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  1. Great advert! I liked astyanax but it was HARD. But not as hard as some other game *cough*LJN games*cough* ;-)
  2. Hey there. Love this site! ;-)

  3. I wish there was more Apple II mags here too

  4. jescis

    Flashback NES

    Yes and if Atari had put it out, there will be no games except as a collector of dead archaic technologies. Because they where one company that screwed everything. I mean another computer like device? $250? I think not!! Especially if the games suck! And rampant piracy of said games. I think the outcome was great when Nintendo Entertainment System came out instead of Family Computer. Though I wish devil world and the fds was put out over in the states. >.>
  5. I found this site from googling for Nintendo power issues 1-24 because mine are either in storage or I cut images out of them. That is I did that last thing to my mags about the SNES era.
  6. I'm someone else who likes the movie. I think the story in the movie was ok, only the fact that it was daisy not princess Peach Toadstool, is the only flaw I saw. On a 5 star scale I give it a 4 maybe 4.5 out of the part I mention above.
  7. I found iUnarchive can do the job so PDF reader can make PDFs of the images. But maybe I'm doing things a bit more complicated then they need to be. ;-P
  8. Hi, I came to get PDF files of my Nintendo Power magazines. Maybe I'll scan some of my own and put them up here too. ;-)
  9. I have too many to list. But, I will say I've had a subscription to Nintendo Power since vol. 24. And bought some of the first 20 off of eBay. ;-)
  10. I found this post enlightening and I too just registered. I wanted my magazines that I have probably in storage on my iPhone.
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