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  1. If I happen across scans on another site which have not been shared here, shall I create posts for them in the Downloads section? Or...?
  2. People Selling Retromags Scans!

    One technique used by a friend of mine is to PM all bidders/winners on eBay scan sales with info on how to get them for free

    Thanks for the tip, I'd never heard of It's run by eBay, so not sure that the content will be any different, but I'm gonna take a look right now
  4. Instead Of Buying Real Magazines,

    Wow. I disagree with so many of the comments made here. But, not wanting to get into an argument on my third post, I won't tell you which ones Thanks for the link to Zzap Zzuperstore, I had no idea these existed.
  5. 420's Editing School

    It sure does. This might be of interest. It is the latest scanning guide released by DCP, who specialise in comics scans. Many of the same techniques apply to scanning magazines.