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  1. Yeah, agree with the comfort factor of hitting the power button on my controller and dropping back into my couch to play a game on my Xbox One or Wii U. The consoles are path of least resistance. Plus, I sit in front of a computer screen at a desk all day and often in the evening working on school work so I look forward to a game on the weekend with a console. Having stated the above, I do prefer certain gaming moments on PC so I like to do a little gaming on whatever the mood calls for :-). Also, I will plug the Nvidia Shield tablet for pinball (fantastic fun with Pinball Arcade) and also for emulation. I have a Shield controller and will say that emulating older consoles on this device is really close to playing them on the real thing, plus I can take tons of classic games with me anywhere! Though the experience isn't nearly as good when I hook the Shield tablet up via HDMI to my large screen LED TV. It introduces lag and pixelates everything. I prefer to play with the tablet propped up on the 7" tablet screen as the games are not pixelated and look like I remember them on older CRT's, plus no lag so old Turbografx shooters like Blazing Lazers, Soldier Blade, R-Type and the like are a blast to play. Emulators I use are; NES.emu, PCE.emu, MD.emu, SuperRetro16, and Mupen64. ROMs stored and run from a 16GB microSD memory card.
  2. I prefer first person perspective RPG's as well and I think it has to do with the level of immersion. Having said this, I have also enjoyed many top-down RPG's just as much as first person. For example, I have enjoyed; Phantasy Star (2 and 4 are my personal favs), Final Fantasy (earlier titles), Baldur's Gate, Temple of Elemental Evil and Ultima series as well. For first person RPG's I have played many such as Might & Magic series (1-6), Shining in the Darkness, Eye of the Beholder, Elder Scrolls and most recently Legend of Grimrock 1&2 (haven't finished 1 and won't start 2 until I do). I have Fallout 4 under the Christmas tree...can't wait to try that one. I also enjoy first person shooters (mostly exploration and atmosphere type FPS with some puzzles thrown in) with Half-Life being my favorite game series. Never tried The Witcher though not for any other reason other than I have so little time to play games in general anymore as my career and family take priority.
  3. Boxed copies of Might and Magic I and 2 PC games from 1991-92. These two games are responsible for my love of computers, RPGs and gaming in general. I played them on a Tandy 1000HX from a single 3.5" floppy disk drive using EGA graphics which output a whopping 16 simultaneous, vibrant colors on the screen at the same time! I still remember coming up against 1,000 Assassins and hitting the keys to attack so fast that I would fill the keyboard buffer (it would beep once it was full) and then walk away while the computer dished out my commands to attack the monsters. A few minutes later I would return, check on the status, and enter more commands if necessary until all the enemies were dead. Then I would get paid huge sums of gold and experience...occasionally picking up a few nice magical items in the process. My step brother and I would take turns playing these games all the time. Look at the pic below and recall how cool it used to be to buy a physical game and get an actual instruction manual! With these games I received a manual, a clue book, a full color hand drawn map, and even graph paper! Good times back then.
  4. Looks like the project was funded...and then some! Hopefully, it will be available for order next year as I'd like to get a print copy but I just can't swing it right now.
  5. Phantasy Star. Loved the sci-fi setting and music. Whoever makes it though needs to have a passion for the original SMS game and sequals II/IV on Genesis.
  6. Really hoping Nintendo doesn't screw up The Legend of Zelda for Wii U! I'm digging Distance on the PC (it's similar in many ways to Rush 2049...a racing favorite of mine). It's early release now so I'm hoping that it gets fine tuned with additional content, features, and then a gold release in 2015 Sid Meier's Starships sounds interesting (love Civ titles) Mortal Kombat X could be cool From Zeboyd Games...Cosmic Star Heroine (I'm a fan of Phantasy Star games)
  7. Go ahead and share the love for some of your favorite sites or blogs dedicated to classic/retro gaming that keep you coming back for more. Here are a few sites that I like to visit regularly... TG-16... http://www.tg-16.com/ Hardcore Gaming 101... http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/ CRPG Addict... http://crpgaddict.blogspot.com/ The Sega Collection... https://thesegacollection.wordpress.com/ Retro Video Gaming... http://retro-video-gaming.com/
  8. All time favorite arcade game (as a really young kid)... Tempest 2nd favorite arcade game... Gauntlet 3rd favorite arcade game... Hard Drivin' Special mention goes to Rampart. I got into a lot of other games, of course, but these are the top 3 for some reason. My golden era of playing in the arcade was mid-80's through early-90's.
  9. I remember buying a Virtual Boy when it was released (I was in the Navy at the time). After playing Wario Land and Red Alarm for a few weeks though I sold it to a friend. Never could play the games longer than 20-30 minutes without taking a break. It wasn't until recently that I've thought about getting another one to add to my collection. If I ever run across a good deal I might pick one up though I hear they are rare.
  10. I have a game room with many of my classic systems (NES, Genesis/SMS using power base converter, Sega CD, SuperNES, N64, Saturn, and Jaguar) hooked up to a 13" color television. I haven't played in there recently but I always prefer playing original verse emulation. It doesn't feel the same. With emulation there are occasional issues with graphics or sound. Though I do admit that I recently found that the Nvidia Shield tablet with controller makes for a decent way to play old games anywhere. Older games generally don't look good on bigger televisions or monitors so running these things on an old 13" television or the 9" tablet makes them appear crisp rather than pixelated. I will admit I almost always prefer setting game systems up and then tinkering in the game room endlessly just happy to surround myself in the aura of old videogames but then I generally have a short attention span when sitting down to actually play the classics. What would probably help me play more is if I had someone to play with. That's probably the part of playing games I miss most is sitting on the couch and playing with a friend.
  11. I've read that the PS4 system uses a better type of ram and has resulted in games generally looking and running better than on Xbox One. Like Areala said earlier though the developers have a lot to do with how well a game runs. Something else I recall reading about recently is that Xbox will run Windows 10 code and introduce DX12 support which may provide a software coding advantage for developers when making games on PC/Xbox. Personally, I would like to have all systems but my favorite next gen system is the Wii U. My son has an Xbox One and seems to really enjoy it (and he also likes to poke fun at me for still playing "Mario" games).