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  1. Computer Games issue 186 is now available over at OGM.
  2. Computer Games issue 191 is now available. This issue is impaired as six pages (five advertising & one editorial) were torn from the issue. I used the stubs of the pages to determine three of the advertising pages and substituted them from other magazines with the same content however two adverts remain missing along with an editorial article (not game reviewing content). If someone has this issue and can provide the missing scans let me know. Nevertheless it's still a great read
  3. Computer Games issue 176 is now available.
  4. Computer Games issue 137 is now available.
  5. Computer Pilot flies into the OGM digital bookshelf today with Vol. 05 Issue 06 now available. Pretty hardcore these are I must admit...
  6. Never had a PS3 so no idea what that or any other PS3 game is like to be honest
  7. Not sure if anyone here is interested but Edge Magazine issue 193 is now available.
  8. Computer Games issue 155 is now available.
  9. Yeah, some really eclectic ones are appearing on your page. If they are going to take time to get put online here I'm keen on getting PDF versions online over at OGM. Will help break up all the CG:SP and PC Gamer stuff over there.
  10. Computer Games issue 178 is now available. Battlefield 2 .... oh yeah!!!!
  11. He's an hour or so out of Washington DC which is in Maryland right? And more to the point.... yes .... all PC Gaamers. He thought the boxes weighed around 20lb's each so I'm guessing there's a fair few issues in each box
  12. My brother from Maryland, DC flew into New Zealand for a flying visit this weekend and brought me two issues of PC Gamer (USA) from two BIG boxes he received from someone a year ago to see if I wanted them. Boy oh boy I sure do I said and I gave him $150US to ship as many as he can from the boxes in his basement. I have scanned one of those he brought over which is issue 119. This was still in it's subscription wrapper, unopened and with the CD-Rom demo disc. I'll get the disc archived over at when I work out the best software to ISO it.
  13. Also available today is Computer Games issue 152
  14. The last of Alex1's donations is now online. Nintendo Magazine System (UK) issue 08 is available over at OGM
  15. I didn't realise Duke Nukem 3D was released after the introduction of Windows 95. I was co-op single player'ing over 56k modem with my mate as there was no TCP/IP built in so maybe that's why I didn't think it was released so late!!!