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    NEWSCAST Sega party like it's 1999 (p.6) Ready 2 Rumble (p.7) Around the World (p.8) Battle of the Demo Discs (p.8) Star Wars goes Naomi (p.9) Mad Catz gets its claws into Dreamcast (p.10) PC games heading to Dreamcast: -Quake III: Arena (p.10) -Rainbow Six (p.10) -Starcraft (p.10) IN DEVELOPMENT Shadowman (p.24) Worldwide Soccer 2000 (p.27) Alone in the Dark 4 (p.28) WWF Attitude (p.29) Deep Fighter (p.30) Furballs (Fur Fighters) (p.34) MDK2 (p.36) NBA 2000 (p.38) Evolution (p.39) South park (p.40) Fl World Grand Prix (p.44) REVIEWS Red Dog (p.48) Speed Devils (p.52) Soul Calibur (p.54) Toy Commander (p.58) TrickStyle (p.60) Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing (p.64) Pen Pen Trilcelon (p.66) Buggy Heat (p.68) Blue Stinger (p.72) UEFA Striker (p.73) Incoming (p.74) FEATURES It's thinking... (p.12) Kojak: Crime in the City (p.18) Return of the Undead: -Resident Evil Code Veronica (p.20) -The House of the Dead 2 (p.21) -Zombie Revenge (p.21) -Shadowman (p.21) IMPORT SCENE Street Fighter Zero 3 (p.80) Giant Gram All-Star Pro Wrestling 2 (p.80) King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999 (p.80) Toukon Retsuden 4 (p.81) Pop N’ Music 2 (p.81) Climax Landers (p.81) Cool Borders - Burn! (p.81) Espion-age-nts (p.81) INTERACT Get Connected (p.82) DREAMCAST SOMUTIONS Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (p.84) Millenium Soldier: Expendable (p.85) Marvel Vs Capcom (p.85) Sonic Adventure (p.86) FORECAST Jeremy McGarth Super Cross 2000 (p.92) Planet of the Apes (p.93) Carrier (p.93) Snow Surfers (p.94) Stupid Invaders (p.94) Big Bang (p.96) Fighting Force 2 (p.96) Felony Pursuit (p.96) Credits: outofprintarchive.com
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    PRIMARY SYSTEMS COVERAGE Sony PlayStation Sega Saturn Nintendo N64 PC --- (TOC transcription follows, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity) FEATURES Featured Review: Dragon Force Working Designs lets loose one of the most enjoyable strategy games ever to hit a home game system. Overseas Feature: PlayStation Expo '96-'97 Get the lowdown on what's up and coming for the PlayStaion as IG travels to the PlayStation Expo in Japan. Consumer Feature: Buying Import Games Ever wonder what it'd be like to get your hands on all of the hot games that never hit the U.S? Read here to learn how. News Update: Shoshinkai '96 Get the lowdown on Zelda 64, the 64DD and more from our last-minute update on Nintendo's Shoshinkai Show! PREVIEWS NBA Hang Time (N64) Dark Savior (Sat) Command & Conquer (PSX) Magic Knight Rayearth (Sat) Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean (Sat) Test Drive: Off-Road (PSX) Scud: The Disposable Assassin (Sat) REVIEWS Twisted Metal 2: World Tour (PSX) Virtual On (Sat) Ten Pin Alley (PSX) Virtua Cop 2 (Sat) NBA In The Zone Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition (Sat) Revelations: Persona (PSX) Psychic Force (PSX) NFL '97 (Sat) Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (N64) Tunnel B1 (PSX) Virtual Pool (PSX) Sonic 3D Blast (Sat) Robotron X (PSX) FIFA 97 (PSX) Bug Too! (Sat) C&C: Red Alert (PC) MK Trilogy (PSX) NBA Jam Extreme (PSX) Area 51 (Sat) Project: X2 (PSX) Langrisser III (Sat) Sexy Parodius (PSX) TokiMemo Puzzle Ball (Sat/PSX)