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  1. I just noticed that 232 number on the back cover. Well, SegaRetro says that the Sega Saturn Magazine was the successor to Beep! MegaDrive, which they also say was the successor to Beep!, which they describe as "a multi-format magazine which had given significant coverage to the Sega Master System at a time when most other Japanese publications focused almost solely on the Famicom." So Beep! may have started in 1985. That sounds right, doesn't it? I like your idea that you mentioned in another thread about a numbering scheme on the back end that would make it easier to make database entries ad hoc. You're the DB mod, so you can do what you want. Although I wonder if our database might be more useful if there was a notice somewhere showing known problems with the magazine being viewed. Like, "this listing is incomplete" or "the publisher skipped this issue number" or something.
  2. Issue 115 of the Japanese Sega Saturn Magazine is up on ADO in 300 DPI. This was on my back burner for over a year because I stopped editing it when I realized a lower quality version was already available on Sega Retro. Oh well. Here's a higher quality version of one issue.
  3. Sega Retro pegs this Japanese magazine as having 116 issues published on a varying basis from monthly to bi-weekly to weekly. Nearly all the issues are hosted there in low quality PDF and Kiwiarcader has mirrored them at OGM. I've scanned a higher quality version of the penultimate issue here in 300 DPI, containing a preview of Project Berkeley. As also happens with Japanese magazines the cover numbering does not match the order of the total number of issues. In this case the issue numbers reset every year. So this issue is volume 31 for the year 1998, but in total it's the 115th issue, according to Sega Retro.
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    Various image uploads for Retromags, some inserts.
  5. Short answer is that credits are not used for anything right now but they came with the forum software so maybe someday we'll find a use for them, like using them to download more magazines or something (although you can already do that by editing my scans possibly even becoming a team member hint hint everybody).
  6. Going to clean out my "back burner" folder, which is filled with scans I was going to edit but didn't because I started doing something else. Should take a couple weeks.
  7. Volume 6 Issue 1 is up and needs a database entry. Also the download links are not visible in the database entry for Volume 5 Issue 3. I think those are all the issues I have for GPPCE. I have some GPPCSG that Kiwi already scanned. I will make sure to check them before throwing them out or selling them. Thanks for everyone's help!
  8. Oh, GamePro, "Konoko has too many things she can do," was one of the reasons Bungie's Oni received a low score. Translate as "I suck at this game and don't have the time or inclination to learn it." Oni was great.
  9. Another issue up! Good catch. I just fixed it in the gallery, but it'll have to be fixed in the download manager as well.
  10. These files that E-Day uploaded are certainly readable and enjoyable. Older mags tend to have larger text and can be compressed much smaller, and there are only seventy-some pages in these issues. No need to be concerned about a drop in quality. Anyone who wants higher quality because they really like smooth text can can go to where all my scans are being uploaded in 300 DPI now. I retain 600 DPI versions offline for the day when we all need glasses and want to read that small asian legal text as easily as possible.
  11. New issue up: Also one for the download manager: Still no database entry yet, but maybe if I upload it, it will come.
  12. I can provide very accurate color correction, especially on the darker ad pages, by using my flatbed and a calibrated color profile. If that's something anyone is ever interested in for a particular ad page or covers. I actually did that for all the PC Gamer covers I uploaded to the gallery. Doing it for the whole mag would take too long, though, and would not bring meaningful improvement. I also have calibrated color profiles for my ADF which *can* be used for color correction but they aren't that great, particularly for the backside scanner. I plan to upload my profiles for others to use in making their own corrections, but I want to try to see if I can make multiple profiles and combine them in some way to improve them, which I hear is possible. There's more color fault variation with each scan in ADFs than flatbeds. Anyway I was going to work on these mags once the database and download categories were made! I can upload another one today.
  13. Retromags Presents! Famitsu Issue 555 August 6, 1999 Retromags Database Entry Download from Retromags Download from The Internet Archive