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  1. I agree. EGM was the mag, not the crappy website that postdated the magazine which died the death of a thousand "yep we sent you your copy but we really didn't have the money to print anything"' excuses from the publisher. GamePro, the resurrection was another one where Dave Halverson got Meppi to scan three issues as part of some sort of comeback but forgot to take his magazine making Viagra and couldn't get it up again (the magazine of course!!) Thank goodness for Retro Gamer although you never know what Future will do with their magazines nowadays such is their recent propensity to discontinue titles.
  2. Scanning the mags and using tablet displays for people to peruse them is your best option IMHO. Keeps your original magazine intact and out of careless hands and the tablet display with suitable software allows multiple magazines to be available per device. You could setup a tablet beside a particular game for example and just have pages with reviews for that game on the tablet along with images of the game box etc.
  3. This is the model I own and use for my scans. It is a mighty piece of kit and at that price is a steal if the glass hasn't been scratched by some turkey feeding stapled pages through the thing. The only issue with this model is if glass gets under the optics. I have had that problem with mine and couldn't get it serviced in New Zealand so I learnt how to dismantle it to clean the optics myself. You need to be careful as it uses mercury lamps instead of CCD given it is a 2008 vintage scanner. If mine died I'd likely eBay another one in preference to any other unit out there.
  4. Welcome to my world. You finally took your own advice, that which you offered me so long ago Don't forget to drop by Kiwis World for the occasional Computer Games: Strategy Plus or PC Gamer mag now and again ..... I'm just glad you are okay my friend.
  5. No, it's a proper 4:3 screen. I suggest you have a look at the Apple page for the device. It is designed to be held in portrait mode unlike tablets like the Samsung 12.2 Tab Pro which is definitely 16:9. I had one of those and dumped it for the iPad Pro purely because the screen is the proper aspect ratio for reading magazines etc. You get what you pay for with tablets.That tablet you link to has a 16:9 1080p resolution screen which frankly is sub-par for reading. The resolution on the iPad Pro is 2732 x 2048. Way, way better but of course you pay for it. The new version also supports high colour so HDR movies look great on the thing.
  6. The best option currently is an expensive one but in my opinion an iPad Pro with the 12.9" screen is almost perfect for reading magazines because: The screen is a 4:3 format which is the same as an A4 page The size with that format means it is almost the same physical viewing size as A4 paper so if reading an A4 based magazine on the iPad it's the same as the print copy It's portable so load up a bucket load of mags into the 128/256/512GB built in storage and read them on the plane, at the beach .... anywhere you care to .... The only con is the price but as soon as I saw one I knew nothing else compares to it.
  7. He also produced the U.S multi-format Play magazine.
  8. I'm sorry but there was absolutely no excuse for their actions. Banning people over differences of opinion on things like submitting PDF's rather than CBR files was an abuse of their positions. End of story. Unfortunately, with most other people not wanting to voice opinions on their behavior it spiraled out of control for the people they took exception to. I say it as I see it so and I'm pretty sure I was the single most affected by it but then again, I got banned and decided to never come back until Philly showed up on the other forum and gave me the good news re their departing to "greener pastures" so I might be wrong in that regard I don't actually bear any grudges with them nowadays. However, it's a shame that the niggling between sites has dragged on like it has for years. It's okay for Meppi to make comments on Twitter about Retromags but when someone questions his ability to scan all the mags people have donated to him he comes in moaning about how everyone is downright nasty behind his back.
  9. Not sure what you should be apologising for to be honest. As far as my Retromags experience goes they were the ones giving people grief. Very weird!!
  10. Well, in my particular case things got fairly heated and Phillyman was fairly absent and they were running around as if they were in total control at the time. The ONLY reason I even knew they had parted ways with them was when I said something on another site ... TheCoverProject ... as I recall and Phillyman popped up there and posted about the site so I had a PM conversation about things. None of this is targeted at Phillyman personally. While I thought he wasn't keeping those guys under control at all they were the ones causing mayhem, not him. Water under the bridge now anyway. They've moved on,we've moved on but it's always nice to reminisce on the good old days occasionally
  11. ROFLMAO. They got YOU demoted? Pfft .... they banned my ass back to the stone age. Then I logged under a new name and rubbed their noses in it and they banned me again. I think Phillyman had no control over those two at all in those days. They just made up whatever rules they felt like and you toed the line or got shafted. OldGameMags came into being partly because of that sorry mess of a time so I guess something good came out of it.
  12. Well, one USA based member offered their collection of Computer Games: Strategy Plus magazines here and no-one replied so I ended up taking them at some cost in shipping to get them to New Zealand. This should never have happened. You'd think at least one scanning member here in the USA would have taken him up on it but that didn't happen. Same happened for Sega Dreamcast Official Magazine (Japan) and that's a console title albeit in a different language but still, you get where I'm going with this? The user base here is console oriented AND to a certain extent not all that interested in the hard work involved in getting the content online especially when you consider Retromags has 13,000+ members here but only a handful of scanning members inclusive of yourself and Phillyman and a couple of others throwing an edited marktrade magazine out occasionally. I have only 95 members over at KiwisWorld and again, a handful of scanning members but most of those members didn't even consider scanning for Retromags as: They felt the site was too USA oriented and they mainly reside in the UK or Australia so thought more people would appreciate their content on an alternate site and A couple, myself included, feel the content restrictions here are simply too restrictive I completely understand Phillyman has every right to determine what can be hosted here but not accepting 3rd party scans if quality is acceptable and imposing date restrictions on content when the publisher has discontinued magazines IS going to have an effect on enticing people to actively contribute. That's why is what it is, the biggest receptacle for content on the planet and why both our sites which used to be THE places to come to, aren't so much any more. I don't care one iota about it but I personally think it's had a big impact. No doubt Phillyman will say that the value added benefits of the magazine database give Retromags added value but really? Who comes here to look at the database? Me, when I want to check an issue here or there but most everyone else comes here for magazines, and things have been somewhat glacial on that front in recent times. Not Meppi glacial mind you, but slow nonetheless.
  13. Well, he did ask here if anyone was interested in scanning them and got no takers so I made an offer to do it. The rest, they say, is history ........
  14. The reason KiwisWorld has a lot of PC content is because I went from Amiga to IBM-PC and bought every PC mag I could get my hands on so I had mountains of Atomic:MPC, PC Gamer and PC PowerPlay etc acquired over the years which barring the USA version of PC Gamer I never got rid of any of it. I think the same goes for Jason as well so between us we have provided probably 95% of the PC content over there with heaps more to come after factoring in a Retromags member donating almost a complete collection of Computer Games:Strategy Plus as well. Console gaming came later in life for me so it never really took over as my source of gaming leisure. That doesn't mean I haven't spent truck loads of money on acquiring that type of content for the site (nRevolution, NGC, PlayStation Official etc) but it is sort of secondary to me. I too see Retromags as more of a gaming magazine site predominantly for USA based content. Submissions here are likely based upon the scanning members location which is mainly USA/Canada based. That isn't a bad thing. As I see it diversity is actually a good thing. It is what it is......
  15. Hahaha!! You guys are just confusing yourselves trying to interpret your own cut-off date rule. I love it ......