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Computer Gaming World Issue 075 (October 1990) 1.0.0

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This was a beautiful, mint-condition issue.  It was a shame to slice it up, but thems the breaks when scanning a magazine.  Hopefully somebody out there appreciates the sacrifice.

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Awesome!! I liked this magazine more than PC Gamer. Had heaps of these too at one point until I dumped them. Sigh!!!

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CGW (1981) had a 13 year head start on PC Gamer, so for a loooong time they were unquestionably the best USA computer game publication, although the first 6 or 7 years may as well have been called Wargaming World, to be honest.  And of course there was very little/no coverage  of the PC during those years, so I have only passing interest in most of those early issues, outside of coverage of games that were later ported to PC that I've heard of/played.

CGW was definitely a solid read, but the thing that really held it back (in my opinion) was how dry the presentation was.  For the longest time, the only color inside of a CGW was the advertisements.  And even well into the early 90s, CGW was relatively light on screenshots and was the poster boy of bland layout and design.  Ironically, though, once CGW began looking a little more hip by the late 90s, it also lost a bit of what made it stand out, in my opinion.

Still, all and all, a great mag, and although I prefer (early) PC Gamer, CGW is definitely the more historically important mag.

I really can't stand almost every article written by Scorpia, though.<_<

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