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  1. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    We need a code word, phrase or something to indicate you have put up "something" to alert us interested readers to go check your Archive page. "Naughty One standing by ...!!!" has a nice ring to it.
  2. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    I've bookmarked your page and am eagerly waiting to see what unmentionable goodies appear there Seriously though, it kind of defeats the purpose of a forum on a magazine piracy site to not be able to detail what else might be available on other websites. We've already had posts about GamePro being available elsewhere on this site already and now Phillyman wants to bolt the gate? Then there is the fact that touts itself as affiliated with the Library of Congress so the implication is that whatever goes up there and isn't taken down is somehow protected/able to be made available. That would mean that pointing someone to that site isn't illegal therefore it should be fine to advertise it here? What it does mean is that I will no longer update my W.I.P page with releases over at my website as these files are not part of Retromags. I had been putting details up because the donator was a Retromags member but as they are made available elsewhere by default I've been breaking this "new" rule/directive. See how stupid this all sounds?
  3. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    I always thought a forum was for exactly this sort of thing. Given this is essentially a piracy site (so is mine) in the strictest sense then telling people NOT to post about mags that they either find on other websites or have posted on other sites themselves is kind of nonsensical in my opinion, especially if you are only pointing to the page and not the files themselves. Kiddie porn or whatever I can understand as it is illegal, as in get yourself locked up illegal, but gaming/computing mags? Really?
  4. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

  5. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Really, the only people who you should need to listen to then would be Phillyman and maybe E-day given they run RM. Everyone else's voices, well, do they even really count? Anyways, for what its worth you get the thumbs up from me......
  6. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    You're nuts if you think anyone is going to tell you "NO" to any of this as most people visiting sites like Retromags are all about getting their magazine fix for nothing, or as close as possible to nothing so any posts in the forums pointing out even more content for them to leech for free is going to go down about like a cold beer on a hot summers day.
  7. KiwiArcader

    The 200 covers of Edge #200

    Hell yeah!! The scary part is most of the ones I know are the really, really old games
  8. All of my issues are currently stored in the basement on a couple of shelves while the relatives from the UK are staying with us. When I get a chance I will try and get a definitive list of what I have to add to the already done list and then I will be able to tell what is still M.I.A. Super busy here so it won't be in the next couple of days at the very least.
  9. KiwiArcader

    Gamest, Arcadia and Neo Geo Freak complete sets donation

    Yeah, you did but when people have sent you mags for the site you, as in I, tend to feel obligated to get them out as soon as possible to justify their faith in sending them to me. I don't want to be like another member of a certain site who has received hundreds of mags from donators and yet only manages to push out a mag every couple of months and even then half of them are seemingly just reissues of previous mags he'd already put online. That kind of sucks in my book and is not how I want to be compared to. Still, I am feeling a lot better for having time out and going to see a movie here and there and just doing non-site stuff so I've finally taken the path you told me too and it has been beneficial I have to admit.
  10. KiwiArcader

    Gamest, Arcadia and Neo Geo Freak complete sets donation

    Being uploaded now. I hadn't realised the magazine had been discontinued until I saw this thread so had been applying a cut-off date on it. Seeing as it's defunct that rule no longer applies BTW... I was intending on closing the site down due to several reasons, one being a lack of people signing up as it seemed a lot of effort for keeping 60 - 70 people happy, the other being that I was getting the burn out feeling from trying to scan a mag or more a day. Since then I've slowed down scanning and am spending more time on real life activities and the time i am spending on the site spread between scanning mags or uploading member submissions. With more people donating to access the site and more leisure time I am feeling a lot happier now so I think it highly unlikely I will actually shut the site down.
  11. KiwiArcader

    Gamest, Arcadia and Neo Geo Freak complete sets donation

    God, I'd LOVE them but the shipping would be horrendous and I have my hands full currently with 100 Dreamcast Official (Japan) mags along with a similar number of Computer Games: Strategy Plus issues needing to be scanned. Arcadia and Gamest are a couple of mags I try and find just for the excellent artwork even though I can't read a word of the lingo. I have 54 PDF issues of Arcadia I obtained from Underground Gamer before they disappeared and they really are brilliant. Hopefully someone will ensure these are scanned...... Question: How many issues of Arcadia are there? If we have scans of 54 issues scanned maybe it would be more practical to separate the three titles and see if different people can take on scanning a specific magazine? Then potentially it might be a case of only needing to send 100 issues of Arcadia to be scanned.
  12. KiwiArcader

    Scanner Calibration using Q60/IT8 Colour Calibration Target?

    I agree with kitsunebi77 on that one. He was particularly anal trying to get his fi-6670 calibrated, not that it came to much what with his exiting the scene shortly afterwards anyway.
  13. Retro hasn't had an issue out for I don't know how long. Zinio stopped at issue 11. Their website have issues 12 & 13 but I don't know if they even exist. They said "Under new management" in October last year so I'd be extremely hesitant about advocating their product at this point in time given no updates on their website in over a year. Future canned PC Format in November 2015 so Maximum PC is now their only PC centric title. I have a subscription to that one on iTunes for a whopping $14 per year. I just wish they'd canned the latter and kept PC Format going as it was a way better mag.
  14. I have four of those in my basement holding my mags. Pretty sturdy....
  15. KiwiArcader

    kitsunebi77's random stuff

    As far as computer magazines go APC (Australian Personal Computer) magazine has been running longer as I have issue 06 on my website dated Nov 1980