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  1. Retromags Presents EGM Strategy Guide - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    EGM supplement from unknown issue (please post any information)
  3. MkMoveList

    EGM Ultimate MK3 Supplement submisison

    I've messaged you the download link! And I did the Sub-Zero spine rip fatality on Phillyman. Also, I don't know what issue of EGM the supplement came with since I bought it off ebay. Though I do remember seeing the supplement as a kid, I just don't remember the issue it came with. If anyone knows, please post the answer.
  4. I've scanned and edited the EGM Ultimate MK3 supplement, and I'm ready to submit it to the database. How do I do this?
  5. MkMoveList

    Magazine height/width standards

    Some of the magazines we have preserved here have a constant width for every page, and other mags have a constant height for every page. So what is the standard to be used for this? Also have we agreed on a minimum width size so that the resolution is not too low?
  6. MkMoveList

    Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    This pup hand scanner sounds interesting. I'm interested to know how well it works.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Supplement from EGM Issue 88.
  8. So I'm curious, how many hours would you say you spend editing an entire magazine after scanning all the pages? It seems like editing takes days worth of hours. MkMoveList
  9. MkMoveList

    How do I add a magazine to EGM supplements? Here are the rescanned files with the correct height. Also it was shipped with EGM November 1996.
  10. MkMoveList

    How do I add a magazine to EGM supplements?

    Here's the link to the file host: Can a moderator upload it to the EGM supplements section?
  11. I just finished scanning and editing a Mortal Kombat Trilogy Electronic Gaming Monthly supplement and I'm ready to upload it, but how do I upload to the supplements section?