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  1. KiwiArcader


    Wow!! Posting a reply on an ELEVEN year old thread. That must be some sort of record!! Seriously, I did a double take when I saw flugle's post about Hyper/Megazone when you consider between the two of us we have already added almost every issue of Hyper to my website along with 30 issues of Megazone. Then I saw the date. Hahaha!!
  2. He needs an A3 flatbed is what I am reading into this conversation. They aren't as cheap but there are a couple of options that don't involve buying a piece of crap Mustek scanner (avoid those like the plague) Try and find a Brother MFCJ6530DW all in one. They have a good A3 scanner
  3. KiwiArcader

    "Partial" Issues

    I'm with kitsunebi77 on this particular issue as far as OGM is concerned. There are a couple of factors in which I allow an incomplete magazine to be added to the download pool: Page/s missing due to it being removed by the original owner and where no other digital copy is available on another site that I can use to replace the missing page/s in question. In this instance I will make the magazine available as something is better than nothing and at some point someone may come along and who has the ability to scan the missing pages. This may include covers or posters in the center of the issue. Pages with pieces cut out - same conditions apply as per above. Where the missing portion might include advertising, say on the reverse page, I try to locate another magazine issue with the advert in question to at the very least minimize the missing content Both of the above are conditional on not having a significant amount of missing content. For example, missing four pages of a double sided poster are not the same as missing four pages of article content. Even missing the advertising content like publishers seem to do with their digital releases is abhorrent to me so I would not entertain your idea of having a PDF made up purely of some articles being made available on the site. My reason is that sites OGM are trying to preserve magazines for future generations to enjoy and to my mind preservation means the full magazine issue and not just bits and pieces.
  4. Back in the early Retromags days of old they didn't have a cut-off date and as I recall the Nintendo Power's were scanned and available but in pretty shoddy quality. Then they decided to put a cut-off date in and the issues got removed that violated the date rule. Subsequently they removed the crappy quality raw scanned versions and the rest is history. The current versions are way better anyway I think. I aren't all that interested in USA game mags so I haven't looked at them all that much so I may be wrong re quality of the currently hosted mags but I don't think so.
  5. Yep, they are the poor cousins of in regards to game magazine thievery!!
  6. If you are scanning the mags yourself then hosting them here on Retromags seems the logical way to go. If you are talking about 3rd party scans then it's a total no-go due to the rules of the site. are a bunch of thieves sitting under a "library" banner to protect themselves from copyright and not even making any effort to ensure the content they pirate is at the very least readable. Their total lack of quality control makes them a joke!! The best quality gaming magazine content comes from ..... you guessed it .... Retromags, OoPA and OGM who they've been freely ripping off for years. So good on you if you do decide to ditch them!!
  7. Hey, you made the comment about his picking up and running with it. We simply stated "HOW" he runs with it, namely site ripping whole content from other sites. While you may have no issues with that, others who have spent thousands of dollars buying scanners and magazines only to have their hard work pilfered with zero acknowledgement of their efforts is a slap in the face. There's sod all people scanning content in good quality out there. You would think he'd encourage people to visit the sites that assist the preservation cause by acknowledging where he got the content to ensure people visit which provides encouragement to continue what they are doing. Nope!!
  8. Yep, I've laid out the rules around NOT sharing Oldgamemags files on other sites pretty explicitly and if members decide to upload them to or elsewhere I close the site down to non-scanning members. I am sick and tired of people like him ripping my site content and making it available over at with no acknowledgement of where he acquired it from. No honor among some thieves right?
  9. Well, that's a bit of a crock then!! You're likely to get something like "I like Princess Peaches star count" turned into "I like Princess Peaches star c<OCR removes the o>unt" then which will cause no end of confusion for the young Gameboy kiddies
  10. Indeed it is. Specifically, you are looking for issue 172
  11. Thanks Areala. One day I will hopefully make it to Indiana and just maybe get a "real" huggles from my favorite Warrior Nun
  12. Thanks mate. I'm feeling my age more and more every year. Weird that!!
  13. I have personally scanned over a thousand magazines and I still have a couple of thousand more in my basement waiting for their day on the scanner. I have bought magazines since I was a teen when computers first appeared so my collection ranges from early issues of CVG onward. Additionally, since I created OGM I have purchased hundreds of mags on the local auction sites specifically because they have not been scanned at all (PC Gamer (UK), PC World (NZ) etc). Physical donations are negligible due to shipping costs to send content to NZ or Australia where we have active scanning members. As stated above, OGM does have a small contingent of scanning members who contribute, some regularly and others randomly. Some scans are great, some not, but all are either not scanned previously or are currently available in better quality on the site than those released previously in the past. Having turned 57 today my desire is to get unreleased content available while I am able to, and if that means a little less editing to get more magazines released then so be it. I simply do not have the time or inclination to spends dozens of hours editing a single title like Meppi does as my collection is far too big to work on that basis if I want to get them all scanned before I no longer able to. As far as members signing up goes, I get a LOT of registrations and maybe one person out of fifty donates to gain access while the other forty nine don't and subsequently get deleted. You are correct, sod all people understand and contribute. Most everyone wants everything for nothing. It's sad times we live in. Of the 140 members of the site probably only a handful came from Retromags so the 15000 you have here are pretty much all leechers too if you were to look at the donations vs members ratio. You have so many simply because no membership donation is required although in truth people from the USA are clouded by GamePro, EGM and Nintendo Power and have little interest in non-USA content so it's likely you have a higher hit rate of donators here anyway.
  14. Leisure Line was a trade magazine published in Australia by arcade distributor/manufacturer Leisure & Allied Industries. Cash Box International was another Aussie trade magazine produced by Jack Rodios Play Meter magazine was a USA produced trade publication All are now defunct. I have issues of the Oz magazines on my website and I really want to acquire issues of Play Meter but they are hideously expensive on eBay.