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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 3 Number 1 (February-March 1990)
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Game Boy Games Vol. 1 No. 1 (Summer 1990)
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    GamePro Issue 195 (December 2004)
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 2 Number 4 (August-September 1989)
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    Secrets of the Games Series - Sega Genesis Secrets Volume 2 (1991)
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 3 Number 4 (August-September 1990)
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 2 Number 6 (December-January 1990)
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    GamePro Issue 201 (June 2005)
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    Mega Play Vol. 2 No. 4 (July-August 1991) * File fixed with missing page! *
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    Issue debound with hair dryer. Scanned flatbed at 600dpi 24-bit color photo mode. Single page template created in Photoshop with Levels and Hue adjustment layers. Width doubled and guide added for standard facing pages template. All pages edited in facing pages setup except for front and back covers, inside back cover flap and page 122. CBZ created from 600dpi edits exported at 300dpi in JPG level 9. Table of Contents: LETTERS They write. We respond. You laugh PRESS START The latest news, interviews, features, and gaming tidbits THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE THIRD AGE The ring is gone, but the Fellowship remains strong HALO 2 Fresh info on the shooter's single- and multiplayer modes EGM INTERNATIONAL Tune in to Tokyo's wackier titles SPIDER-MAN 2 We unmask the websilnger's movie-based sequel ADVANCE WARS: UNDER FIRE The itsy-bitsy strategy series invades GameCube AFTERTHOUGHTS Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow's creators let you in on their secrets NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2 Th e bigger the spoiler, the closer to God FREE GAME SYSTEM Sign up for a two-year subscription and get the Phantom for free PRINCE OF PERSIA 2 Time is still on your side in the sequel to our 2003 Game of the Year THE SEASON OF EVIL Resident Evil's T-Virus spreads to the big screen and spawns more sequels TIMESPLITTERS : FUTURE PERFECT Try shooting the barrels--they explode! CELEBRITY INTERVIEW Derek Jeter clobbers our curveballs VIEWTIFUL JOE 2 Capcom's comic book come to life comes back ONLINE Why now is the right time to sign up for Xbox Live THE HOT TEN Sick of hearing about Halo 2? Vote for something else COMING SOON You'll find few fireworks this Jul y BUILD YOUR OWN XBUNDLE How to grab an Xbox and a handful of games for little green COVER STORY: DRIV3R The first PlayStation 2 and Xbox installment in the hard-driving series is nearly road ready, and developer Reflections has handed us the keys. We check under the hood and give the game a six-point inspection. REVIEW CREW Three reviews per game--just the way you like it Multiplatform Van Helsing Future Tactics: The Uprising Shrek 2 Red Dead Revolver PlayStation 2 Onimusha 3: Demon Siege UFC: Sudden Impact Galactic Wrestling Featuring Ultimate Muscle Bujinga: The Forsaken City Front Mission 4 Xbox The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay Metal Slug 3 Rallisport Challenge 2 GameCube The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Game Boy Advance Mario Golf Advance Shining Force Mario vs. Donkey Kong FIRST NEXT-GEN GAME UNVEILED We shed light on the mysterious Dark Sector THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS We stake out six games that are about to carjack Grand Theft Auto's bandwagon... and get away with it TRICKS OF THE TRADE Game couseling, codes and cheats Resident Evil Outbreak Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Mega Man Zero 2 Tenchu: Return From Sarkness Phantasy Star Online: Episode III--Card Revolution Champions of Norrath GameShark vs. Action Replay Final Fantasy XI MTX: Mototrax Ninja Gaiden GAME OVER Here are your four continues REST OF THE CRAP CROSSWORD NEXT MONTH HSU & CHAN
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    GamePro Issue 192 (September 2004)
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    FEATURES VIDEO GAMES Interview: Tim Skelly One of a growing list of unmasked, eager-to-talk game designers, Skelly's topics include his recent game Reactor, his days at Cinematronics and theta wave meditation. Interview by Neil Tesser. Video Games Go to the Movies Tron and Starblasters are sure-fire evidence of Hollywood's latest love affair. Sue Adamo files a report. The Art of Video Games How do all those pretty pictures get on to the video screen? Bob Mecoy provides some answers and also takes a revealing peek into the future. Coleco Has a Vision- Better Games for All What's in a name? Steve Bloom examines the past, present and immediate future of this extremely ambitious toy manufacturer. SPECIAL SECTION ROGER DIONNE'S A BUYER'S GUIDE TO HOME VIDEO GAMES Dionne dissects 19 of the most popular and/ or up-and-coming cartridges, including Defender, Star Strike and The Quest for the Rings. Adapted from the Banbury book. DEPARTMENTS HYPERSPACE A few words of hype from the editor. DOUBLE SPEAK Some words of advice from our readers. BLIPS Death of a gamer, Applefest reviewed, new software on the block, Apollo's story, the latest legal news, last call for computer camp. DR. VIDEO Ever wonder what all that game playing is doing to your eyes? Our resident optometrist, Dr. Arnold Sherman, has. BOOK BEAT John "Hey Buddy! Can You Spare a Quarter?" Holmstrom can't stand all those "beat-the-games" books. Can you? COIN-OP SHOP Nobody reviews 'em better than Eugene "Defender/ Stargate/ Robotron" Jarvis. Everyone's favorite game designer takes a look .at Turbo, Zaxxon, Dig Dug, Robby Roto and Grand Champion. HARD SELL Got $300? Wanna blow it on a TY-game system? Roger Dionne narrows your choice down to Intellivision and Astrocade. COMIC RELIEF Vidiosyncratic views of arcade life from Matt Howarth, Lou Stathis, Peter Bagge and John Holmstrom (again?). Illustrated OUTTAKES
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    Game Players Issue 50 (August 1993)
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    Game Player's Nintendo Buyer's Guide Vol.1 No.1b (August 1988)
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    GamePro Issue 191 (August 2004)
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 3 Number 2 (April-May 1990)
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    GamePro Issue 214 (July 2006)
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    Version 1.0.0


    PCXL (Fall 2007)
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    GamePro Issue 197 (February 2005)
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    GamePro Issue 188 (May 2004)
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    GamePro Issue 187 (April 2004)
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    GamePro Issue 208 (January 2006)
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    GamePro Issue 204 (September 2005)
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    GamePro Issue 203 (August 2005)
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    GamePro Issue 198 (March 2005)
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Game Boy Games Volume 1 Number 2 (September 1990)
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    GamePro Issue 193 (October 2004)
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    Tips & Tricks Issue 59 (January 2000)
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    GamePro Issue 207 (December 2005)
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    GamePro Issue 206 (November 2005)
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    GamePro Issue 186 (March 2004)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This supplement focuses exclusively on bishoujo games for the PS2 and PlayStation. このスキャンは皆のために作ったので、ぜひダウンロードをして、友達に伝いて、楽しんでください!もしほかのところでこのスキャンを分け合ったら、そこで「このファイルはRetromagsからで、そこでタダでダウンロードすることできる」と伝いて下さい。雑誌電子化は皆のために。よろしくお願いします! This scan was made for everyone, so please download it, share it with your friends and enjoy! If you share this scan elsewhere, please say that the file came from Retromags, where anyone can download it for free. Magazine preservation is for everyone. Thank you!
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    GamePro Issue 185 (February 2004)
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    Team Sega Newsletter Issue 5 (January 1989)
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    FEATURES Hollywood Style Bits and Bytes Whiz Kids' Executive Producer Phil DeGuere takes you behind-the-scenes of his hit TV show. The Art Side Of Video Games The wave of the future: An artistic view of "Moondust" and "Lifespan". Harry Williams A last tribute to a coin-op legend. SPECIAL SECTION Blasting Into the Laser Disc Age! A look at the latest entries: Cliff Hanger and Pitchman Beating The Coin-Ops Tips and strategies for the latest arcade games. The Untold History of Video Games Discovering the true beginnings and some revealing facts. DEPARTMENTS HYPERSPACE Insights into the issue at hand. DOUBLE SPEAK VIDEO GAMES' readers speak out. BLIPS Wizardry wonders, video games blues, world champs go for the gold, dialing for dollars, a TKO before the starting bell. HARD SELL The Commodore 64: A computer for all ages. COIN-OP SHOP Paying the price for excellence: Cliff Hanger, M.A.C.H. 3, Aztarac and more. FLIP SIDE Changing Times: Centaur II and Rack 'Em Up. SOFT SPOT The sleeping giant awakens: Robot Tank, Happy Trails, Battlezone, Pole Position, Super Cobra and more. COMPUTER CORNER A giant leap ahead for computer games: Cannonball Blitz, Astro Chase, and more. GAME EFFORTS Some gift-giving wonders: Table-tops, hand-helds and dual-screen games. STATS
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    This scan was made for everyone, so please download it, share it with your friends and enjoy! If you share this scan elsewhere, please say that the file came from Retromags, where anyone can download it for free. Magazine preservation is for everyone. Thank you!
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    GamePro Issue 181 (October 2003)
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    Version 1.0.0


    A short, fifteen-page guide to the original Tomb Raider which gives a run-down of Lara's moves, the traps she can encounter, and the locations of the extra weapons she can acquire. I'm not entirely sure where this came from. It may have been a freebie that came with the purchase of Tomb Raider Gold on the PC, it may have been included with a magazine...I just don't know. It's nothing special, but now all of you can enjoy it too!