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  1. MT @JCRStorm: Gamphi - a new community for developers across fields. Visit us at #gamedev

  2. RT @TheMercedesXXX: The wonderful @ellypriZeMaN is auctioning off a #shirtgate replica to benefit @ThePornCharity & @TFYCapitalists! http:/…

  3. RT @Sargon_of_Akkad: Hey #GamerGate, perhaps we should show some kindness to @Roran_Stehl after he was dogpiled for daring to think. http:/…

  4. I slept in late today #GamerGate guess I better use that rest to actually get some stuff done after a lazy weekend.

  5. MT @draginol: Stardock's first game release of 2015 is Sorcerer King. Due March.

  6. With regularly scheduled programming back time for my #GamerGate break with a fresh ep of #TheGoodWife

  7. Howdy! My name's Chris Rowley and as part of #GamerGate I'm working on creating a new game site. In the meantime I have being doing floods of ads from my collection of first gen mags. Looking to fill in a few holes I came upon your site and figured I could contribute. Doing a less than thorough browse I couldn't find a "Getting Started" guide. I have a complete collection of Electronic Fun and near complete runs of Electronic Games and Video Games. As I bought these from the newsstand as a teenager with no thought of preservation there is some aging as well as missing covers on a few. I am willing to take the staples out for better scans but here are my questions: If I pull the staples any advice on putting new ones in when I'm done? What resolution do you prefer for the images? Do you prefer me doing color correction or saving images "as is"? Can I submit pages one at a time or do you only want complete issues? Where do I upload the pages/issues? I have also found some of my missing issues on eBay and was wondering if there were other sites worth checking for mags from the pre-1985 era. Thanks! Chris
  8. RT @Dilmerv: Are you guys Serializing the level so you can restore where the player left off? Or do you simply save the last position? #gam