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  1. Yeah, the mag was a totally different beast to the UK edition. I know as I have a truckload of the UK version on my scanning pile, and I actually owned the first 90 or so issues of the USA version back in the day before I dumped some at work and burned the rest thanks to shenanigans around here a while ago. Sometime in 2002 Imagine disappeared and Future took over the magazine and it's really been a pale version of it's old self ever since. I'm only really keen on getting the GP/Imagine versions scanned but as I have a pile of later issues I will scan them, it's just the interest factor isn't really there for those Future branded issues.
  2. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Dreamcast Official Magazine (Japan) issue 002 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy
  3. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Hiya mate, If there is a problem regarding donated mags feel free to give me a link if you want them on my website while you get things sorted out over here. I'll put the relevant acknowledgements to the donator and yourself as the scanner etc and when/if Retromags gets sorted I am happy enough to take it down again or link within the page back to Retromags. I can provide separate links for CBR & PDF versions easily enough. Happy to help out if required........
  4. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 98 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy. That's release #23 of his donated pile of mags sent to me with only two issues of this particular title still to scan.
  5. Be thankful that they ARE kids magazines then and not ADULT mags
  6. Sure. But there are lots of mags on SegaRetro like Sega Saturn Official (Japan) that are crap quality on their site that you would think there are high quality versions of on the scanners HDD but they just don't seem to turn up anywhere so we do what we have to do. It's a little akin to Mort's old scans. He released raw scans in pretty crap quality and for years they were the only ones available. Now he's released 600DPI ones but they are still raw scans off some fairly so-so looking scanner and I'm still not happy using them as base scans for my website. I'd rather scan my own than deal with the editing making them usable. But that's just me.....
  7. Well, I don't really like using other peoples scans if they aren't scanning members of my site or haven't given permission and as Cuckooguy paid a shite load of money to send them to me I don't have any qualms about scanning my own versions anyway.
  8. I'm way too busy scanning the 2000 mags in my collection and 100+ issues of Dreamcast Official Magazine (Japan) sent to me by Cuckooguy to deal with even more issues. And I'm still recovering from the rather large tax bill from the New Zealand Government for those mags to be in a position to afford postage costs shipping more mags out from Japan anyway. Looking forward to seeing them though
  9. Copyright and why it's unfair to blame the publishers

    I believe this is the reason why Imagine Publishing released their original digital issues of Retro Gamer, Games tm with placeholder images for the advertising material. There was some discussion of their forums regarding the fact that the advertising was a single print agreement with the advertisers advising on a per issue basis regarding ads they wanted to run across multiple issues. However, they must have changed their agreements as the digital issues released on iTunes etc and within the Readr app all contain the advertising material. That or they have taken legal advice which has altered the scenario around ownership rights. I'm guessing but maybe the release of digital copies of issues comes under the "back issues" scenario? In which case a digital issue is no different than providing a print copy? Dunno, but something has changed to the point where they and Future are releasing full monty issues rather than cut down versions like the old Xbox Official content only releases.
  10. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 103 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy
  11. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 104 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy
  12. Project of old magazines website (coming soon)

    I HAVE an A3 flatbed. I just can't be shagged scanning covers..... or anything really .... on the damned thing.
  13. Project of old magazines website (coming soon)

    Feel free to use cover scans from Kiwis.World as well. I'm way too busy scanning mags and running the site to contribute covers over and above the mags available on the site by and large, especially when I'd have to debind the mag to scan it anyway.
  14. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 105 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy I'd upload the cover image but it seems the image feature on the site is fubared ......
  15. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 97 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy