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  1. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

    I have unlimited gigabit fiber at home here in NZ. Speeds on on weekday is usually 900+ m/bit down/450 m/bit upstream. That runs me $149 per month. I could opt for the next speed down but that is ONLY 100 m/bit down & 20 upstream for $40 less. Ugh!!! I am running my website on a dedicated PC on my connection along with two Plex media servers for my brother in UK and daughter to access, um, Linux iso's remotely.
  2. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Finally got around to scanning another issue of Computer Games: Strategy Plus, this time issue 60
  3. The Better ADF scanner

    The input tray is quite often missing on these. I think people upgrade to the FI-6670 and use the existing tray (it fits both scanners) so they don't have to pay full price for their upgrade. I acquired my scanner without the tray and then got one shipped over from Oz for $200 ..... thanks to flugle ...., a far cry from the prices people want for them in the USA ($400 - $1400). WTF????
  4. The Better ADF scanner

    I couldn’t recommend any scanner that doesn’t do native A3 scanning any more as most magazines I scan are bigger than A4. Additionally, A4 scanners don’t allow enough space around the edges of a scan if you need it. If you have a Fujitsu dealer/support company locally, ask them how much to service a fi-5650c and if it is reasonable I’d buy one off eBay for cheap. They do a good job with neon covers, are fast, and do duplex scanning. Being A3 they are great for processing raw scans
  5. Definitely try putting black card behind the page when scanning. It helps reduce bleedthru from the other side of the page a LOT but it will darken the image somewhat. For my flatbed scanner I bought a matt black sheet of some sort of card like kids use for artwork (got it from an art/stationery shop) and taped it over the white back plate on the scanner so I didn't have to keep putting between pages. Worked a treat. And curl is bad but a good scan with curl is better than nothing at all. It's getting harder to acquire older rarer magazines so if someone is prepared to scan them but doesn't want to destroy their copy it's all good in my books.
  6. Yep. Scanning guides are totally subjective and are only meant to be applicable to the type of scanner someone uses. I had two guides on my website, one on using my A3 flatbed (Brother MFC-J6510DW I think it is...) and after I obtained a Fujitsu FI-4530c document scanner I wrote another one on using that particular model. Then I upgraded to a FI-5650c and that was different again so I gave up on creating yet another guide. All I really tell people scanning for my site now is: Scan it the best that you can with the scanner you have. Hold the pages as flat as possible on a flatbed to prevent blurred sections of print If you are not going to edit the pages yourself (raw scans) leave plenty of space around the images so that who ever is doing the editing can straighten the pages before cropping without losing any content Scan at 300dpi in full 24bit colour. Sounds obvious but if you don't spell it out someone will submit a black and white scan. (I'm not kidding!!) Don't shrink/resize the images. Better to have full size images at the cost of a few extra megs in size than have a horrid pixellated version that looks crap on high res viewing devices like iPad Pro's etc. If you have both a document scanner and a flatbed you are in a perfect world. Some pages slip going through document scanner (thin glossy pages) so chuck them through the document scanner and see how they turn out. They are way, way faster than flatbed scanning so if you don't want to grow a beard in the time it takes to process a mag on the flatbed that's the way to go. You can always scan problematic pages using the flatbed. Welcome to the world of scanning but don't be surprised and put off if things seem to take an age to get the result you want. Trial and error as they say. Feel free to ask questions. You will always get a reply......
  7. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    I like the nice edge to edge results of scanning using a document scanner compared to the blurred spine scans when using a flatbed scanner. That and the fact I can scan 100 pages a minute with one :-)
  8. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    PC Format issue 17 is now available at Kiwis.World.
  9. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    PC Format issues 18/19 are now available at Kiwis.World.
  10. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    marktrade acquired a lot of mags from you Phillyman? If so, those items should be available here and not just over at anyway. Are you after the actual links to the magazine issues themselves or the individual pages the magazines are listed on over at KW?
  11. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    The only problem I see with this is most everyone out there like RetroCDN and is simply pinching everyone else's scans so I'm not sure what value there is pointing to other sites? If it's to allow scanning members to determine which mags don't need to be scanned because someone else has already done it that is fraught with peril in several ways... Existing scan may be missing pages/ centre posters etc. Quality of the other sites scans might be inconsistent with your requirements Other sites may have just ripped your scans off anyway but also may have edited them ( to remove Retromags advertising page and/or dropped quality ) I should think it would be far better to concentrate on the scans from members of this site? The only sites you can verify that most files originated from are OoPA, mine and Retromags. Pointing to for most gaming magazine files hosted there is like advertising/popularizing a thief in my opinion.
  12. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Yep. Mine are cannon fodder, er, recycling fodder after running them through my A3 document scanner.
  13. Active Video Game Magazine Companies - USA Edition

    Yep. The Imagine Publishing produced issues of PC Gamer (USA) were stellar both in terms of the look of the magazine and in page count. Some of those issues were huge!!! Somewhere around issue 100 Imagine were acquired by/sold out to Future Publishing and that was the ballgame although if you peruse the issues you will see a distinct change in the layout from issue 73 onward. I personally like the earlier format so from a scanning perspective I'd rather scan those than the later issues. I pretty much owned all those issues issues until a run in with a Retromags mod and the year 2000 cut-off fiasco resulted in my burning a pile of magazines and in the case of PC Gamer, taking them into work for the lunch room.
  14. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    marktrade's raw scans of Play issue 16 have been edited and are now available over at Kiwis.World.
  15. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    PC Format issue 20 is now available at Kiwis.World.