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  2. ok it still seems some image is missing. lets see if he re-scans.
  3. Most cbr readers have a "Japanese mode" reading function which will automatically display the pages in the correct order when viewing them in two-page mode.
  4. oooh damn ok. now I need to re-do them and see if they align correctly So do i go by page number or merge the image?
  5. No, that entire page seems to be there in the preview on Remember, this magazine is being displayed incorrectly. It's printed Japanese-style, from right to left, so page 34 should be on the right and page 35 should be on the left. The image on the left side of page 34 continues onto the right side of page 35.
  6. you might be on a different page this is the page i need re-scanned:
  7. kitsunebi77

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Yeah, I noticed that and sent a request to have them changed. As near as I can tell, only admins can do #$%-all at that site. I can't even delete the damn things. So until Jeff Kaplan fixes it, it ain't getting fixed.
  8. Ethereal Dragonz

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    When I look at the media types uploaded under your account it says images and software. On my account the files are all texts. On the file metadata page, try seeing if you can change the format.
  9. This is between you guys, but just looking at the pages, there doesn't seem to be any reason for a rescan. The only content I see missing are blank areas of the page which could be corrected with content aware fill in a matter of seconds. If it was missing text or image, that would be different, but blank spaces or basic patterns or lines are an easy fix. Or maybe I'm looking at the wrong file, I don't know. I'll butt out, now.
  10. cool. Now i need page 35 / 36 . Its missing quite a lot of the corners.
  11. kitsunebi77

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Well, it's been 8 hours so far and no previews...I've just checked Marktrade's page, and all of his files are .cbr and they're previewing fine...
  12. Ethereal Dragonz

    kitsunebi77's random stuff can take up to an hour to create the preview image and render the "flip through". Also the file type may also need to be .cbz or .pdf. Also after the file has been uploaded, uses some pretty bad image recognition to decide what is the first page of the scan. Which usually means the first page and preview image winds up starting on page 5. For this you need to download the scandata.xml file and update the node for the first page as 'Title' where it says 'Normal'.
  13. kitsunebi77

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    OK, I started with some boring stuff. Don't worry, I've got plenty more to come. Something is bound to strike your fancy eventually. As I said, these aren't my scans, and other than the covers, I haven't edited them at all. They're strictly being uploaded to ensure their preservation. And remember, to get the uncompressed file, you need to download the "Comic Book RAR" file, NOT the PDF (which is a VERY compressed copy automatically created by's software). First, some strategy guides for Japanese releases of English computer games. Populous and Sim Earth were released on the PC-98, while Art of War (originally released in the USA for the Apple II as The Ancient Art of War) was released on the PC-88. I'll be honest with you, these are pretty dull guides unless you can actually read them. The Sim Earth guide has some color pages, but the other two are entirely black and white. Unless you're Japanese and in need of a strategy guide for these games, you can probably give them a pass. And last (for today) is the Gamest guide to the original arcade release of RayStorm. This one is full color, so might hold a bit more interest to anyone who just wants to look at the pictures. Btw, I don't know if it just takes a long time for's software to create the preview or what (having never used to upload mags before), but none of these mags can currently be previewed on their site. Anyone with experience at archive know what the problem might be? They're just ordinary cbrs.
  14. kitsunebi77

    Sim Earth Handbook

    Strategy guide for the Japanese PC-98 port of Sim Earth, designed by Will Wright and originally published by Maxis in 1990. 170 pgs, March 1992
  15. kitsunebi77

    Art of War Hand Book

    Strategy guide for the Japanese PC-88 port of Art of War (originally released in the USA as The Ancient Art of War, designed by Dave and Barry Murry, developed by Evryware, and published by Brøderbund in 1984 for Apple II computers.) 194 pages, April 1987
  16. kitsunebi77

    Edge Issue 322

    subscriber edition:
  17. kitsunebi77

    Edge 322 (September 2018)

  18. kitsunebi77

    Populous Handbook

    This guide covers the original PC release of Populous. 214 pgs, August 1991
  19. kitsunebi77

    Edge Issue 321

    subscriber edition:
  20. kitsunebi77

    Edge 321 (August 2018)

  21. kitsunebi77

    Edge Issue 320

    subscriber edition:
  22. kitsunebi77

    Edge 320 (July 2018)

  23. kitsunebi77

    Edge Issue 319

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