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  1. I love the warm golden evening sun of that old Electronic Entertainment title logo.
  2. Retromags Presents! Electronic Entertainment 04 April 1994 Retromags Database Entry Download from Retromags Download from The Internet Archive
  3. Just resolution. The ADO version is 300 DPI without being resized to any exact pixel height. The intention of that is to preserve the physical measurement of the content. 300 DPI also makes for better English language OCR, which does automatically. Although, at the suggestion of Jason Scott, I think I'll start uploading 600 DPI versions to ADO from now on. The files will be huge but they'll also be automatically converted into smaller, more manageable PDFs for online browsing, and various other smaller formats for offline use. So it's not like the 600 DPI version will be the one that everyone will read, just the solid base from which other formats can be derived, with superior OCR.
  4. That's one way to help, sure! Definitely. You can make a new topic in the Help section of the forum so that the curators here can look over your work and give you the thumbs up when it meets their standards (really just making sure everything is cropped and straightened).
  5. Retromags Presents! Electronic Entertainment 03 March 1994 Retromags Database Entry Download from Retromags Download from The Internet Archive
  6. I was able to download it. There must be a permission setting that E-Day has to adjust whenever he uploads it.
  7. I realize there's already a DB and gallery section, but this magazine is a little complicated. It started off as "Computer Game Review and 16-bit Entertainment" and in less than a year became "Computer Game Review and CD-ROM Entertainment." By 1994 the magazine split and became "Computer Game Review" and "CD-ROM Entertainment" and shipped together, at least for a time. Do we create a separate DB for CD-ROM Entertainment or include them as supplements? Need to do more research on this, but I'm making this thread because there's no place in the download manager for either one of these yet and I've been scanning them. Check 'em out, why don't you! That last link I just finished editing today and originally included a 40-page Electronics Boutique catalog bound within the mag but was so oddly printed, with pages upside down that could be read in reverse for different product categories, that I left them out of the CBR file. It makes a lot cleaner file because then the page numbering makes sense. I'll save the whole scan and can always upload the catalog for someone who really wants it, but it's junk.
  8. Ha! I think I tried that strategy one year, but it only made it easier for other people in my family to steal the good candy later.
  9. Retromags Presents! Video Games and Computer Entertainment Issue 27 April 1991 Retromags Database Entry Download from Retromags Download from The Internet Archive
  10. It's always in such an odd place, too. I habitually look near the copyright logo in one of the lower corners or maybe underneath the masthead, but this mag it's on the far left upper corner. Unless you zoom in on it, it looks like scuffing or normal wear on the cover next to the spine. On another mag it was between the masthead and the top, also looking like a scuff mark on the ink near the edge of the cover. Crazy!
  11. So SegaRetro might be wrong. I would take the microprinted issue number over SegaRetro. I just didn't put it in the filename this time because I didn't see it on the cover (it is really really small).
  12. Currently experiencing problems uploading to Retromags. Here's a hi-res scan of Video Games and Computer Entertainment issue 27 from my ADO page for now.
  13. It does make sense to use those issue numbers, especially since, as you can see from this magazine, the content from each generation blends with the other. There's lots of Dreamcast coverage in the final issues of Sega Saturn Magazine, even what look like self-contained mini-issues of Dreamcast Magazine, until the whole thing just became Dreamcast Magazine.
  14. I had a couple issues of these and have finished editing one of them. Keen observers (e.g. kitsunebi77) will notice that this issue is numbered 156, following the numbering scheme of its predecessor, Saturn Fan, which itself was preceded by Mega Drive Fan. Sega Retro has some more info: Expect another issue soon. Have at it!
  15. All I know is what's on SegaRetro. I'm in no hurry. I figure I'll just make these missing magazine threads after I have at least one issue scanned and edited, so at least there's somewhere I can post a link and gather information from/for others who are interested.