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  1. Marktrade's raw scans of Play issue 44 get the treatment and the PDF is now available over at OGM
  2. Computer Games issue 160 is now available over at OGM.
  3. Computer Games issue 150 is now available over at OGM.
  4. Computer Games issue 157 is also now available over at OGM.
  5. Computer Games issue 162 is also now available over at OGM.
  6. Computer Games issue 159 is also now available over at OGM.
  7. The chances of me visiting Japan is pretty much never. The Orient/Asia is just somewhere I have never particularly had an inclination to visit for some reason.
  8. Yep, that's a much better analogy in that "nigger" is a derogatory term while "Jap" to me is just a shortened easier to write or say version of "Japan" with no other connotations as far as I am concerned. I believe that's why Disney never released "Song of the South" on home formats as the slavery aspect made them uncomfortable even though as a historical document is was very important as it represented the first release of a title incorporating animation with live acting. It's a shame the word will no doubt affect the accuracy of Peter Jackson's remake of The Dambusters
  9. I guess I'm too old to see the problem. Well, I see it but I don't at the same time
  10. I think the term was actually have been used in the historical sense was what I was alluding to. The term Jap was a common slang in WWII and it carried over into all manner of associated media right through the 1980's so I didn't read that in any other way. I grew up reading Commando comics during the 1970's and assuming the writer was a similar age he may have been subjected to those terms as well so seeing it used in the context of a WWII game article doesn't seem out of place to me. I guess it's all about perspectives. There has been all manner of efforts made by conservatives to censor or prevent movies made in the 1930's being released on disc etc because a Chinese was called a derogatory term by todays standards and so forth and it's great to see the publishers pushing back and saying "No, this was how things were at that time" and instead putting a disclaimer at the front of the movie and an article about it in the extra's as a way of educating people rather than simply changing the movie. In The Untouchables would have been better or more historically correct if Sean Connery had said "Trust an Italian to bring a knife to a gunfight"? But you're right. If the editor had said it was being used in a historical context rather than "My Sis-in-law's a Japanese" it might have been a little more defensible ...
  11. The only thing I find wrong with that scenario is the fact you think they should have apologised. The simple fact is that most nationalities have had their countries abbreviated or icons associated when it comes to nicknaming cultures, especially in the 1900's. Australian = Ozzies New Zealand = Kiwi's UK = Brits, Scot's, Irish etc USA = Yanks Japan = Japs Then there are the subgroups like nigger's, Nazi's, Jews etc which are certainly more offensive given the context they were/can be used for. It would be fair to say that the use of Jap could be construed towards the second group as a result of the animosity by people over what they did to China in the 1930's and everyone in the Pacific during WWII. I am pretty sure the older generations who suffered at their hands during those times have a completely different view of Japan even today, than you do. In reality, the publisher of the article was probably a childhood reader of Commando comics where terms like Yanks, Krauts, Japs, Eyeties (Italians) and so were used on just about every second page and didn't think much of it given the WWII article he was penning. Note that I neither condoning NOR denigrating what was written. In many ways the world has gone overboard catering to the politically correct brigades out there. I personally think the context of the word in relation to the article is the important consideration. Movies and literature made in the 1900's are a product of the time they were created and should be viewed that context. We shouldn't be trying to rewrite history by censoring content but by providing viewers with the information on why certain terms might have been used in a particular title. Education is far more valuable in the long run .....
  12. Computer Games issue 174 is now available over at OGM.
  13. Hi Matt, There's no need to cut yourself off from Retromags, or any other site for that matter, just because you choose not to play video or computer games. People make communities irrespective of what or how they choose to use their spare time. I'm sure you will be most welcome here or OGM any time you want to turn up for a chat about whatever you feel like
  14. Computer Games issue 135 is now available over at OGM.
  15. It's far and away better the sort via release date where possible. It totally solves any sorting issues regarding issue numbers. There are more than a few instances of a magazine staring off with "Volume 01 issue 01" then sometime later adopting "issue only" formatting. It also means you don't have to muck around with creating SQL fields in the database and making it even more difficult to keep track of things a year or two down the line when you decide another change is needed to fix that change. You guys are just making things way more difficult than they have to be ..........