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  1. Great news! I got my May/June EGM issue today! I haven't read it yet. But at least there is still hope that EGM is still alive. I have been a subscriber since 1990 and never missed an issue (other than the time EGM closed down for a year). So no one would be more sad than me if they shut down again.
  2. I take that back. Nintendo Power is still around. But it is no longer being published by Nintendo themselves (now by Future US). So I feel it's not the same.
  3. I'm still looking for my May/June issue in the mail. Usually, it gets here mid-month. For example, the last issue (March/April) got here around March 14. It's way past that now. So who knows. The EGM print edition may be dead at this point. Their egmnow.com and egmmag.com web sites are still up. But the online mag (egmmag.com) has stopped coming out since March. That used to be a weekly deal. Then it went monthly. Now it's a no show for a couple of months. I had high hopes for EGM's comeback. But not looking good anymore. Game Informer is the only old magazine left (mags that came out in the 1990s or late 1980s) due to Gamestop's takeover. Otherwise, it would be dead too. Seems like the UK video game magazine market is getting larger though (Edge, Retrogamer, and system specific ones). All high quality productions. I will update if I get in my May/June 2012 issue of EGM.
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