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  1. Issue 73 of PC Gamer (USA) is now available over at OGM
  2. No time for a break Computer Games issue 164 is now available over at OGM
  3. Free time only I am afraid. I try and process one mag per day with options on a second per day if I don't need to do much editing. Has to fit it in with editing other peoples scans too which can be difficult I have to admit.
  4. My PC Gamer (USA) package arrived yesterday. First off the scanner is issue 122
  5. Computer Games issue 169 is now available over at OGM. Thank goodness the Fujitsu doesn't lose it with those fluoro/neon coloured covers ...
  6. Speaking of magazines, issue 91 of PC Gamer (USA) is now available over at OGM
  7. Nope. No way. She will happily take the chocolates then throw the box out along with my magazines into recycling. That or hit me on the head with the new cast she's sporting on her arm at present as a way of saying "buy any more mags and you're history....."
  8. Okay .... update time. Specifically, my brother has shipped out one box of PC Gamer magazines so I expect to see it on my doorstep in the next week or so. Shipping came to a staggering $170US so I expect there will be a good number of issues in that lot unless they are those early monster sized issues in which we might only get five. Once I have those scanned along with the Computer Games: Strategy Plus issues I'll try and get the funds together to ship the second box out. Note that my wife is somewhat irritated that I seemingly have MORE magazines in the house now than when I started the scanning gig. Just between us I think she's right. That's after scanning approximately 900 mags too!! Oh man!!!
  9. Computer Games issue 186 is now available over at OGM.
  10. Computer Games issue 191 is now available. This issue is impaired as six pages (five advertising & one editorial) were torn from the issue. I used the stubs of the pages to determine three of the advertising pages and substituted them from other magazines with the same content however two adverts remain missing along with an editorial article (not game reviewing content). If someone has this issue and can provide the missing scans let me know. Nevertheless it's still a great read
  11. Computer Games issue 176 is now available.
  12. Computer Games issue 137 is now available.
  13. Computer Pilot flies into the OGM digital bookshelf today with Vol. 05 Issue 06 now available. Pretty hardcore these are I must admit...
  14. Never had a PS3 so no idea what that or any other PS3 game is like to be honest
  15. Not sure if anyone here is interested but Edge Magazine issue 193 is now available.