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  1. I'm about to scan Tips & Tricks 007 (September 1995), if anyone is already scanning this speak up now.
  2. It would be really cool if the archivists on this forum acquired those tapes and transferred them to video files and uploaded them here to archive.
  3. Does an ADF scanner eliminate the need to crop/adjust rotation? I find this step the most annoying.
  4. What aspects of it do you find take the most time? Cropping/rotating/color adjustments/blemish removal/etc
  5. E-day, I've noticed you've been providing updated scans of GamePro magazine. Well, issue July 1994 is in serious need of an update, page 103 has a fugly hole torn into it.
  6. The promo Mortal Kombat comic there is a low res scan and the Mortal Kombat II promo comic they have looks like butt, it has a severe moire pattern on it because the idiot that scanned it didnt low pass filter it before scaling the scan down to the low resolution it is in. But thanks for pointing me to that, it is an incredible collection.
  7. OT: I have acquired the November 1994 issue of SWATPRO(Baraka cover) for scanning.
  8. Is scanning without debinding frowned upon? Does everyone here besides me debind their magazines before scanning?
  9. I have the Mortal Kombat Comic book, the one that Midway would let players mail in for it and it was advertised in the attract mode of the arcade games. Id like to contribute a high resolution scan, would that be okay?
  10. Yes! They're almost all MK guides. I have ~18 MK guides. The notable guides are Tips & Tricks collectors edition Mortal Kombat 4 strategy guide, Gamefan's official MK Trilogy strategy guide (it's a shame Gamefans are not allowed here, I consider this MKT guide to be a very high quality guide..or do we make exceptions for strategy guides? ), Prima's Ultimate MK3 official arcade secrets by Chris Rice and Simon Hill - another guide I consider to be high quality, GamePro's official Mortal Kombat strategy guide, Prima's MK Trilogy official game secrets by Simon Hill, Prima's MK3 official power play guide by Simon Hill, and Prima's official Mortal Komat 4 official Strategy guide by Simon Hill.
  11. That is really surprising considering the old MK games are unquestionably among the greatest video games ever made.
  12. Alright cool, then I'm in the clear to preserve all mine. Many are Prima guides and all are 90's era strategy guides. I have a big stack of them.
  13. I see we have restrictions on certain types of magazines, we're not allowed to preserve GameFan for example. Are there any such limitations on the Strategy Guides? Is Prima's allowed? Brady Games? etc etc ...I have several strategy guides that I'm interested in preserving and want to know what I'm allowed to preserve on this.
  14. Retromags Presents! VideoGames The Ultimate Gaming Magazine Presents A Look At Mortal Kombat  Download Directly!