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  1. Besides most E Readers can handle PDF files.
  2. On the other hand I never had any problems with either 4shared which has bumped up my free limit to 15 GB or even Dropbox which now has a 2.5 GB limit. Then there are cloud storage such as what Gmail and Hotmail offers. Back up EVERYTHING should be the motto of everyone with a computer. You don't know what is going to dead on you, hell your computer could be hit with a virus that just about kills it. Then what would you do.
  3. I hate to say this but you can't be too careful these days. I even seen spammers try and post porn on a kid friendly site...sickos
  4. Even then it's hard to find something you want to read, which is one of the reasons I stopped buying them.
  5. Why not change everything to 4shared, you can even buy extra bandwith if you need it.
  6. I am not a superhardcore collector but I do have some things i would have to think twice if I ever did decide to sell Contra Hard Corps Genesis Phantasy Star SMS Discworld PS1 Zelda Oracle of Seasons Gameboy Interact Barracuda PS1 controller, I was told by someone on the Atari Age chat that this controller is so rare there is almost nothing on it anywhere. Including a copy of the manual which I have been looking for since I bought the thing on closeout...which turned out good and bad. Good, because it's an excellent controller. Bad, because I got it after Interact was gone and no way to get a copy of the manual. I make a deal out of that because it's programmable and it has 3 settings 2 of which I have no idea what they do. Beside I haven't a clue how to program it.
  7. I would love to find a copy of Burgertime Deluxe for the Gameboy but so far I haven't been able to find even a single copy period.
  8. I already found a convertor so I could play my m4v files on my PSP I use Handbrake I like Handbrake because it's simple to use.
  9. One of the best fighting games, outside of Streets of Rage 2 that is.
  10. reuploading a ton of stuff

  11. Meanwhile I just started posting new links to my 4shared account
  12. It seems FileSonic, FileServe and Uploaded got hit by what happened with Megaupload read this
  13. I am talking to all of you like me who has submitted stuff that E-Day later posted to Megaupload. We know that stuff is unavailable and who knows if the rumors I heard will even happen. What I am suggesting is this upload those same files to whatever file hosting site you signed in to and submit your own link. That is what I plan on doing.
  14. Fear not Megaupload users it seems they are not dead yet. It seems Megaupload is in the process of permanently closing down it’s US servers and moving everything that they can to 2 new servers also located in The Netherlands and out of US control.
  15. It seems Megaupload is back on line read this by abc news
  16. I use 4shared and Dropbox and haven't had a problem with either one.
  17. It's sad to see a long time gaming magazine go out of business.
  18. Mine in no order Ridge Racer Revolution Discworld Beyond the Beyond FF7 Ms. Pac-man maze madness Muppet Monster Adv Pac-Man World 20th anniversary Q Bert Rage Racer Discworld 2
  19. I have the Genesis version and what can I say but pure fun.
  20. same here...if you have one for sale PM me.
  21. You should try Q*Bert PS1 it is an amazing game. I love how the game literally unfolds as you make your way through the game.
  22. I love the music from the 80s
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