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  1. Interesting, one of those links has an interview with the editor saying he intended to put scans of the first 16 issues online for free, but it looks like he never got around to it? Well, I was happy to help.
  2. Thanks, Kiwi! This looks great. I've added an ebay search so I can keep track of more issues, if they become available.
  3. Every issue of Strategy Plus is now up!
  4. I do plan to give these a closer look. Just holiday stuff still going on. If any other team member thinks they're good, they can go right ahead and upload them.
  5. That particular debris line would be simple to remove. Select the line however you like (if the page hasn't been straightened yet, then it should be a straight vertical selection with the rectangular selection tool, otherwise use the polygonal lasso tool), then do a content-aware fill (Edit menu > Fill> Content aware). This is also what I do a lot of margins, corner folds, tears, etc. Looks pretty good, on first glance! I'll give it a closer look when I get home later tonight.
  6. I think you've already scanned all the ones I have, but I'll keep you apprised.
  7. All 16 issues of Games International have been scanned, edited, and uploaded!
  8. All 16 issues of Games International have been scanned, edited, and uploaded! Strategy Plus will come next. I may pick the hard ones, but I follow through.
  9. This is one of the rarer ones and I only picked it up recently. It is not part of the unedited batch in the Editors Wanted thread, in case anyone was wondering. Enjoy!
  10. Retromags Presents! PLAY 19 July 2003 Retromags Database Entry Download from Retromags Download from The Internet Archive
  11. 152 downloads

    P.N. 03
  12. Right now Depressor is the only one announcing what he's working on regarding this thread. Kiwi seems to pick one every and now and then to edit for OGM. I'd say, pick an issue of PLAY, since that's getting the least attention right now. Check to see if that issue is already available here or at OGM. If it's not, post here that you're going to edit it. Then away you go!
  13. Retromags Presents! Video Games & Computer Entertainment 23 December 1990 Retromags Database Entry Download from Retromags Download from The Internet Archive
  14. Sometimes the truth is harsh. You don't often see web images with color profiles because for a long time there's been a commonly accepted web standard of the sRGB color space, but that's changing now that wider gamut displays are more common. Having a color profile is future proofing the image for new displays. Converting to sRGB does not provide the same results. If Firefox needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, so be it.
  15. Color correction is not enabled by default in Firefox. I'm not worried about scaring away anyone not using software that's color managed because frankly it's time they got out of the dark ages.
  16. Oh, it's totally fine! I recognize people want to read in a variety of sizes and formats, and part of the reason of starting with a hi-res scan is to make it easier to accommodate everyone. I'm uploading some more CD-ROM magazines. This is my first upload that includes JPEGs with embedded color correction profiles made from my flatbed.
  17. I'd be willing to scan them, but I can't promise they'd be done anytime soon. Took me over eight months to scan a 44-page magazine on a flatbed, lol.