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  1. New Image: GameLand 287 July 2009

  2. New Image: GameLand 239 July 2007

  3. New Image: GameLand 166 July 2004

  4. New Image: GameLand 134 March 2003

  5. New Image: GameLand 092 June 2001

  6. Since we have a bump in traffic, where should we start filling in holes first?
  7. New Image: N-Revolution Issue 25 July 2008

  8. If I had the money.....and space!
  9. FYI I have about 10 or so of these......somewhere!
  10. M-Rated Edition cover:
  11. New Image: ST Format Issue 084 July 1996

  12. Back in November 2015 when my daughter was born, I started looking into ways to control items remotely. Due to the fact that I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, our daughters crib is in the room with us. Anyone who has kids knows, when they are want them to stay sleeping . So I went out and bought a IP based webcam so that we could monitor her from our Iphones/Ipads without constantly opening the bedroom door and risking waking her up. Well sometimes we would put her down to sleep, and forget to turn on the white noise machine, or turn off a lamp in the bedroom. I remembered these types of devices existed.... But these are very limited, they work great for something like Christmas lights that should come on at the same time each day and turn off at a certain time. I needed something that could be controlled via an App, so it could be turned on and off at will. So I came across these devices..... Very simple device, where you connect it to your home wifi, and then you can set a schedule for devices to turn on and off. You can also manually turn them on and off thru an app on the Iphone/Ipad. So I originally got two of these, but unfortunately the noise machine when powered back on from power loss goes to a heart beat, rather than just white noise. So I put one of these on the lamp in the bedroom, and another on our box fan. This way if I lay down on my bed for a few moments and fall asleep....the lamp in the bedroom will turn off at midnight and the fan will turn on to drown out any outside noise. When Xmas rolled around, I bought a third one and had our Christmas lights turn on at 5PM and off at Midnight. Everything was great.... Then those damn commercials for Amazon Echo started playing, and I was like.....Yeah, I need a little hockey puck in my living room to answer random questions for me! So I bought one of them and set it up..... You could ask Alexa fun things, like to tell you the news for the day, or what the current weather is. Then I realized that Alexa could integrate with the Smart Plugs above. Oh that is when everything changed.....Now rather than looking for my phone and opening up the App, I could simply say "Alexa, turn off the bedroom light" and poof it happened. Before I knew it I had 2 more Amazon Echo's for the bedroom and bathroom. Now I had full coverage of the Apartment and could state a command in each room and one of the three Echo's would respond. I then went further down the rabbit hole, and started looking into more of the TP-Link line up. I came across the TP-Smart Switches, now I am not an electrician, but they were pretty easy to install..... I ended up buying two of these and installing them in the dinning room and kitchen. Again they integrated with the Amazon Echo and worked just like the plugs. Now I could control the dinning room and kitchen lights with voice commands. This also came in handy because of how dark my apartment is when I come home at night. I was frequently stepping on items Olivia had left out, all while trying to reach the dinning room light. Now I could schedule the lights in my home to turn on at 5:30, right before I get home each day. Well I didn't stop there, I kept researching the TP-Link products.....and I found that they had wifi enabled bulbs! Now your asking, but you already have the lights being controlled by smart switches and the lamps by smart plugs.....why these? Well I ended up taking the smart plug off of the bedroom light and changing it to work off of a smart bulb. Going back to my daughter being in the same room, it was just too bright when the lamp would come on. So the above bulbs can still be scheduled to come on and off at specific times, however you can also control their brightness from 1-100. The bulb with the blue bottom has dimming and also changes the color of the light depending on the time of day. In the mornings the light is yellow, and as the day goes to night, the light turns more bluish to help promote sleep. This really helps with getting Olivia down at bed time, as we don't have a 60W bulb at full blast while reading books to her. We have the light set to be dim and blue at night so we can get her down more quickly Now the green bottom bulb, doesn't do the yellow/blue light settings, but still does the dimming and scheduling. So I bought one of those for the bathroom and now when I wake up for work in the morning, I have a nice soft light to get ready with, rather than a retina burning regular bulb in the bathroom. The best part of all this, is you can create groups. So I have a group called "All Lights" and when I say "Alexa, Turn off All lights".....the two smart switches turn off, the two smart bulbs kick off, an the smart plug for the Xmas lights turn off. Oh and the Alexa Echo's pair up with Bluetooth speakers, so the one in the living room is hooked up to our Bose speakers, and the one in the bathroom is hooked up to this..... Yeah I bought a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the shower. So I can hop into the shower and ask Alexa to play music. Awesome little device, and you can either ask Alexa to skip to the next song or turn up the volume......or you can use the buttons on the side of the unit to do the same thing. Now I am starting to do research into the Logitech Harmony Remotes, which also tie into the Amazon Echo, and should allow me to change the TV channels by just requesting them
  13. Next Generation Issue 020 August 1996 COMPLETED! ETA = June 14/15 2007
  14. New Image: Amiga CD32 Gamer Issue 04 September 1994

  15. Today while at work I decided rather than listening to IHeartRadio in the background.....that I would fire up Youtube and watch someone longplay F-Zero for the SNES. Well that got me thinking, when the heck was the last time a F-Zero game dropped out? So I went to WikiPedia and confirmed that the GBA games were the last ones. How has Nintendo just sat on the F-Zero franchise for 12+ years? Even a redo of the older F-Zero titles (think Super Mario All-Stars) would be something! So what are some franchises that you are waiting for a new title to finally come out?
  16. Anyone will be able to upload files to the QNAP. Even if I manage to kick ass this year and scan 1000 magazines on my own. My average scan is coming out to about 1-2GB per magazine, so I will only chew up about 2TB of space. Users are more then welcome to upload their own unedited content to the QNAP. Or they can just send me a DVD/FlashDrive with the files and I will dump them onto the unit that way.
  17. This is where the QNAP comes into play. Any of the 3 administrators can create a special link to any folder on this device. So if a user comes forward and says they want to edit Nintendo Power Issue 150, we can give that user a link to grab those unedited files. After they edited a magazine they would be promoted to Team Member and could retrieve any additional issues themselves.
  18. I will be marking everything I scanned as "Scanning" and putting a status note on those issues that I have already scanned said magazine. Pictured below is just two of the main locations I have my utility room and on the side of my desk. I also have two stacks next to my couch, one banker box in my bedroom, one behind the couch and 5 banker boxes in the back of my car. So yeah, I need to convert them to digital images
  19. At the moment 90% of the 1900+ magazines I have right now are in cardboard banker boxes, or stacked on a shelf in a utility room off to the side of my balcony. This is a very small room, maybe 5ft by 5ft? Its almost impossible at this point with a child for me to move this collection indoors to sort it out and organize it. The collection is so big that even just putting all those 1900 magazines into magazine bags with backing boards would increase the storage needs by about 2.5 additional banker boxes. I have a storage unit, but I do not trust it with magazines that have not been scanned. So I am going to start working my way thru stacks of magazines. Grab a pile of magazines, are these already preserved? No, ok chop, scan and store the digitalized pages on the QNAP. The loose pages get put into plastic banker boxes and once it reaches capacity I number said box and send it off to my storage unit. If rain leaks thru the roof of the storage unit I won't be screwed (most likely I will wrap said plastic banker boxes in heavy duty garbage bags for additional protection). However if a scanned page needs to redone, ok.....I can stop at the storage unit on my way home from work and snag it from the box. The added benefit is that as I grab stacks of magazines I will start running into duplicates, triplicates and even magazines that I may own 4 or 5 copies of. Those magazines can be listed on here or eBay for sale, and the funds can go back into a slush fund to acquire magazines that we need to complete out sets. Perhaps after I scan 400-500 magazines I will get bored and then go back and start editing them over the next decade