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  1. Yeah, my Grandmother would give me a couple of dollars to go up the road to the Fish & Chip shop as takeaways were called back then when the only thing you could buy were fish and chips. I think I got 10c change which was enough for one game of the Taito Space Invaders arcade machine in the shop. I got pretty good at getting through the levels, so much so that Gran would complain that the chips were cold when I got back home. When I was working at the ASB Bank later, I could go almost the whole lunch hour on Jackal (Top Gunner in the USA) on one, maybe two 20c pieces with a mate from the lending department I worked in. Good times ....
  2. Hahaha. No chance of that my friend. No chance whatsoever!!!
  3. Nice!!! Very nice indeed!!! Yeah, I didn't know if you were totally okay with me hosting your files so I sorta kept clear of them for the most part as I didn't want to piss anyone off tbh
  4. Now if only you'd scan some new Japanese magazines for my website ...
  5. I have a stack of 40 PC Gamer (USA) mags sitting my floor waiting patiently for me to get the site downloads restored so I can make a start on scanning them along with the remaining issues of Computer Games:Strategy Plus in my possession
  6. Don't worry. I'm really ancient so multitudes are Amiga/Commodore/Amstrad/multi-format mags from the 1980's of which large swathes of them have already been scanned but are terrible quality scans so they are there to make newer/better digital files at some point. Most of the magazines I am scanning at present, well, when I get my website back up 100% again after I decided on a newer platform because kitsunebi77 was sad at the previous version (I have to admit PHP-Fusion turned out to be pretty crap), are indeed never previously scanned titles.
  7. Thank goodness they are staple bound. I was getting twitching in my privates at the thought of dropping a heatgun in my lap While I personally throw away my magazines after scanning them I am more than happy to put these back in the boxes they were shipped in and put them in the basement. The Japanese mags are fantastic artwise so if I were to retain any mags at all it would likely be those. Once we have good quality scans I see little point in storing Euro mags. And with two thousand mags in my basement there's literally a tonne of paper down there on my foundations that I am working on removing.
  8. Woah!!! That sounds like, burn the house down dangerous. How do you NOT toast the magazine to a crisp? No, I don't own one of those but I'd look into it if it was safe. How long does it take to process an issue that way? The only heat gun I'd be happy or comfortable with would be ... which is way more than $20 but with the low heat settings would surely be less likely to scorch paper in my mind.
  9. Okay. Things have taken a different turn from your original post where you stated that if the whole lot were shipped you would be okay letting them go. I am super happy to scan and return the four issues you stated haven't been scanned previously. If they are stapled issues I can remove the staples and scan the two pages in one go as I have an A3 scanner. No problems there at all and you could possibly feed the staple back through or use new staples or get them re-stapled professionally. If they are glue bound then I would have to cut the spine away which is messy depending on the glue excess which can cause knife slips etc (I'm not rich enough to afford a $400 Guillotine unfortunately) Those would be a pile of individual pages. If you want the whole lot shipped back however, .... hell's teeth ..... that is some serious, serious costs right there ..... New Zealand Post ONLY ship airmail out of the country nowadays
  10. LOL. That's not very polite kitsunebi77. Mind you, their ripping off our files and dropping the quality to crap levels is impolite too so I'd have to say that probably the comment is somewhat deserved
  11. If you are okay with them being cut up to feed through a document scanner and are happy to ship to New Zealand I will happily scan any issues that you send my way and make them available over at my website and here at Retromags. I have a small amount of donations in the kitty so if you have PAYPAL I can contribute something towards postage. I'd happily take the whole shooting match with a view to getting 300dpi scans of them all and consign those RetroCDN versions to the trash where they belong but I am guessing shipping for that lot will be quite high. If people want these maybe they could chip in with the shipping costs? Price up the four issues to ship to Auckland, New Zealand and maybe a box worth as well for comparison and we can take it from there if you are still keen. Cheers .....
  12. 180kg (306 Issues) of Famitsu for $10

    I'd take the Famitsu's at $10 but it would cost $1000 to ship them. That's a few too many zeroes for my budget
  13. 180kg (306 Issues) of Famitsu for $10

    These would certainly be fantastic to add to Retromags or I'd scan these in an instant but I couldn't even begin to imagine what 400lbs of mags would cost to ship to New Zealand. Yikes!!!
  14. I'd love to scan these. Japanese mags are really nice artwork wise and the RetroCDN versions have had the quality kicked out of them so they definitely need good quality re-scans. But if he wants them back, well, I couldn't see their being scanned to be honest, as the time taken to scan on a flatbed is just horrendous.
  15. marktrade uses a Fujitsu document scanner which requires him to debind the magazine to feed the pages through. This essentially ruins the magazine but does allow for amazingly good scans as there is no blurring of the spine edges that you get with a flatbed scanner and holding the magazines onto the plate. I'm guessing if you want these back that isn't going to work for you. I have the same scanner that he has and I am happily cutting my magazines up to get them scanned at a good speed. With one of these I can literally scan a complete magazine in a matter of minutes.