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  1. Sorry, I uploaded the file, it's there, I created the hash from the right file, but somehow the wrong one is linked and I can't figure out how to edit it.
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    Official Xbox Magazine Issue 1 (December 2001)
  3. Retromags Presents! Official Xbox Magazine Issue 1 (December 2001) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: VGBounceHouse Edited By: VGBounceHouse Uploaded By: VGBounceHouse Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!
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    Electronic Games Issue 25 (May 1984)
  5. I edited the Official Xbox Magazine Issue 1 entry along with the Electronic Games issue. The link to download Electronic Games from my site appeared but not for OXM. The link is: Xbox Magazine Issue 1 (December 2001).cbz The final archive includes the sleeve which I named so it would appear after the pages but before the Retromags page.
  6. Thanks E-Day! I grabbed the updated support images. I'm gonna tweak the Official Xbox Magazine archive to remove the cards and add the sleeve. In the meantime I finished one that had been on the burner far too long, Electronic Games Issue 25, March 1984: I tried to follow the instructions to upload but couldn't get them to work. I thought I could just go to then issue and upload it there but the Edit button doesn't seem to have the option. I made a Retromags-style CBZ and made it available here: Games Issue 25 (March 1984).cbz You can view the issue on my site here: I'll play around some more and once I've got it figured out I'll do the OXM release.
  7. I have finished Official Xbox Magazine, Issue 1, December 2001. I want to prepare a proper RetroMags version and after comments here I still have a couple of questions. The issue is viewable here: with a direct download of the CBZ here: You'll immediately notice how much brighter this issue is than the other one I finished, and nothing different was done during the scanning/editing process. Both copies of the other issue were still bagged so the darkness of that one seems tied to the printing. As for questions: my CBZ is 300dpi as usual, should I scale it to some fixed pixel standard? If not should I scale the RetroMags trailer page to match my pages? Do I need to overlay subscription cards on a normal-sized page as I've done occasionally and I've seen in archives here? Right now they are cropped to size and scaled to 300dpi as usual so they don't match the height of the other images: I also scanned Demo Disc sleeve: Should I include this? I also scanned the disc but it's essentially useless. If it looked as it appeared on Page 119 I could work with it, but the black in that image is just a dull silver on my disc. After originally posting I forgot about my scanning process. Im knew my scanner could grab "clean" text so I ran some tests and assembled them into a single PSD for comparison sake. You can download it here: The "problem" boils down to scanning method. I know many people would think of a magazine as a "Document", and my software has a Document mode. I use Photo mode as it captures the color gradiations closer to how we see ads, artwork and photos in magazines. Even the clean scan in Document mode gets heavily anti-aliased just by running Descreening which is essential for images. Anti-aliasing is also introduced by the page straightening process. Theoretically I could double scan and merge the cleaner text from Document mode with the imagery from Photo mode, however I find the pages easily readable on an iPad with not zooming. I've asked my followers on Twitter and the common response was they had to zoom in real far to even see the anti-aliasing on the text. Hope everyone's having a great week! Chris
  8. I have the scanner software set to Unsharp Mask Medium and Descreening set for Magazine (133lpi I Believe) otherwise no settings changes. Do you recommend something different? What Brightness and Sharpening did you do? I'd like to try the settings and run a batch to see the difference particularly on the advertising. I can then prepare a new CBZ and we can decide whether that's worth sharing.
  9. Someone else must have edited the files in my original CBZ files. In my XBN archive the pages are 2460x3070. In my OXM archive they are 2391x3131. It wasn't fun lol but I converted my files back to JPG 9 and the downloads now reflect this: If you guys prefer I can adjust my action and build versions that are at 2200px tall. Should I do this? Yeah, I started in the print world and am used to Lines Per Inch which has no real Dots Per Inch analog, much like 4K movies versus 35MM film. I guess I stick to DPI as scanners typically use that measure at like standard units it's an easy talking point, 72dpi or 96dpi screen, 300dpi print, 600dpi scan etc. Again sorry for all the mess. Let me know about the 2200px height resize and I'll run it, otherwise my currently available CBZs are ready to go for the most part.
  10. Okay, my bad again, I re-checked the guide and it shows saving at JPG 9 which is what I had done before. Now back to re-exporting them all again. I only do a single resize before save. My Action crops the facing pages 600dpi original, resizes to 300dpi, then saves the JPG. If you get the chance to look at the archive with the TIF scans and PSD edits and notice something I should be doing differently please let me know and I'll batch them again. As for the OXM definitely not gray paper or wear, but dark and thin paper. If you reenable the brightness/contrast layer using the guide's suggested settings you'll see far more bleed. I use black paper on the scanner hood as recommended but this particular issue is just a lower grade stock and it shows.
  11. Good morning everyone! First, I have to apologize for being lazy. I've been so focused on the needs of my Xbox Documentary that I wasn't thinking about the procedures here, it had been so long I figured someone else would just point out mistakes and I'd go from there rather than looking things up or remembering my past work. The softness levels you may have seen are most assuredly tied to me saving at JPG 9 instead of 12. I did this to fall under restrictions on social media sites where I was sharing work in progress as part of my daily updates on the documentary. I have gone ahead an re-saved both XBN and OXM at JPG 12 and created new CBZs which are significantly larger: As for your kind offer kitsunebi77 I have created a ZIP with 6 TIFFs and 3 PSDs of each issue used to generated the JPGs. I have also included the same for OXM Issue 1 to show that this particular issue of OXM that seems "dark" really is. If you look at the stub page here you'll see the paervasive darkness even in the reds. I have 2 copies of the issue and they are equally dark. Here's is the archive with the pages, which include adjustment layers following the Retromags guide (though the Brightness/Contrast adjustment isn't active as it seemed to lessen the image quality based on my source scan and eyeballing): All pages are equal height except for the subscription cards as I didn't do that overlay effect some of you do. Since these are loose it didn't seem to make sense but I could overlay them on a blank background. I start with my 600dpi scan and reduce to 300dpi and save to JPG there without regard to pixels. In this case the XBN issue is 3070 pixels high, while OXM is 3131. If it's preferable to lock the height it's easy enough for me to adjust my Action and export again. Please let me know. Thanks again for the patience and I promise to take what I've learned/been reminded of here when I finish up OXM Issue 1 in a couple of days. Chris
  12. Thanks so much MigJmz! I'd happily prepare proper CBZs but I've been out of the loop so long I'm not sure of the changes. Before the max size of pages was around 200dpi and file naming was a bit of a mystery. Are there updated guidelines somewhere for me to follow? I haven't finished scanning OXM Number 1 but I have used the hairdryer method to separate the issue and have scanned some of it. Working on some early edits to confirm page size. Here's how the inner cover ad turned out: Edit: looks like my 72dpi version doesn't pass muster like the above covers so here's a link to the 300dpi version:
  13. I've posted updates in my Xbox Documentary topic but in case that title is less likely to browse I wanted to share updates here. I have 2 magazines ready to go... Official Xbox Magazine, March, 2004 You can preview all the pages and download the 300dpi CBZ here: Xbox Nation (XBN) Issue 2, Spring 2002 You can preview all the pages and download the 300dpi CBZ here: I'd love to contribute them. The OXM issue is still marked "Not Allowed". Both archives need the Retromags leadout image and well as resizing the pages from 300dpi to the Retromags standard. I am currently working on OXM Issue 1 and hope to have it finished early next week.
  14. I ended up altering my adjustments layer and think the issue came out great. An updated 300dpi CBZ is now available: I have finished 2 more scans. One is for Game Informer which if I remember correctly can't be hosted here. December 2004 Game Informer 300dpi scan pages and CBZ download: The other one I finished is Xbox Nation, Issue 2, Spring 2002, available here: I ran into an issue I'm curious for fgeedback on in XBN. Some people know that I'm focused on the original graphic artists intent which is why I work from hairdryer separated perfect binding and in facing pages mode. As always with perfect binding you have to deal with overlap meant to be hidden by the binding, or missing content done when the magazine is of a different size than an ad was designed for and they try to hide the missing bits in the fold. Here's a case where the overlap was messed up and part of the image was printed on both sides. The first image is an edit of the original, the second where the center image is edited to show the proper image. It has a big impact on white space but otherwise is preferable. I've included the original in the CBZ for now, but what would you do? I'm off to work on Issue 1 of Official Xbox Magazine, December 2001. If any of these 3 that I've finished recently are wanted here I can make the necessary changes to the CBZs for upload. Chris
  15. I also meant to shill my documentary too I have the 3 Microsoft Game Catalogs up there. Because there is no major white, or better still, base white paper, those really pop with the standard edits.
  16. I wanted to show some comparisons to try and find where things are changing the most. It appears the lowering of brightness and contrast is the biggest culprit. The original edit scan: My group of Adjustment Layers (in reverse order oops) My group of Adjustment Layers (in the right order) Original scan with Step 1: Levels Original scan with Step 1: Levels + Step 2: Brightness/Contrast Original scan with Step 1: Levels + Step 2: Brightness/Contrast + Step 3: Hue/Saturation Original scan with Adjustment Layers only Levels & Hue/Saturation: I like how the colors pop because of Levels & Hue/Saturation, but like the page color of the original. Chris
  17. I use black paper as well. If you were to toggle off the Group of Adjustment Layers in the samples you’ll see a brighter white and less to even no bleed through. That’s why I’m looking for some advice in regards to the standard three adjustments in the Editing guide. the paper is definitely a little cheap in OXM which is affecting bleed through. as always I am very particular about full bleed and facing pages which is why it takes me a bit longer. Some day I’ll figure out an easy way to color match facing pages and then I’ll be real happy lol
  18. Howdy! Long time no post lol I'm working on a documentary about the original Xbox and of course it will include archiving every magazine with coverage. As part of my launch I picked a random issue of Official Xbox Magazine I had multiple copies of because I wanted to try a new debinding method using a hair dryer. All pages but two came out smoothly (those two had glue remnants on artwork) and I waited a day before starting scanning for the pages to cool and flatten. Then the horror as all the pages appeared skewed at severe degrees. Did I warp the pages? I took the second copy and did my by-hand debind, bending the spine and slowly loosening clumps of pages that I could then smoothly, for the most part, pull out. Not quite as smooth at the spine as the hair dryer version but for the most part pretty good, so let's scan those. Same issue, skewing. I hold the two copies covers up and see they both are skewed and to different degrees. They cut the magazine at an angle. This is ridiculous! I check other issues of the mag and the same thing. Oh man, this is gonna be fun. So at this point I check RetroMags and see the issue I picked, 29, March, 2004, was not allowed. I had made sure what I picked was 15 years old as I thought that was the rule. So going forward I guess I need to know a few things. Is this issue acceptable at this point? Is 15 years not the cut-off? Here's the 300dpi CBZ without the RetroMags trailer or numbering: Another reason I haven't finished all steps is related to the scanning guide that I followed for my previous contributions. I had converted the three after-image guidelines into three adjustment layers that I then grouped. Using those adjustments seems to take the white out of the pages and revel a shadow of the other side of the page that is otherwise not visible. I created a ZIP with some sample pages if anyone wants to take a look and tell me how to alter the adjustments to get the RetroMags look while maintaining the white I see when looking at the mag under normal light: I'm working on the preview page at the moment and hopefully it will be viewable by the time you're reading this: Let me know if this issue can be added to RetroMags and anything I can do to improve the look of the pages. I will be doing all of OXM, XBN, EGM, Play, Game Informer and every other magazine with original Xbox coverage over the coming year. I know some of those won't be usable here so I will concentrate on those that are first. Thanks, Chris
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