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  1. Another of Cameron's mags gets scanned, this time it's Computer Pilot Vol.03 Issue 03
  2. Next up we have Computer Games issue 184
  3. That's exactly what I was saying all along. Sort by date with issue numbers a secondary feature ........
  4. Okay, back from the brink and the first scan by me for Kiwis.World (OGM will also point there very soon now) is Computer Games issue 180
  5. Yeah, sorry for the slowness getting back to you. The new site is now but oldgamemags will resolve there as well as soon as things have settled down. As I am scanning diverse content I think OGM doesn't reflect what is now available on the site and if others want to add non-gaming specific titles (electronics/anime etc) I am all for it if they are out of publication and won't attract the ire of the publishers. Still lots to do over there. I have all the download links back up and running but info on the magazines still need to be added as I find time. Same goes for getting cover scans added to the gallery but I'd rather get back into scanning mags and do updates to those as I can. BTW, happy to hear marktrade is okay. Must have been some op to lay him low for a couple of months or more recuperating. Glad he's taking the time to get himself right. This is a hobby first and foremost and everything else should always come first.
  6. My website is currently down like I transition away from WordPress due to database corruption issues. I anticipate getting it back up in a few weeks.
  7. Marktrade's raw scans of Play issue 44 get the treatment and the PDF is now available over at OGM
  8. Computer Games issue 160 is now available over at OGM.
  9. Computer Games issue 150 is now available over at OGM.
  10. Computer Games issue 157 is also now available over at OGM.
  11. Computer Games issue 162 is also now available over at OGM.
  12. Computer Games issue 159 is also now available over at OGM.
  13. The chances of me visiting Japan is pretty much never. The Orient/Asia is just somewhere I have never particularly had an inclination to visit for some reason.
  14. Yep, that's a much better analogy in that "nigger" is a derogatory term while "Jap" to me is just a shortened easier to write or say version of "Japan" with no other connotations as far as I am concerned. I believe that's why Disney never released "Song of the South" on home formats as the slavery aspect made them uncomfortable even though as a historical document is was very important as it represented the first release of a title incorporating animation with live acting. It's a shame the word will no doubt affect the accuracy of Peter Jackson's remake of The Dambusters
  15. I guess I'm too old to see the problem. Well, I see it but I don't at the same time