Parent' s Guide to Nintendo Games, A (2ndEdition)
© 2001, Mars Publishing, Inc.

Parent' s Guide to Nintendo Games, A (2ndEdition)

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Authors: Craig Wessel & the Stratos Group
ISBN: 193119906X
186 pages


© 2001, Mars Publishing, Inc.
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    • By fiatbravodriver
      Updated 3rd Dec 2017 
      I am looking for RAW Scans for the following N64 game boxes and I am happy to Donate Money to help get this finished.
      The scans I need don't exist on the the Internet unfortunately. This is 100% not for Profit. Anyone Selling Reproduction boxes should be reported.
      Scans must be 600dpi or Higher and of good quality please. Here is a link to an excellent scanning guide:
      Scans must be of all parts of the box please. The Scan must be of the game pictured and the same region please. You must be happy for the scan to be shared freely online. For example for use on, gamefaqs, nintandbox, nesworld, retrocollect, emuparadise etc etc. Payment will be by Paypal after everything is ok. When my paypal balance is empty I will kindly ask for this post to be deleted. 
      Let me know what you can supply and how much for your time and hopefully we can sort a deal. Or if you are OK for money and just happy to donate for free for the community that's excellent. 
      Any questions just ask.
      Have a nice day.
      US Nintendo 64 Remaining:

      PAL N64 Remaining: