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  1. Is the Taiko one available in america? My first games are Brain Age and Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey. But I will get to all your suggestions asap
  2. I had never thought of Shiggy working at Sony... could happen.
  3. Nice reply BTW. I agree with you when it comes to the view of judeo-christian beliefs of japanese developers, even my christian point of view is a catholic one which is more strict for certain things. What the game did was make think about the subject since it really doesn't go very deep into the philosophy of each "side". Leaving the "real reason" for god to do things out for a bit since the god of the old testament seems to me very different from the one in the new testament or Christ. I'm basically thinking about how humans interpret the will of god, which in the end is, in my opinion, written on the bible and other religious texts. Islamic extremism has strict rules of dress and ethics that go to extremes killing women for wearing "unproper clothes" and such make think of a Law-Dark alignment. If you read the old testament you will see many times when god makes his rules absolute to keep the peace and order, many of which when broken were punished with death. I really don't want to go into what chaos believers believe because to a certain extent do to my catholic background some of the pages where I can find that info scare me a bit. But I have been told that some of the commandments that chaos religions follow actually make sense and promote self thought. Not too sure about it since I haven't read them myself. There's a cost to too much freedom, when you let people follow their will and dreams without consideration for others it leads to pain, war and suffering. So this leads to an old argument if one great thing is worth the cost of thousand or if you would kill one person if it will save thousands? I'm not sure where I'm going with all this since I think I'm all over with my thoughts. But I hope you guys are getting the idea on what I'm debating. What is good and what is evil? What is law and what is chaos? What does God represent? What does the devil represent? About your post Schloss I agree that god gave us freewill, but if you think about it, it's not really freewill to live and be as you wish. There are rules, if you follow gods rules you go to heaven and be happy, if you don't you end up in hell in eternal fire. Think of a slave in the old south. A slave had the freedom to either stay and work or run away. He had the freedom to choose those options but one would keep him in slavery and the other could mean his death. Not much of a choice when you think about it. BTW this thread is not to bash religion it all it's to think. That's why I said leaving gods true will out of it and just based on a human interpretation of it.
  4. I'm a big fan of the Shin Megami Tensei (Megaten) games which includes many spinoffs like Persona. The first time I played these games I was a bit shocked, maybe not shocked but thoughtful, about how the games portray deities, religion and philosophy. If you have played the games bear with me. The game basically uses alignment quite a bit, just like Dungeons and Dragons, and many other role playing games. So you basically have three main alignments: Law, Neutral and Chaos. Which are divided into three more: Light, Neutral and Dark. Chaos doesn't mean evil just as Law doesn't mean good. Although Light usually stands for good and Dark for evil. So there's nothing really crazy about this until you start to see what powers are in conflict in the game. All supernatural beings in the game are considered demons. So goblins, pixies and even angels are considered demons. With a struggle between the forces of Law and Chaos. I took some stuff from the wiki page so you can better understand, this is info from the first Snes game of the series. So the game basically says that god is the force of law which means that there's a belief that if you follow the rules and restrictions there will be peace. But your freedom is gone as your opinion and self thought. And the Devil is Chaos which gives you freedom but without laws there's suffering and anarchy. After playing a bit and seeing the points of view it really got the old hamster ticking. The arguments presented in the game are quite close to what religions believe and maybe neither choices are good for us. I always try to go Neutral in the game which gets tough as you have to fight both factions instead of being allied to one. And choosing one of them doesn't mean your good or evil it just means you value one thing above an other. So I'm wondering if you guys are religious and how you view this? I know this is just a game but taking it out of context and if you make a difference between Evil-Chaos, Law-Good things and think over what each really stands for you things are not as easy to judge with our morals. My analysis of this is quite larger but I wanted to give you guys a quick view of it and how this game got me thinking into what is good and bad. And maybe we can build on this and what your points of view and philosophy on this subject. Just to add something controversial to the mix Adolf Hitler could be considered a person of Law alignment...
  5. Oh man! Earthbound?!?!?! thats painful!
  6. I hate going through a big dungeon in Shin Megami Tensei games just to find out I have to go back to the starting point to deliver something then walk all the way back to get something else, then do it all over again. Instead of making more areas they just make you spend more time in the same ones. I also hate traps and holes that make you repeat a dungeon based on trial and error just to make the game longer.
  7. I was only going to see it at the theater because of the 3D. Is it worth watching or better pass it?
  8. It must be awesome to find a job that you never want to retire from.
  9. It was nice he introduced us to how awesome anime could be but I'm pissed off at him and Harmony Gold. It's because the rights for Robotech that none of the Macross stuff can come over. No anime, no games and no mangas. And that makes me really angry. Because they want to make money off something they don't actually "own" just because they bought the rights to distribute Macross as Robotech a long time ago. So now anything to do with Macross that comes out new in Japan never comes here.
  10. That's some sad stuff. Just imagine what most of us could do with just one million
  11. Selling my Nes games and console to buy a Game Gear. Selling my Snes to buy crap, specially my Super Mario All Stars and Final Fantasy IV.
  12. I wouldn't retire either. He does what he likes for fun.
  13. I try to take a vacation to a beach at least once a year. Then on springbreak I like traveling to other cities, see museums and landmarks. I was in cancun last year. The reef snorkel thing was fun, take one of those underwater cameras with you. Also they if you take that tour thing they won't let you use normal sunscreen, you have to use one thats biodegradable so make sure you buy one before otherwise they make you buy one right there and its expensive. Also set a day apart for Xcaret fun place but takes all day. There's this boat trip to a place called Isla Mujeres, that was fun too if you like swimming with dolphins, I recommend you do it there and not at the aquarium by the mall. It's way bigger and on the see unlike the aquarium that's just a pool. The aquarium is tiny btw so only pay for it if you have money to spare. The only thing is that besides your trip cost you spend around 100 bucks, sometimes less, per person, per tour thing. So unless you got buckets of money, it goes fast in cancun.
  14. Wow the first one is just beautiful!
  15. Looks nice but it should be Wiiware there's not enough to justify a full price release on a disc.
  16. Looks fun. And very nostalgic. Besides Zelda it has many things that look very Dragon Quest inspired.
  17. Just the paper when I got married
  18. That looks interesting. I was actually thinking about buying a Mac Mini as a media server/player but I have an old pc somewhere that could be used with that ubuntu distro.
  19. Top ten Nintendo Entertainment System games by sales. 1. Super Mario Bros. (40.23 million) 2. Super Mario Bros. 3 (18 million) 3. Super Mario Bros. 2 (10 million) 4. The Legend of Zelda (6.51 million) 5. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (4.38 million) 6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 million) 7. Dragon Warrior III (3.8 million in Japan) 8. Dragon Warrior IV (3.1 million in Japan) 9. Golf (2.46 million in Japan) 10. Dragon Warrior II (2.4 million in Japan)
  20. Yeah those were scary LOL and they had motorcycles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZC_sdHwBAQ
  21. The list if very generic and clearly it was not made by someone who has been playing games for a while, although the nazis and zombies is close... Aliens are so different on each game that it's not so bad really. Bowser aka Koopa - Super Mario Bros. Dr. Robotnik aka Eggman - Sonic Series Dr. Wily - Mega Man Series Dark Falz aka Dark Force - Phantasy Star Series Ganon aka Ganondorf - Legend of Zelda (Not too bad but changing it would really make things crazy) Dracula - Castlevania I guess these guys have been on many, many games. But changing them would change the game altogether so I rather keeps fighting them over and over hahahahaha.
  22. I dunno never got around to seeing it. I did see that one with Michael Jackson.
  23. Virtual Console for me. First time I played the game.
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