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  1. The dipshits at this site rip Retromags (and used to also rip OGM's before I closed the site to freeloaders) scans, then degrade them to get the resulting PDF at a ridiculously small file size and upload them to their site. They never detail where they got the original files from. It's all been said before around here regarding their M.O. Like kitsunebi77 I hate the fact they take our files and then turn them into a piece of crap basically....
  2. I have 183 issues of CVG scanned over at OGM but as kitsunebi77 said, I haven't managed to get them uploaded to the site after migrating it back onto a web-hosting service.Some are really good quality, a lot are not as good but still better than Mort's scans. Part of this is to do with the scanning method and part to do with the age of the magazines at the time of scanning. Later issues were printed on cheap, thin type newsprint and are pretty fragile and depending on their storage life/previous owners handling etc haven't stood the test of time all that well. But it is what it is and anything that is readable is fine until such time as someone can scan a better quality version. Given the lack of people prepared to make such effort we make do with what we have. On a personal note I also have most issues between issues 13 and 75 which are not yet scanned and are in nice condition so they will make for great scans at some point.
  3. Be really careful with Avision's built-in software. On black pages it has a tendency to auto-crop large chunks out of pages which is one of the reasons why I stopped using mine.
  4. PM me with your PAYPAL donation details and I will look into it. Any accounts created are automatically deleted after a day if no corresponding donation notification is received from PAYPAL or an email detailing past donation info is received from the account creator. I get too many accounts created per day from SPAM or people just wanting to leech to spend time sorting through everything and which could be better spent on getting the site updated with new content etc.
  5. Yep .... right .... so oldgamemags is running just fine. I migrated the site and cut over the userbase manually so there's a possibility I may have missed one in the copy/pasting I guess. I also have nearly 30 people who have yet to sign in and update their password which likely means they are using an invalid or discontinued email address or simply haven't visited the site. Hard to tell but if anyone has an issue all they need to do is contact via the email address on the site and I will do my best to get it sorted.
  6. The Avision Bookedge scanner appears to be a nice flatbed scanner for those not wanting to debind their mags but with a truly hideous price tag although if you have access to one at work/library then go for it. The only way you will see how it outputs a quality image is by trying it and comparing the print copy with the resulting scanned image. I'm talking magazines with images here and not paperbacks etc. In all fairness though, this thing should piss all over the rubbish scans you see on as far as quality is concerned so even if Retromags wouldn't use the scans if it doesn't meet their quality requirements you still have other options for where you could upload the scans too. Don't forget, sometimes it's just as much about the cropping/cleaning up of scans as opposed to the scan itself that determines how good the final product looks although all the editing in the world cannot fix a truly dud scan.
  7. Pushing people away from scanning is the last thing we should be doing. While there should be some standards to ensure mags are preserved in a readable format such as a minimum DPI scanning resolution like 300DPI and not reducing page dimensions in pixels too far from their original size I am somewhat of a realist in that I'd rather have previously unscanned content in any form than not at all. That could be raw scans that I need to edit or even final scans processed at 150DPI if nothing else is available as it means I can at the very least make a missing magazine available now and keep it until such time as a better copy becomes available. And if nothing else ever comes along then there's one less missing magazine anyway albeit in less than optimal condition but again, it's better than yet another M.I.A magazine!! Sometimes I think people like Meppi lose sight of the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of magazines out there that are completely M.I.A or have really, really poor existing scans and that putting a months worth of effort into one mag or playing around continually with one of his existing scans to get it even "better" actually does very little to move the situation forward. He might have 5000 mags in his collection but the fact is, due to his methodology he is simply never going to get through even a decent portion of his collection in his lifetime so all those people who sent him magazines believing they would at some point have a digital copy to replace the physical issue they donated are in for disappointment. That's pretty sad. I think Phillyman may have finally realised this dilemma himself of which I have spoken of here several times in the past as he is now pumping out raw scans in the hope that people will edit them. The BIG thing here is that he is scanning the content much faster than previously as without the raw scans a missing mag is still a missing mag. I just see forcing a particular format upon someone submitting a magazine as merely another potential impediment to getting missing magazines scanned. If someone submits an image based PDF and I think it needs work I extract the pages and it's not particularly costly to have that ability ($60) therefore to me it's a not an issue receiving a file in any of the common formats.
  8. That is precisely the elitist type of attitude Meppi/Triverse used when banning me back in the day. Now, I know you are nothing like those two people but you do see how that comment comes across right? Given the sheer lack of people scanning computing/gaming magazines for preservation I would have thought Phillyman would be happy to accept submissions in either format as long as they met whatever criteria he defined in regard to quality (resolution, page size, cropping etc) far more so than the file type itself. Still, I have no concerns one way or the other as I have my own website but I can tell you this was one of the reasons I decided to stop making files available here. What I will say though is that IF you choose to adopt this attitude towards people submitting PDF's and they don't want to use CBR's for whatever reason then you are pushing away the very people that you moan about not seeing enough of around here which is just plain daft. If they want a home for their PDF's they can head on over to my website. I hate advertising it here like this but I'd rather keep ANY people prepared to scan mags in the scene rather than have them dropping out due to archaic rules created a decade ago.
  9. Haha ...if you said that in your first post I wouldn't have said anything. I agree though. To get the most out of PDF generally means spending money on a PDF application. He was speaking about creating a PDF though and not extracting from....
  10. PDF Creation used to be the sole domain of Adobe but that was years ago. There are plenty of PDF creation programs out there nowadays, some of which are fairly inexpensive. It is probably more truthful to state creating CBR's is free while PDF's have a cost associated with them although truth be told most document scanners have the feature built into their accompanying software packages now however you do need to get the scanner profiles configured correctly to ensure clean output. If someone prefers to and has the ability to create PDF's it shouldn't be an impediment to making them available on Retromags but that was the crux of my being banned here several years ago. Crazy time that was!!
  11. KiwiArcader

    BugBug 299 (July 2019)

    Pretty dodgy. I LUV it
  12. If the paper is thin there isn't a lot you can do about it although if using a document scanner with duplex you can turn off the scanner back light on the opposite side to reduce it. The only problem is that it causes the image to darken considerably. Catch 22 really .....
  13. If the scans look good that's all that matters. Quickscan is all about applying customised profiles for different paper sizes for bulk scanning. If Snapscan works for you then go for it......
  14. Ummm, if you are borrowing mags but have to take them apart to feed through the fi-4530c ADF how are you going to get them back together again to return to the owner? As I have never been able to reinsert staples back in mags without the resulting mag being a whole lot looser than before it was destapled. And it goes without saying the glue bound mags are a different proposition entirely so I'm intrigued by your "on loan" comment given your particular scanner. I owned one of those scanners ages ago. Very nice barring having to use Windows XP thanks to Fujitsu's pathetic attempts to force people to buy the exact same scanner rebadged as a fi-5530c2 by writing firmware designed to not work with newer operating systems.