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Famitsu Issue 0049 (May 20, 1988) 1.0.0

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Thanks to ccovell for donating the issue.  Also the gavas bucks page was missing, so he provided a scan of that page to make the mag complete.  For anyone who missed it in my forum thread, Gavas were a big scam run by Famitsu to trick kids into thinking they could win fabulous prizes by buying every issue of Famitsu that hit the stands.  Below is a closer look at just how impossible getting those prizes actually was.  Listed are the prize, the amount of Gavas needed to win the prize, the number of Famitsu issues you would need to purchase in order to have enough Gavas, and approximately how much that many issues of Famitsu would cost.  These are all in 1988 dollars, so it would be much more today.

As of May 1988 (these are not all of the prizes, btw):

  • A Famitsu Pencil Case - 780 Gavas - 49 issues - approx. $195
  • A Famitsu T-Shirt - 1680 Gavas - 105 issues - approx. $420
  • A Famicom Game - 2900 Gavas - 182 issues - approx. $728
  • A Famicom System - 9800 Gavas - 613 issues - approx. $2,452
  • A Sega Master System - 11200 Gavas - 700 issues - approx. $2,800
  • A PC Engine (TurboGrafx16) System - 16500 Gavas - 1,032 issues - approx. $4,128

It should also be worth noting that Famitsu was bi-weekly at this point.  So assuming you really wanted that PC Engine and you bought one copy of every issue that hit the stands, you would expect to finally have enough Gavas approximately... 38 years later.  So...sometime in 2026.  Of course, Famitsu eventually went weekly, of course, so you actually would have been able to finally get that PC Engine sometime in 2009.  Well, except that PC Engines had long since ceased production by then.😒

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