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  1. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Is this the one you are looking for? It's another M.I.A issue over at SegaRetro......
  2. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Dreamcast Official Magazine (Japan) issue 068 is now available over at Kiwis.World. This issue is one of the missing issues over at SegaRetro so big thanks go out to Cuckooguy (GunyenTony) for the donation of his print copy.
  3. Any scanners in the UK?

    Absolutely agree. Each to their own. scotto10 needs to work out what is acceptable to him then come up with a plan for getting scans to his desired level. However, he was asking for guides to do so when, as I stated, guides are really dependent on what software, both scanning and editing, that he is using along with the aforementioned levels he is prepared to go to obtain the output he wants. He didn't provide any information on anything other than he can access a FI-6770. I'd wager I am the only one here with a Fujitsu A3 scanner of that model, mine being a FI-5650c, so as far as their use is concerned I might be his best bet......
  4. Any scanners in the UK?

    Creating a guide is entirely subjective and depends entirely upon the software you have access to vs that which is being used by someone else with a Fujitsu scanner. No point asking for someone using Quickscan if you are using something else entirely. E.G, Quickscan uses ISIS drivers and allows you to create individual profiles for different paper sizes (A4, Letter or even customer pages sizes for those weird sized UK mags) and allows for bulk scanning whereas TWAIN is essentially a page at a time scanning. Then there is the whole editing side of things. Some people like Meppi, or Kitsunebi77 like to edit the pages so they look like a digital copy which slows down outputting magazines but they look very nice. Others like myself, who used to work to similar levels, decided to perform a certain amount of processing only. That way we make a lot more magazines available faster, but they don't like as nice. It really depends on your personal thoughts on what level you wish to go to then adopting a plan to make it work for you.
  5. Why do you visit Retromags?

    Haha, Yeah I know mate. Was just kidding around with you. I do have several PC Gamer USA's and a whole lot of UK issues to scan but I'm kinda trying to clear out my console mags as I don't really like them and just want them into recycling so the A4 scanner is taking a proverbial beating at present. The fact I'd have to debind those lovely mags to scan is also playing on my mind although I wrote off a $80 copy of Automobile Year scanning it the other day so quite why I have a hang up on debinding those PC Gamer's is a wee tad weird right?
  6. Why do you visit Retromags?

    I wonder that was aimed at me?
  7. Computer Gaming World Issue 075 (October 1990)

    Awesome!! I liked this magazine more than PC Gamer. Had heaps of these too at one point until I dumped them. Sigh!!!
  8. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Dreamcast Official Magazine (Japan) issue 010 is now available over at Kiwis.World
  9. Shenanigans were here at Retromags. Work was just a recipient of mags as a result of it. Not worth rehashing old crap!!!
  10. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    1960's. Teens in the 70's. So yeah, everything is different nowadays....
  11. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Another of Cameron's mags gets scanned, this time it's Computer Pilot Vol.05 Issue 01
  12. Yeah, the mag was a totally different beast to the UK edition. I know as I have a truckload of the UK version on my scanning pile, and I actually owned the first 90 or so issues of the USA version back in the day before I dumped some at work and burned the rest thanks to shenanigans around here a while ago. Sometime in 2002 Imagine disappeared and Future took over the magazine and it's really been a pale version of it's old self ever since. I'm only really keen on getting the GP/Imagine versions scanned but as I have a pile of later issues I will scan them, it's just the interest factor isn't really there for those Future branded issues.
  13. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Dreamcast Official Magazine (Japan) issue 002 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy
  14. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Hiya mate, If there is a problem regarding donated mags feel free to give me a link if you want them on my website while you get things sorted out over here. I'll put the relevant acknowledgements to the donator and yourself as the scanner etc and when/if Retromags gets sorted I am happy enough to take it down again or link within the page back to Retromags. I can provide separate links for CBR & PDF versions easily enough. Happy to help out if required........
  15. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 98 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy. That's release #23 of his donated pile of mags sent to me with only two issues of this particular title still to scan.