  8. At the moment 90% of the 1900+ magazines I have right now are in cardboard banker boxes, or stacked on a shelf in a utility room off to the side of my balcony. This is a very small room, maybe 5ft by 5ft? Its almost impossible at this point with a child for me to move this collection indoors to sort it out and organize it. The collection is so big that even just putting all those 1900 magazines into magazine bags with backing boards would increase the storage needs by about 2.5 additional banker boxes. I have a storage unit, but I do not trust it with magazines that have not been scanned. So I am going to start working my way thru stacks of magazines. Grab a pile of magazines, are these already preserved? No, ok chop, scan and store the digitalized pages on the QNAP. The loose pages get put into plastic banker boxes and once it reaches capacity I number said box and send it off to my storage unit. If rain leaks thru the roof of the storage unit I won't be screwed (most likely I will wrap said plastic banker boxes in heavy duty garbage bags for additional protection). However if a scanned page needs to redone, ok.....I can stop at the storage unit on my way home from work and snag it from the box. The added benefit is that as I grab stacks of magazines I will start running into duplicates, triplicates and even magazines that I may own 4 or 5 copies of. Those magazines can be listed on here or eBay for sale, and the funds can go back into a slush fund to acquire magazines that we need to complete out sets. Perhaps after I scan 400-500 magazines I will get bored and then go back and start editing them over the next decade
  9. New Image: 110% Gaming Issue 032 March 2017

  10. Let me rephrase, I can chop 30 mags on the weekend, and then over the course of that week I can run a few a day thru my scanner. I use a microfiber cloth every 20 pages or so. I have not noticed any dust lines thus far.
  11. In order to move quicker thru stacks of magazines, I have decided to invest into a professional guillotine paper cutter. I did some research and settled on the following item.... It arrived this past weekend and it just cuts thru magazines like a hot knife thru butter. The only complaint I have is that it weighs around 40lbs so its a beast to move around. Now on the weekends I will be able to chop thru 20-30 magazines with ease and then just continuously feed the pages thru my Fujitsu IX500. This is the final item I needed to buy. At this point I now have the guillotine to debind, the IX500 to scan and the QNAP with dual 6TB drives (RAID 1) to store. Also I would like to thank @Hudson187 for donating like 50-70 magazines toward the cause. I will make short work of them with the items above. While some of the stuff you sent is a little newer than we can currently provide, I will still get them processed for release at a later date.
  12. New Image: 3DO Magazine UK Issue 03 Spring 1995

  13. Easy we open up
  14. Ok, so the tl;dr version We are going to move towards using actual magazine numbering schemes. I want to get us away from faking "issue" numbers to replace out Volume X, Number X. So what does that mean, well for magazines like Nintendo Power, they will stay the same "Nintendo Power Issue 100" however for magazines like "DieHard GameFan Issue 2" it will be renamed "DieHard GameFan Volume 1, Issue 2" So that gives you two fields.... Issue Number Alternative Number I can turn on and off fields by category now, so I can make the "Issue" field invisible within Gamefan, and make the "Alternative Number" field invisible within Nintendo Power. That is where the trouble begins, because the entire Database is sorted by "Issue" number when you go into a category. So If I make "Issue" number invisible, users can't fill it in, and the system will not know how to sort the records. If we change it to sort on "title", then the SQL sorting issue kicks in and we need to start prefixing two digit numbers with a leading we do in the Gallery and Download Manager. So easiest thing to do is create a new field type called "Sort", make it a number field up to 999. Then do a mass SQL copy of the existing Issue numbers into it, then we can start using alternative numbering. I will make it so that only Staff and DB Moderators have control over the sorting at first, and then might give Team Members the ability to edit as well. But honestly for like 99% of the records....once sorted, no one will need to adjust them.
  15. I ended up making the field an INT which has a max size of -2147483648 to 2147483648